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Pairing : Harry/Riddick

Summary : In order to protect her son from Voldemort, Lily performed an ancient ritual to send his son into somewhere safe. Unknowingly to her, it sent Harry far in the future, hundreds years from now, and into an unknown planet which inhabitants were blood thirsty creatures.

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Of the Darkness and the Light


A pair of green eyes was watching the commotion upon his dead planet. These brilliant orbs searched through every mind of those new upon the planets surface, those eyes looked for the reasons as to why, after all this time,

mankind had finally taken interest in his secluded and empty planet.

Sure, sometimes there were wayward ships wandering about and, if they were unfortunate, they would be pulled here by the planet's gravitational force. Thus, it meant a big feast for the inhabitants and new interesting materials for him. However, this time was different.

'Ssso, how it isss?'

A sudden hissing sound came behind the owner of the green eyes, and yet the figure did not seem surprised. It was as if the mysterious figure had already known about the owner of the sounds' sudden appearance, or maybe he was.

"Dozens of humans came. They planned to explore here. They thought that this planet had some valuable materials." The figure answered the creature hidden in the shadow behind him.

'Foolsss.' the creature shook its head. 'They are arrogant to think that they can enter unknown planetsss asss if they own them. Do you think we ssshould attack now?'

"No, we should wait a bit. The eclipse will come soon anyway, and I want to look around some more."

The creature did not look happy waiting, but clearly did not want to disappoint the other.

'Asss you wisssh. I will tell the othersss to wait until eclipssse.'

"Thank you."

The creature then crawled back into the hole it had come from, leaving its companion alone to observe the newcomers.


Everyone was panicking. Ever since the discovery of dangerous creatures living under the planet's surface, they were all in edge. The only thing that saved them from full-blown panic was the creatures' weakness of light.

However that all changed when the eclipse came…

"Everyone, get inside!"

"Barricade the door and close every hole! Don't let them get inside!"

"It's impossible. There's no way we can close all off all the entrances with such a little time!"

"Shut up and keep working! We don't have time for chatting."

"South wing! They are coming from the south wing!"

"Carl, how are the ships?"

"They destroyed all except one of them. We cannot evacuate everyone."

"Then we must hide. Now!"


"The coring room! It's the safest place we have right now."

"What are you waiting for? Get there, now!"

Amidst all the commotions, a lone figure was calmly watching. After all, what was there for him to be afraid of? The emerald-eyed figure knew that the creatures would not harm him in any fashion. They were his family, his companion, and his people, for lack of a better term.

He had been observing the newcomers for a few weeks now, and had found almost every weakness in the building, including the coring room inside it. It wouldn't be hard to tell the others of. He could also help them open the cellar door from under the room.

He smirked, his emerald eyes glinting with excitement from the prospect of bloodshed.

After this, those ignorant people would be no more.

After all, no one had ever survived a bioraptor (1) attack.

No one at all.


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