Okay... This Story Is About My Best Friends Miaa + Brucee. Pleasee Read My Profile Too Find Out Why.

Fyi; 8th January Is My Birthday :)

Diclaimer: Sadly I Do Declare: I Do Not Own Veronica Mars. If I Did, Well It Would Be LoVe And Duncan, Veronica And Lilly Would Be Family. Sadly I Would Keep Lilly Dying. But Oh Well. Rob Thomas You Have Ownership Over Veronica Mars.

Fyi:: Lilly Doesn't Die. Veronica Isn't Raped. This Is LoVe, MaDi, SaLi, DuTr, MiBr, WaMe. Logan Is Not A Jackass. (ThankkGawdd) The Parts About Miaa + Bruce Are Truee. (Sadlyy)

Gone Like The Wind.

If you ever enter Neptune you will hear straight away about Mia, Duncan, Lilly and I. We are The Kane's. Mia Duncan and I are triplets. We love each other like hell but we have grown apart rapidly. Mia, Lilly and I are sisters and we love the attention we get from being Kane's.

Then there was Logan Echolls – who we had known since we were born. He is the son of Aaron and Lynn Echolls. They're famous actors. Logan is our next-door neighbour. He is Duncan, Lilly and Mia's best friend and my boyfriend. I was surprised he actually liked me. All my old boyfriends have always gone through Lilly. Logan, however, had dismissed Lilly and chosen me.

I think Lilly is some sort of love god or something. She could tell that Logan liked me and just brushed him off. She wanted me to have a boyfriend that wasn't her hand-me down.

Logan has two brothers called Bruce and Sam. Bruce has all his brother's features and Sam has his wits and sarcasm. Mia has fallen head over heels for Bruce. Bruce was hot, young and single.

Logan, Sam and Bruce also have a sister, Trina. She had taken up acting at the age of 4 and was in CSI: New York – even though she was only 18. Trina and Duncan have been in an on- off relationship since Duncan was 10 and Trina was 11.

Life was great for the 8. All of them were friends and family. They went on family holidays together. Usually it was with the Kane's because Lynn and Aaron were filming. They all had gone on a family holiday with the Echolls 4 times though. It has always ended badly though because we got stopped at every place we went to Paparazzi, asking for interviews, stories, pictures and all that tabliod crap. It isn't usual though. We are always in the tabloids. Aaron and Lynn are on our birth records. They have been friends of my mum and dad since they were born. We have listed them as family. Lynn is our other mum and Aaron is our dad. Aaron freaks me out a bit. I don't know why. He just does. The way he looks at Lilly, Mia and I freaks me out.

Mia is my younger triplet and since I am the oldest I have to look out for her. Duncan too but Duncan is completely in love with Trina. I am happy for Trina. She has had gold- digging, sex maniacs for boyfriends in the past. And Duncan has had the Neptune High Sluts for girlfriends: Shelley, Susan, Caitlyn, Madison and Hannah. Everyone knows the Kane's and Echolls hate the Neptune High Sluts. I mean who actually likes them. Duncan only went with them because he was seduced. You see, little ickle Duncan is quite naïve. He is the youngest of us all. And I am the oldest. He is quite annoyed.

Out of the 8 I am the third oldest. Trina was the oldest at 18, Lilly was the second at 18, only one month younger than Trina, I was the third followed by Mia then Duncan at 17. Then it was Logan who was 5 days younger than us 3. Then the other twins, Sam and Bruce, are 16. Sam was a full 5 minutes older than his younger brother Bruce. We were known everywhere we went. The Echolls and Kane's. We are the main tabloid feature every week. Especially on the 8th Of January 2004 which is Mia, Duncan's and my birthday.