Ch. 18…..Final Chapter

"Daddy! Jacob won't leave me alone!" cried an 8 year old Leah Clearwater.

Her father Harry Clearwater looked at his young daughter and grinned. She was wearing one of the dresses Sue had sewn for her and noticed the small tare at the bottom along with some spots of dirt. He shook his head and grinned, his daughter Leah was independent and stubborn, a lot like him now that he thinks about it.

"What is Jacob doing princess?" he asked cautiously.

She narrowed her eyes and scowled, "he asked me to marry him!" adding a stomp of her foot to get the point across that the idea of marriage to Jacob Black was ludicrous.

Just then a smaller child with Black hair that only reached his shoulders ran into the Clearwater's front yard. Spotting Leah, he smiled and ran up to her, causing her to slide behind her father and glare at the grinning fool known as Jacob Black.

"Leah," he said breathlessly from running just a moment ago, "I need to know who you want to invite to the wedding." He said and then looked up at Harry as if just noticing him, "oh, hello Mr. Clearwater. Did Leah tell you we're getting married?" he asked with enthusiasm that obviously wasn't shared by his bride to be.

Harry coughed to stifle his laughter, "she did, but she doesn't seem to be happy about it son."

Jacob shrugged, "it's just frozen feet."

Leah let out an exasperated breath and corrected him, "its cold feet, you dork!"

Harry nodded and bent down to stand between Leah and Jacob while placing a hand on both their shoulders, "Jacob, don't you think you're a little young to be getting married right now?" he asked gently.

Jacob sighed, "No, my mom said she wished she could see me get married! She's really sick and I want to make her wish come true." Jacob said quietly with his face looking at the ground and a small pout on his features.

Harry raised an eyebrow, he knew Sarah Black was sick but had hoped that they were able to shield the kids from most of it. Instead of speaking about his mother, Harry asked, "why Leah?"

Jacob looked up and smiled at Leah and looked her straight in the eyes, "because of her strong spirit," then looking at Harry, "dad says that's why he married mom, because she has a strong spirit inside her…" looking back at Leah, Harry noticed a red tint darken Jacob's cheeks, "…and so I can hold onto her forever." Jacob finished shyly.

Leah's eyes went wide at the declaration from Jacob. Before Harry could comment, Leah spoke, "okay, I'll marry you…but on one condition!" she said and crossed her scrawny arms over her chest in negotiation mode.

Jacob nodded, "anything." he promised while making an x over his heart.

Leah looked at Harry who smiled and nodded and then back at Jacob who waited expectantly for her to speak, "I'll marry you only if you let me stay at my mom and dad's house and you stay at yours."

Jacob nodded, "I promise." Smiles lit up the children's faces until Jacob frowned and asked, "Wait! Who gets custody of Seth?"

Leah worried her bottom lip thinking it over causing Harry's eyebrows to shoot up. Catching the look in her father's eyes she sighed, "I guess we can share."

Jacob whooped for joy and was practically bouncing up and down he was so excited. Leah slipped her hand into Harry's warm one as he straightened. Jacob laughed and began walking away, "I can't wait to tell my mom that I'm getting married, she's going to be so happy!"

Harry turned around and tugged on Leah's hand to pull her along, but she stopped and turned quickly. Harry waited and listened as Leah called out for Jacob to wait.

"I just want to make sure, you're not going to leave me for anyone else are you?" she asked with her bottom lip slightly protruding.

Jacob grinned and reached up to hug her, "I just promised to always hold onto to you, all you have to do is hold onto me. Okay?"

Leah leaned away and smiled shyly, "okay, I can do that." She turned around and placed her hand once again in Harry's but looked back and waived, "bye Jacob Black." She called out to him.

He laughed and waived back, "see you later Leah Black."

Harry shook his head and chuckled to himself. He walked back home to Sue and baby Seth with Leah skipping alongside him. He looked down at his small beautiful daughter and smiled. One day he knew he would have to give her away, and he thought, he doesn't think he'll find anybody to take care of his little girl's heart better than Jacob Black himself.

Present day…

Leah smiled as she remembered the day Jacob asked her to marry her for the first time. It turned out that his mother and her father never saw them married. It was sad, yet comforting that they were at least told it would happen. Sure they believed it to be the imagination of children believing themselves to be adults, but the truth of it was, that they said they would marry and they did. And maybe Jacob's mother and her father had some comfort in the idea.

Leah looked up when she heard the sound of the bedroom door opening and closing. She smiled as she watched her husband walk in with a grin on his face. "Why are you smiling?" she asked curiously.

He didn't answer. Instead he continued over to her and lifted her into his arms with a small grunt. She swatted his arm since it was his fault she was heavier anyway. He chuckled and walked over to the bed and laid her upon it gently. Lifting his shirt over his head, Leah smiled. They've been together for nearly 20 years and loved that their bodies resemble that of people in their early twenties. Sure it was awkward to say you were your children's parents when you look as young as they do, but whatever, they moved with the Cullen's like a small colony of people, never splitting up their family of mismatched races.

Finally settling down beside her he pulled her into his arms and rubbed her swollen belly, "we have the whole house to ourselves." He whispered in her ear.

She snuggled deeper into his warmth and smiled, "last time that happened," she guided his hand down to her stomach again, "this happened."

"True, and speaking of children, Roslyn will be back from Italy next week which means Dimitri will be back which means-"

"I get it; we won't have any privacy anymore with another pack back in the house." She finished for him.

He nodded and nuzzled her neck making her gasp at the warmth of his breath. They were expecting their third child, and none of the complications that accompanied the last pregnancy with Roslyn. Leah groaned and turned on her back to help Jacob get a little more access to her very much over heated body.

"Mom? Dad? I'm home!" Alex yelled from downstairs.

Leah groaned, and Jacob's forehead came to rest against her own. Trying to calm their racing hearts was easier said than done. Leah's hand travelled up Jacob's back and around his neck. He looked into her eyes and grinned. Their faces inched closer together for a hot searing kiss that soon had their hearts racing again and was interrupted by a knock on their door.

"Mom? Dad? Are you in there?" Alex asked from the other side.

"Alex what are you doing home?" Leah yelled from the bed as Jacob continued to kiss his way down her body. Her hands constantly went from pushing him away to pulling him closer.

"Duh mom, spring break."

"Oh…ooohhh" Leah sighed as Jacobs hands caressed her through her clothes.

"Is everything okay?" Alex asked worriedly while jiggling the door handle making all movement inside the room halt.

"Um, well…" Leah bit her bottom lip trying to think of what to say.

Jacob took pity and pulled away, "she's fine Alex, just sore feet. We'll be out in a minute."

They listened as he turned away and walked back down the stairs. "Now where were we-"

They froze and groaned again as they heard the front door open and the high pitched voice of Roslyn. "Alex!" she screeched and then heard a thump which they assumed was Alex's body being thrown to the floor from a running Roslyn. More voices were heard, deep ones fallowed by with laughter and more thumps of feet entering the house.

"I thought she wasn't due back for another week?" Leah whispered.

Jacob shrugged, "I don't know, but I think we should go to a hotel or something."

Leah laughed and hit him in the arm, "whatever, were going down there to see our children." She stood up from the bed and pulled on the hoodie that Alex bought for her from his college store at Harvard. Her short shorts said AU on the back from the college she and Jacob attended two years ago in Alaska.

Jacob stood and grumbled as he wrapped his arm around Leah and her waist, "fine, but after I'm booking a room at the Regency or something."

She turned and rubbed his chest soothingly over the Locket around his neck, "whatever you say baby."

Walking down stairs, Leah ran into the arms of Alex and Roslyn who stretched to hug her over the large bump protruding from her belly. Roslyn laughed and rubbed the top of her stomach, "hey little brother! I missed you too!"

Dimitri walked in with a load full of boxes and bags weighing down his arms, Thomas, Eric and Alexi followed shortly with the same thing. Each grunted as they relieved their loads on the floor by the door.

Leah walked over to them and hugged them each warmly, "how was going home?" she asked as she peeked into one of the bags marked Burberry near Thomas's feet.

Dimitri smiled and lifted the bag to pull out a checkered scarf and wrapped it around Leah's neck as he answered her, "it was good. We were able to resettle most of the population in a new area around Ayan. They've settled happily over the years."

Jacob walked up and smiled as he put his arm around Leah, "that's great, Marcus was a good help?"

Roslyn walked up with excited eyes, everyone watched how Dimitri frowned. Jacob leaned closer to Leah and whispered so the others wouldn't here, "want to know what happened there."

"Later," she whispered back.

"Marcus was great; he supplied so much money to help." Roslyn said excitedly.

Leah smiled, "it looks like you used the money well, I see."

"Oh no, Dimitri paid for all of this," she walked over and kissed him on the cheek, "thanks babe."

All of a sudden a sweet scent filled everyone's nostrils. They all looked to the front door and watched as the Cullen's glided in. Leah smiled as Rose was the first to grip Roslyn and Alex, "my babies!" she cried as she hugged them tightly.

Leah's mouth fell open, "uh Rose?"

Rose looked over at Leah sheepishly, "oh well I mean…sorry?"

Leah nodded, "you better be, how dare you not hug me first."

Rose laughed and walked over to hug Leah, then leaned down and started talking to the baby. Emmitt gave bear hugs and Seth walked in with a very pregnant Nessie. Bella shortly followed in with Edward. Alice floated in with a scared Jasper. Esme followed with a casserole dish and Carlisle with another in his hands.

"How did you know-" Jacob cut his sentence short when he saw Alice standing with a smile on her face, "oh, right." He finished.

"How's the baby doing Leah?" Carlisle asked softly after setting down the food on the kitchen.

"Fine, but always hungry."

"Takes after his father I see." Carlisle comments as he watches Jacob beginning to pick at the casserole.

Leah laughed, "I guess so, but I think this one will be the last for a while. Don't want 100 kids running around just because we live forever and can't keep our hands to ourselves."

"Eww mom, TMI, TMI!" screeched Alex who covered his ears.

Later that night everyone talked about their recent travels and or achievements. Leah knew there was something going on between Marcus and Roslyn, but decided not to ask questions since her imprint Dimitri was there. Embry and Quil stopped by to say hello and of course grab some of the free food, before they went out for the night. Leah told them about how Sue and Billy were doing back on the res, and how much they missed everybody. Jacob had decided after the baby was born, they would head down to La Push for a meet and greet of the new baby.

Soon everyone quieted down and went to their bedrooms. Jacob purposely made sure Roslyn went to hers on the third floor and Dimitri to his on the first. Alex ended up going out with Embry and Quil who were threatened by Leah, to lose something round if Alex came back with a single hair out of place. Embry thought he'd be smart and say, 'what? An eyeball?' stupid move with a pregnant she-wolf who growled and glowered threateningly at his privates.

Jacob and Leah finally settled in for the night and yawned as they pulled each other closer to one another. Leah inhaled his fresh scent and smiled. Jacob softly kissed the top of her head affectionately.

"Jacob? Remember when we were kids?" she asked softly while fiddling with the locket around his neck.

"Hmm? Yeah." He whispered.

"You never broke your promise." She stated matter of fact.

He chuckled, knowing what she was referring too, "I was too scared to, afraid you'd kill me in my sleep or something."

She smiled and hit him in the chest for good measure, "Liar." She grumbled.

"Oh, Leah. I will hold onto to you until I take my last breath." He said softly into her right ear. Their noses touched and then their foreheads. Finally their lips met in the middle and they drank in each other's love and happiness of one another. Feeling the warmth spread from her toes to the tips of her fingers in a tingling sensation.

"If I remember correctly, you said you could hold onto me too, right?" he asked when they finally came apart for much needed air to fill their lungs.

"Yeah, I said I could do that."

He pulled her closely to him and smiled, "good, because I would have it no other way."

Her hands twined around his neck and into his hair, "I love you Jacob Black."

He kissed her again softly on the mouth before replying, "I love you too Leah Black."

The end.

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