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(Six Months Later)

Teuchi looked at his piled up bills. Sure, the Hokage gave him money for taking care of Naruto, but it seemed that the bills were just larger. They now had a cable bill. The Ramen Shop slash House didn't even have a Television! Fewer Customers came into the shop, and some wouldn't even pay for their food!

"Chichi? I cook?" Naruto asked, pulling on Teuchi's apron. Naruto had on an oversized chef hat and a flour caked apron that trailed on the ground.

Teuchi laughed at Naruto's nickname for him. Chichi of all things. "Sure Naruto. Can you grab me some eggs?" Naruto nodded, knocking the oversized hat over his eyes. With a giggle, Naruto put it back up and went back into the house part to get the eggs.

As Naruto walked out the door, an army of foot steps were heard outside. Shinobi Sandals and pants were seen from under the curtains. Shibi walked through the curtain, looking at Teuchi. "Excuse me. My entire clan had their training regime today. All of us are exhausted and starving. We will each need four bowls of ramen as soon as possible." Teuchi, though a civilian, was not a dumb man in the least.

'The Aburame Clan has over a hundred shinobi… And they all want Ramen…' Teuchi stood their frozen. Naruto came out with the eggs.

"Chichi, you ok?" Naruto asked, pulling on his apron. Teuchi slowly fell to the ground, and then sprung back up.

"Ramen, coming up! Ayame, get down here!"

"Right away father!"

"Ramen for the ninja peoples!" Naruto cried out.

Shibi reached down and picked up a small Aburame boy and placed him upon the stool in front of the bar. The small boy had spiked hair, an odd turtle necked jacket, and a pair of dark sunglasses. "Shino, tell them what you want."

"I will have a bowl of pork to begin with." The boy named Shino said in a very logical and child like voice.

"Pork! I like Pork too!" Naruto said, hoisting himself up on the counter. Teuchi didn't notice him and thusly didn't scold him. Shibi smiled ever so slightly at the boy's antics.

"You name Shino? I Naruto!" Naruto gave a broad smile and held out his hand to be shaken. Naruto was missing a few teeth here and there, just adding slightly to his cuteness.

Shino received a thwack in his back by his mother, and then shook Naruto's hand. "Nice to meet you Naruto." Shino smirked as insects crawled out onto Naruto, nearly engulfing his arm. Naruto waved his arms around in the air, and then fell back off the counter. Shino started laughing a little bit.

"Shino Aburame!" Yelled out his mother. With a slap, Shino was knocked off his stool and over the counter, landing a few feet away from Naruto. Naruto looked at Shino and laughed at his pain. Shino smirked at him.

And thus, Naruto had his first friend.


Since that day, Aburame clan members would stop by the ramen shop often. Shino came at least twice a week, and usually played in the house with the Kyuubi Jailer.

It seemed the two boys just waited around. Then Ayame would walk by and the terrors would scare her.

All was good for young Naruto. The blonde had been healed, and nourished. He was no longer slim.

And all was good for Teuchi. Naruto had no intentions of becoming a ninja, and Teuchi would be able to keep him.

You think this will last long?

If so, you are wrong.


(Six Months Later)

A single Kumo Jonin ran down the alley way of Konoha. Over his shoulder was a sack of clothes. Clothes worn by the Hyuuga Heiress. Finally, Kumo would have a blood line. Once this girl reached age, she would be used as breeding stock for a new generation of Shinobi.

Now at the same time, our young Naruto was taking out the garbage in the alley of the Ramen shop. Innocent enough, right? Not when a large man trips over you, dropping the bag he was carrying. Naruto scrambled to his feet and looked at the man. "Hey! What big idea!?" It was at this point Naruto noticed the bag was crying. "What you have there!?"

'Crap! Boy saw. Kill him, I shall.' The Kumo (Yoda?) thought. "Raiton: Lighting Spears." He whispered. A spear of lightning formed in each hand of the Jonin. He threw the first, clipping Naruto in the shoulder and sending him flying, landing him on the pavement.

Naruto screamed in pain. His shoulder was bleeding heavily, and his nerves were numbed from the electric charge of the spear. The Jonin walked up slowly, wanting the boy to suffer. He lifted up the second spear, aiming it at Naruto's Chest. "Die." Was all that was said by the man.

"Kaiten!" rung out from Naruto as an orb of Chakra surrounded him. The lightning spear was burst into pieces against the shield. As the orb stopped, there stood Hiashi Hyuuga. He looked down at Naruto, who had managed to pass out from the pain. Hiashi gasped as he saw Naruto's shoulder bone, and a few chips of said bone broken off. All the flesh was seared off, and the surrounding skin was charred. "So you steal my daughter. But that's not enough, right? You have to try to kill the boy I protect. Now, you die."

"Hiashi, you shall not have all the fun." Shibi said, landing next to him. "My tracker insect warned me that Naruto was injured. I too protect the boy, and he has become friends with my offspring. Jiraiya-sama also protects this child, be glad he is not here."

The Kumo Jonin looked at the boy he attacked. 'What is he, the Hokage's child!? Oh crap… CRAP! CRAP! CRAP!' A swarm of Kikai slid up his pants leg. Half of them were normal Kikai, chakra eaters. But the other half, were Kikai that rends flesh from bone, devouring as much of the target as possible. "Raiton: Lightning pulse?" The Kumo yelled, freaking out. Lighting exploded from his torso, his chakra system on his legs devoured.

Hiashi leapt at the man, striking him once in the stomach with his palm. The Kumo lost all control of his legs and fell to the ground, and then hurled out his stomach's contents. His legs were not more than bare bone beneath the knee. All the Kikai returned to Shibi as Hiashi did a chakra flare jutsu.

Hiashi rushed over to the sack that held his daughter. She was battered, and it seemed like a few ribs were broken. "Shibi. Both children are in need of medical assistance. Do you have any healing jutsu?"

"I regrettably do not. But after this event, it seems to be an obvious thing to learn." ANBU soon arrived on the scene. The Kumo was arrested and the two children were taken off to the hospital.


Naruto groaned in pain. He tried to move his arm, but cried out from the jolt of pain that ran through his body. He opened his small blue eyes slowly, looking around. The light was bright… As his eyes adjusted, he saw that he was not alone in his room. A petite girl with blue hair and closed eye lids was lying on a bed in the room as well.


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