Author's Note: I know I'm treading into dangerous waters by posting this, but... I couldn't help myself. Here goes with my Rent stories collection! Please don't expect me to update this as much as my other oneshot and drabbles collections. I'm pretty busy right now, and writing takes up a chunk of time I don't always have. I will at least have more drabbles available soon, but likely not too many stories for awhile. I've got to finish my other oneshots first. For now, enjoy these bits and pieces of my imagination, all!

*S. Snowflake

Flickering Drabbles

1. Flickering

Inspired by the song, "Christmas Bells"

From "Rent"

Mark liked to watch the city lights when he was alone in the loft sometimes. Once, he let his camera just sit out on the railing and record the patterns of the lights flickering on and off. Christmas was always when the lights seemed brighter and more abundant. Probably because of the Christmas lights, he thought. Sure is nice out tonight. Too bad Roger's stuck inside.

He could sympathize with Roger of course. It was still such a short time since Roger's girlfriend April had died. He would never get over her suicide completely...

2. The Alphabet City Ballroom

Inspired by the song, "I'll Cover You"

From "Rent"

Though Angel's primary talent was percussion, she greatly enjoyed dancing around, especially with Collins. They used Alphabet City as their ballroom of the streets, sweeping in their movements left and right. They didn't care what the rest of the world thought in any regard, it was just them. Admittedly, Collins didn't have that natural body rhythm that Angel did, no, he was more of the philosophical type. It didn't bother Angel at all to teach him what she knew at all though. She just liked to have a good time along with loving everyone else, but most especially Collins.

3. Can't Stop Loving

Inspired by the song, "I Just Can't Help Believin'"

Artist: Elvis Presley

Mark smiled and kissed Musetta's cheek. Their relationship was something special, he knew that now. He knew that he had loved Maureen, but it was different, more like a pact and drawn attraction. Musetta was faithful and he couldn't stop loving her. It gave him hope that it could last for a long time...maybe forever.

They interlocked their hands as they strolled down the street together. She had those big, artist hands that almost were larger than his. Still, their hands were warm like a glove.

4. Pink Carnations

Inspired by the song, "When She Loved Me"

Artist: Jordan Pruitt

Joanne got lonely when Maureen would leave her. It hurt too much to have her drama queen leave. She bit her lip, trying to focus on her latest case, but when Maureen left for three days because of a little argument (and squatted at Mark and Roger's as usual), she felt like crying. These days, it almost seemed like their little love affair was ending.

Then, suddenly, Maureen walked into the room, bearing a bouquet of pink carnations.

"Pookie?" was all she said before leaving them with Joanne...

5. Not on Your Life

Inspired by the song, "Without You"

From "Rent"

Mimi went through another bout of sickness about a month after Christmas. It wasn't a bad cold or anything, but enough to make Roger stay home with her all day. He held her hand tight as she coughed.

"Rog, you should get someone else. What if you get sick?" she asked after that last fit.

Roger shook his head. "Not on your life, Meems."

Mimi smiled and sniffled. "-Or yours."

Roger almost laughed, but couldn't hide his fear about losing Mimi. He loved her too much.