Somewhere in Romulan space

Andorian Intelligence has found evidence about a Romulan build up. They're right, in a heavily fortified system the Romulans are working on an invasion fleet to reunify with the Vulcans, by means of the conquest of the Vulcan Confederacy.

"Fear is often frowned upon as a tool for the bad guy, but in truth it's neutral." a man in black clothes with a hidden face says. "After all fear can be a really useful and delicate weapon, it depends on how you use it. That defines its morality. Fear can be the start of something new, something better. Your own fear has made the Star Empire such a powerful one."

"We have NEVER been afraid!" an obviously important Romulan responds with allot of anger in his voice and eyes. How can this mere Terran say something about the Star Empire!? He knows nothing, only that what those Vulcan dogs have told the Terrans, which is not much, thanks to their own spies. "The Empire is the strongest there is!"

"Have the Klingons not beaten you in the recent border skirmishes between you, taking back some of their old planets? And has the Empire not made great concessions to them to achieve piece? I do not call that the mightiest Empire there is…" the Terran says really trying to make the Romulan angry, to him it is only a sport after all if he and his friends withdraw their support, the Romulans are doomed.

But before the Romulan can respond, one of the soldiers comes running towards him. The man is clearly afraid of what's going on…"Sir" the soldier says while bowing to his superior as a sign of respect. "Some kind of singularity has opened in the Unroth system! The RIN (Romulan Imperial Navy) sent a scout through which did not return! Only a few minutes after all contact had been lost a full fledged invasion fleet attacked us. We lost the outpost soon after! Most of its inhabitants and all defences have simple been removed from existence!" the Subcommander inform his superior while his face clearly is showing signs of immense desperation and anger.

While this news made all Romulans in this room angry and scared of that yet to come, the Terran starts to laugh! The news alone, but also the attitude of the Terran could make any Romulan infuriated. Yet this, this made him, damned furious! In this anger he smashes his console, nearly hits the Terran in the face and almost lost sight of his duty just wanting to kill the enemy, any enemy with a fury that would make even the Devil crouch into a corner. "Inform the fleet, we'll stop these intruders. We'll crush them, we'll crush them like only we, Romulans can. Nothing can stand the might of the Tal'Shiar in all of her glory!" he shouts while nearly dying of anger inside and making it seem like his head was about to explode.

"No one can stand your might?" the Terran says calmly questioning the infuriated Romulan "I can think of a few, what about the Klingons or even my own organisation? We might be only Terrans to you, and we might seem uncivilised to you, but you'd be surprised what we can do. If we are pushed far enough, if you threaten us enough, if you give us a good reason to that, yes if that is the case, we would give you one hell of a fight and perhaps we'd even beat you! That and did you not just loose one of your most important outposts including the fleet stationed there? I think we can call that: 'getting soundly beaten!'" the Terran says again, with a big grin on his face only pissing off the Romulan more and more and liking it. And while the Romulan only gets more furious, he is only getting even more amused by the extreme emotions portrayed by the commander. "Commander, please. Keep your emotions under control. You could learn allot from your Vulcan cousins." Only pissing off the Romulan even further, obviously he just achieved his goal.

And with that the fleet heads off at maximum warp.

Unroth star system a few hours later

The invading fleet had met quite some resistance but it was not enough to hold them back. Fifty-nine Sharlins and escorting fighters had been used in this invasion.

"Satai, the invasion went as planned, but these ships do not appear Vulcanois, nor appear Human. However we cannot be certain these aliens are not ether of the, for they self destruct long before we can get close enough to scan or board them, even the wreckages leave nothing behind useful to us. As for the things from the planet, there is still heavy resistance and we have not been capable of capturing anyone dead or alive. The ones resisting us are also the ones that are destroying all technology down there. We have not been capable of gaining any useful intelligence." a Minbari male in a warrior reports to Delenn.

"This is wrong! In Valens's name, this is wrong! We should not be here, we do not belong here. This needs to end, but how…" Delenn responds to the warrior.

"But Delenn, we are winning, we are winning against both our opponents, and you know as well as I, we do not back away from war! If we would, we'd show weakness, we cannot do that. Not, if we plan on surviving in the long run. If we'd back off, we'd be inviting the lesser races to invade us."

"And you know as well as I do that this is Wrong!"

Invasion Flagship

"How are those hyperspace tests coming along? We need to get moving!" the most senior Minbari in the fleet and on that ship shouts because he knows damned well that if his fleet cannot continue quite allot of problems will start to appear. First of all they can be attacked by the Empire to whom this system previously belonged, but just as important is, if not more important, if they cannot get moving soon their mission to find a way to attack Terra would fail! And if that failed, the human race could continue to survive, which was something that should not be possible!

However before a response could be given to the fleet commander a fleet of warships decloaked and started to hammer down his fleet!

"They we caught completely off guard sir! We're winning this battle!" a Romulan informs his commander with a big fat grin on his face. He's clearly amusing himself.

"For now you're winning, but your opponent is already starting to regroup, soon you will not have such ease and you'll have to fight for real!" then suddenly a Romulan warship exploded because of the combined firepower of three Sharlins "There, you see, you just lost your first ship of the battle… When will you people learn to knock on wood after making a remark like that you fool!" the strange Terran says to the Romulan while giving him a smak on the head. "You've just jinxed us!"

"Romulans do not believe in magic, nor gods! We are to smart for that, unlike you dumb Terrans. Almost half of your population still believes in a god in one way or another." the Romulan commander shouts at his Terran guest. "I would not have tolerated your remarks or opinions if I had not been ordered too by the Preator himself. But it appears your 'faction' has got the ears of him so I will have to tolerate you for now! But I too can only be pushed so far, now get lost I have a battle to fight!"

"Yes and it appears it's going smoothly, though not as smoothly as you'd have liked, I guess. But OK, I'll leave you be, for now. But remember this. I am not to be messed with!" And with that veiled threat he left the bridge