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Kizuna (Bond)

Chapter 12

-Tezuka's house, 10.00 am, few days later-

"Ryo!" Tezuka warned his bouncing son. Ryo was bouncing around Fuji who was holding the baby boy. He was really excited having a brother. Kikumaru, who was holding the baby girl, giggled. Ryo was grinning from ear to ear.

Today finally Fuji was allowed to go home after spend four days in hospital. Oishi and Kikumaru helped them brought the babies home because Tezuka had to help Fuji. Fuji was sill hurt because of the delivering so he had to be helped. Tezuka was holding a bag in his left hand while the other was holding Fuji's slim waist.

Soon, the both reached the babies' room which Tezuka had prepared. Fuji put the baby boy into a blue basket and Kikumaru put the girl into the white one. Fuji looked at his babies lovingly. Tezuka walked behind him and wrapped his arms around his waist, putting his chin onto Fuji's shoulder. Fuji leaned into his embrace. Kikumaru and Oishi smiled and quietly they walked out the room, leaving the perfect pair together.

"Aww… they are so cute!" Kikumaru said happily. Oishi just smiled at his antic. They walked to the kitchen to get some water.

-Tezuka's bedroom, 09.00 pm-

Tezuka smiled when he walked into his and Fuji's room. Fuji was standing beside the babies' basket. His face was full of happiness and a sweet smile always formed on his face since he was still in hospital.

Fuji looked at his babies lovingly. He reached out his hand to touch his son and daughter. He smiled when his daughter leaned into his touch. He chuckled softly when she turned her head, looking for his finger and tried to suck it.

"Maa... you must be hungry huh, little angel?" Fuji said softly. As the answer, the baby cried loudly and woke her brother up. Soon the room was filled by twins' cry. Fuji chuckled and turned around. He smiled when he saw Tezuka standing at the doorway, smiling at him. Fuji had his hands on his hips and raised an eyebrow, a playful smile on his lips.

"Okay dear..." Tezuka raised his hands up. He turned around and made his way to the kitchen to make some milk for his babies just like what Fuji wanted through his eyes and smile. Well, Tezuka could easily read him.

"Here..." Tezuka hold out a bottle of milk to Fuji while he held the other one. Fuji smiled as he took it into his hand. He leaned down and took her daughter into his arms. Tezuka did the same to his son. Both parents were busy feeding their twins so they didn't notice that Ryo walked into the room and looked at them curiously.

"Daddy... Mommy..." he called, tugging Fuji's pants. Fuji looked down and smiled.

"I want to see them..." Ryo whined. Tezuka smiled and walked toward the bed.

"Then, let's sit down..."

The Tezuka was happily watching the twins feed the bottle and fell asleep. Ryo looked at his siblings in awed when the babies fell asleep soon after finished their milk.

"Weeii... they sleep again..." he whined.

"I want to see them awake and laugh..." he continued whined. Tezuka shook his head and put the baby boy into the basked followed by Fuji.

"It's late, Ryo. Of course they sleep and shouldn't you in bed too?" Tezuka said. Ryo pouted.

"But I haven't sleepy..." Ryo pouted. Tezuka crossed his arms in front of his chest. Ryo mimicked his father gesture and glared at his father. Fuji laughed when he saw Tezuka and Ryo glared to each other in a same position. Like father like son... he though.

Fuji walked to Ryo and brought him into his arms. Ryo didn't glare at him but didn't uncross his arms. Fuji kissed his cheek and nuzzling his nose into his cheek. Finally, Ryo giggled and hug Fuji's neck. Tezuka shook his head and smiled softly. It seemed that Fuji was the only one who could make The Tezukas smiled in instant.

"Go to sleep, ne Ryo-chan" Fuji asked softly.

"Only if Yuuki sleep with me..." Ryo said. Fuji shook his head.

"No, Yuuki is still baby and he will disturb you if he suddenly wake up." Fuji explained.

"But Mommy I promise I will look after him, didn't I?" Ryo frowned cutely.

"That's right, but not tonight... Now let' go to your room..." Fuji said and he walked out his and Tezuka's room to tuck Ryo to sleep.

When Fuji walked back, he saw Tezuka was standing beside their babies' basket. Fuji smiled and walked to him. Tezuka turned around and wrapped Fuji into his warm embrace. Fuji snuggled closer and both looked at the twins.

"So... have you decided about our daughter's name?" Tezuka asked Fuji. Fuji smiled and looked at his daughter.

"Um.. Tsubaki. Tezuka Tsubaki" Fuji answered. Tezuka smiled.

"Tsubaki huh? I think it suits her well... Where did you find that name anyway?" Tezuka asked Fuji who smiled.

"Ah... I was watching a dorama named Hana Yori Dango when I was pregnant and I saw a very pretty actress who acted as Tsubaki. She was so pretty and strong. She even punched her own brother to keep him in line. I want our daughter to be like her... Beautiful, well manner but has an unexpected strength inside. She will keep our Ryo and Yuuki in line." Fuji said.

"I feel like I hear about of yourself than the Tsubaki you're talking about..." Tezuka said. Well, beautiful but had an unexpected strength... it sounded like Fuji,right?

Fuji just chuckled and leaned his head on Tezuka's chest.

A few month later.

Fuji woke up to the sound of a baby crying. He tiredly opened his eyes and looked over his shoulder at Tezuka, who was still sleeping peacefully. He scowled at him and turned around, deciding to ignore the baby crying for just a little while. He nibbled softly on Tezuka's neck and grinned mischievously as Tezuka started to wake up. He turned his attention to Tezuka's ear and bit it softly. Tezuka opened his eyes and smiled to Fuji.

"Oh, god you're awake. Yuuki is also awake, go check on him." Fuji said before he laid back down and tried to fall asleep again.

"Why don't you, Honey? I'm so sleepy!" Tezuka complained.

"Today is your day off, so go check on you son before he wakes up your daughter." Fuji smiled and kissed Tezuka on the cheek. "Go, dear."

Tezuka sighed and got out of bed. He walked into the twins' room and picked up Yuuki, who immediately fell silent again. Tezuka smiled fondly to his son and sat down in rocking chair, singing softly to him. Yuuki curled his small fingers around Tezuka's pinkie and made some gurgling noises, before he fell completely into silence again. Tezuka stood up and laid him down in his crib.

He softly closed the door behind him and walked back to the bedroom. He saw Fuji lying on his side, facing he door, with his eyes open. Tezuka smiled widely to him and kissed him playfully on the lips.

"He's asleep." He mumbled and nibbled on Fuji's neck, his hands holding Fuji's hips

"Good." Fuji said tiredly and tried to wiggle out of Tezuka's grip on his hips.

"Stop moving!" Tezuka laughed and kissed Fuji on the lips.

Fuji stopped moving and looked at Tezuka with a bright smile. Just as Tezuka was about to kiss Fuji again, they heard another wail from the twins' room. Tezuka's head slumped down on Fuji's shoulder and he kissed the skin softly.

"That's your daughter crying in there." Fuji whispered.

"How do you distinguish between the two of them?" Tezuka asked, slightly amazed.

"Yuuki's wail is sharp and loud, and you don't need the baby monitor to hear him. Tsubaki's wail is soft, and you definitely need the baby monitor to hear her."

Tezuka nodded and once again got out of bed. He walked over to the babies' room and opened the door. Tsubaki became silent when she saw Tezuka, but soon started to cry again, this time a little louder. Tezuka sighed and went back to Fuji.

"Your daughter wants you." He said and plumped down on the bed.

Fuji sighed and shook his head. "I can't understand, Yuuki has no problem with either of us, but Tsubaki really doesn't like you."

"Well, she barely sees me, since I come home late at night and you're the one who usually goes to comfort them during the night. This coming month however things will change and she'll get more bonded to me." Tezuka said.

"I guess you're right." Fuji said and walked out of the room.

Tsubaki made some happy gurgling sounds when Fuji bend down and took her up from her crib. He sat down in the rocking chair Tezuka had been sitting in just minutes ago. He let Tsubaki's head rest against his propped up knees and started to hum a song softly. Tsubaki curled her small fingers around Fuji's thumb and took it into her mouth, sucking noisily on it.

Fuji smiled and looked up as he heard the door open. Tezuka leaned against the door frame and smiled at the picture of Fuji sitting in the rocking chair along with Tsubaki. He stepped into the room and sat down on the floor next to the rocking chair, looking at the two of them and listening to the humming.

Finally, Tsubaki went into her dreamland. Fuji put her into her place and walked to Tezuka who had waited for him at the doorway.

Once they entered their room, they laid down onto the bed. Tezuka wrapped his left hand around Fuji's slim waist and Fuji buried his face into Tezuka's chest.

"Kunimitsu..." he called softly.


"Say you love me..."

"Why do you ask all of sudden? I always say that to you" Tezuka asked.

"I want to hear it tonight from you... Please..." Fuji said, looked at him with his famous puppy eyes. Tezuka sighed and hold Fuji tighter.

"Syuu, I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you more than anything. You are my heart. You are my life. You are my Soul. You are simply all for me. I don't know what to do without you. Every time, when I see you, I ask myself, how can a human be so wonderful, beautiful and cute? Before I met you, my world was grey. I don't know how I lived my life before I met you. You make my world colorful. When I see you my heart hurts because I love you so much. I am sad when I can't touch you. I never want to share you with anyone. Syuu, I love you more than anything. I will never love anybody except you. But when I see you, the Syuusuke who is so beautiful, so cute I can't think clear. It's so hard for me to say I love you because I don't know how. But please believe me. I love you Syuu. Please don't ever you cry. Your tears hurt my heart. Please smile for me. When you smile I am so happy. Then the world looks so beautiful. Syuu, I love you. " Tezuka said.

Fuji felt his eyes watered. He quickly hug Tezuka and snuggled to him, embarrassed because he cried. Tezuka had saw the tears in his eyes so he just chuckled and held Fuji in his arms.

God, thank you for your miracle…. Now I have my love and three angles with me… Thank you… I promise I'll do anything for them… just please don't take them away from me… I beg you…


"Yes, Syuu?"

"I love you too"

Love is really a complicated and strong feeling. You should never give up when it comes to love.


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