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Kizuna (Bond)

Chapter 2

-Next morning, Tezuka's mansion, 08.00 am-

"Young master, don't run or you'll fall!" Yamashita, the head servant, shouted from the hall. He was running after a three years old boy who ran around the mansion. Ryo just squealed happily and continued to run, leaving a very tired old man behind. The mansion was so huge and Ryo liked to run around, made the maid and servants always had their exercise every morning because they had to make sure the cute little guy didn't fall or something but because Ryo was too smart for a kid like him, they always lost his sight.

The little boy stopped in front of an oak door. He tired to open the door but his hand couldn't reach the door knob. He looked up hopefully. A grinned escape from his cute face when the door was opened. He quickly jumped into a man's arms.

"Daddy!" He called happily and kissed the man's cheek. Tezuka Kunimitsu, 25 years old, a success business man smiled and kissed him back on the cheek.

"Good morning, little one. You look happy today" Tezuka said as he walked to dinning room with Ryo in his arms. Little Tezuka Ryo wrapped his arms around his father's neck so he wouldn't fall.

"Of course I am" He said happily. His little head looked around the room, looking for a certain someone. A cute frown appeared on his forehead when he couldn't find what he was looking for.

"What's wrong?" Tezuka asked his son. Ryo looked up.

"Daddy, where's mommy? She came home with us last night, right?" Ryo asked, his eyes filled with a hope. Tezuka didn't know what to say. Fuji was leaving last night and didn't stay here. Tezuka put Ryo on his chair.

"Mommy went to her own home, of course" Tezuka said patiently.

"Eh? But Why Mommy went to her own home? Kenji's mother lives with Kenji, why Mommy doesn't live with us too?" Ryo asked. Tezuka looked at him, confused. What should he say? Just then, Tezuka's cell phone rang. Tezuka took out his mobile and saw Oishi's name.

"Moshi moshi"

"Ah Tezuka" Oishi's patient voice could be heard from the other line.

"What is it?"

"You do remember that today we'll have reunion, right?" Tezuka looked at his watch and saw what date today. He sighed.


"Good, oh you can bring Ryo-kun if you want."

"Ah, see you later" Tezuka hung up. He looked down to see his son's innocent face, waiting for answers.

Tezuka didn't know if he should bring Ryo along or not. If he brought him, he would pity Fuji because Ryo would all over him. But he didn't have a heart to leave Ryo alone in this huge mansion. Tezuka sighed.

"Eat you breakfast, son. We will going somewhere" Ryo's face lit up.

"Are we going to see Mommy?" He asked happily.

"…. Yes" Tezuka said half heartly.

"Yay!" Ryo squealed happily. Tezuka just smiled amusedly. Seeing his son happy like this made his heart warm.

-Kawamura sushi, 10.00 am-

"Thank you, Taka-san" Oishi said as Kawamura put a plate of sushi in front of him.

"You're welcome Oishi" Kawamura said.

The ex-Seigaku Regular were having a sweet reunion in Kawamura sushi after 7 years ago graduated together. Many of them had arrived already like Oishi, Inui, Kaidoh, and Kikumaru. Echizen, Momoshiro, Fuji and Tezuka hadn't arrive yet so they had to wait for them.

"Ah I'm late" A soft voice was heard from the door. They turned their heads to the door and saw Fuji walked in with a charming smile like always. Kikumaru jumped from his seat and ran toward Fuji, attacking him with a bear hug.

"Fujiko~ I miss you so much" Kikumaru whined. Fuji chuckled and tried to freed himself from Kikumaru's hug.

"I miss you too Eiji" He said and both of them walked to the rest of their friends.

"Here, I made a new drink for you" Inui said as he held out a bottle with red color. Kikumaru gasped.

"Inui, it's not a blood, right? I don't want Fujiko-chan turns into a vampire" Kikumaru

said as he shaking Inui to death.

"E-Eiji" Oishi tried to free Inui from his boyfriend. Inui was holding his head.

"Ah~ Dizzy" Inui muttered.

"Wuahh~ Inui, tell me~" Kikumaru whined.

"No Eiji… it's not blood and I'm sure Fuji won't turn into a vampire after drink it" Inui said.

"Yokatta~" Kikumaru said, holding his chest. Fuji laughed and sat down.

"Good Morning" An English greeting was heard from a tall man with a cap on his head. Beside him, an older man grinned to them.

"Nya~ Ochibi" Once again Kikumaru run and attacked someone with his dangerous hug. Echizen was too slow to move and soon he was enveloped in a bear hug.

"Ki-kikumaru-senpai…I…I can't.. breath" Echizen said desperately. Momoshiro laughed and pulled Echizen out of Kikumaru's embrace.

"Oii~ Eiji-senpai, please don't kill this little young man okay" He said. Kikumaru pouted.

"I'm not, I just missed him sooooo much" Kikumaru said.

"Well, why don't we sit and begin to eat while waiting for Tezuka" Kawamura said.

"Eh? Buchou hasn't come yet? I though we're the last ones" Momoshiro said as he and Echizen sat side by side.

"Maybe Tezuka is busy taking care of Ryo-chan" Kikumaru said. Momoshiro and Echizen looked at him confused.

"Ryo-chan?" They asked in unison.

"Ah Tezuka's son" Oishi said. Fuji was almost chocked in his sushi when he heard it. Would Tezuka bring him along? He worried. What if Ryo suddenly called him Mommy in front of them?

"I think Tezuka will bring him along" Oishi said.

'Oh no… please God' Fuji prayed

-Outside the sushi shop-

Tezuka just parked his car outside the sushi shop and took out Ryo from the car. Ryo's face looked so happy when he finally arrived in front of a place where he could meet his 'mother'. He quickly ran inside once Tezuka placed his feet on the ground.

"Ryo!" He tried to call but the little boy had ran inside.

-Inside the sushi shop-


A familiar voice made the ex-regular turned their head only to find young Tezuka ran inside. Kikumaru shouted the boy's name happily.

"Ryo-chan!" He called but it seemed the boy didn't listen to him. Ryo was busy looking for someone. His blue eyes beamed in happiness when he spotted the person he was looking for.

"Ryo…" Tezuka called, he had walked in too.

"Mommy~!" Ryo squealed happily.

"Mommy?" The men in the room, aside of Tezuka and Fuji of course, asked in unison. Their eyes followed where ever Ryo ran. Their eyes went wide and gasped when Ryo seated himself on Fuji's lap.

"MOMMY?" They looked at Fuji and then Tezuka in disbelief. Fuji laughed nervously while Tezuka just shook his head.

Tezuka walked beside Fuji and sat down. Their friends shocked. Well, no one blamed them. Tezuka cleared his throat and took a deep breath.


"Eiji, it's-" Fuji tried to explain.

"Wah~ I can't believe it! Fuji can pregnant" Kikumaru shouted.

"Kikumaru-" Tezuka began.

"Wah~ Ryo-can is a magical boy~" Kikumaru kept shouted loudly.

"Kikumaru, stop it" Finally Tezuka raised his voice, made Kikumaru shut up instantly. The others were still too shocked to say anything. Ryo, in other hand, just stared innocently to his uncles, he didn't know what was happening.

"Tezuka, can you explain please?" Oishi asked. Tezuka took a deep breath before he explained everything.

Momoshiro, Echizen and Kikumaru couldn't help but laughing when Tezuka finished his explanation how his son accidentally mistook Fuji as his mother.

"Fuji-senpai, you really looked like a woman. No wonder Ryo-chan mistook you as his mother." Momoshiro said, still laughing.

"Fujiko-chan will make a good mother anyway, right buchou?" Kikumaru teased. Fuji pouted.

"Laugh as much as you want" He said dangerously and opened his eyes. They shut up instantly but couldn't help to let out a small giggle.

"Mommy, what are they laughing about?" Ryo asked innocently made the trio laughed once again. Fuji smiled sweetly to the little boy on his lap.

"It's nothing, Ryo-chan. Just ignore them" He said.

The reunion was fun. Filled by Momoshiro and Kikumaru's teasing about Fuji being Ryo-chan's mother, Tezuka's blushing cheek whenever they mention about Fuji married him, and Fuji pouted.

-After reunion, Kawamura sushi's shop, 12.00 pm-

"Ne Mommy, let's go home" Ryo tugged at Fuji's slave. Fuji looked down to the boy and saw Ryo's pleading eyes. Fuji didn't know what to do.

"Mommy~" Tears began to fill Ryo's eyes. He really wanted his 'mother' to come home with him. Fuji looked at Tezuka who just sighed.

'Fujiko-chan, why don't you come home with Ryo-chan" Kikumaru said softly.

"That's right, at least Ryo won't cry" Oishi smiled to Fuji. Fuji looked at Tezuka who nodded to him.

"Mommy~" Ryo cried. Fuji smiled and picked the boy up into his warm embrace.

"Let's go" He said.

"Yay!" Ryo said happily, throwing his little arms around Fuji's face and kissed his cheek. The other laughed and Tezuka couldn't help but smile.

-Tezuka's house-

Ryo was fast asleep when they reached home. Tezuka took off his glasses and rubbed his eyes. He had decided something on the way home. He looked at Fuji who holding Ryo.

"Let's put him in his room, Fuji. Then I wish to talk with you" Tezuka said. Fuji smiled and followed Tezuka enter the biggest mansion Fuji had eve seen in his life aside of Atobe's of course.

Ryo's room was on second floor. His room was big and clean. It seemed the maids did their job well. Fuji couldn't help but stared in awe when they entered the house. He really wished he had his camera with him.

After put Ryo onto his soft and king size bed, Fuji followed Tezuka to Tezuka's room. Fuji wondered what Tezuka would like to talk with him. Tezuka sat on his king size bed and looked at Fuji, telling him to sit beside him.

"Fuji" Tezuka began.

"Yes Tezuka"

"Well you know, since Ryo's mother died years ago, Ryo's lonely. He needs someone to take care of him. I can't watch over him because I have to work. Everyday he always calling him mother when he's sleeping and I can't help but feeling guilty because I can't find him any mother. I'm too busy to fall in love and start a new life with someone." Tezuka said.

'Tezuka why you tell me this? What can I don for you?' Fuji asked. Tezuka looked at him into his eyes.

"I want you to pretend to be Ryo's mother and…my wife" Tezuka said.

Fuji blinked. His brain tried to process what did Tezuka say. His eyes widen in surprised.



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