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Of the Darkness and the Light

Chapter Five

After the rather embarrassing failure of his little friend and the hatchlings, Rian wondered if the humans were not as weak as he had originally thought them to be. Well, maybe not all of them, for some were really honest to God weak. Just a few humans were really stronger they seemed, not to mention the convict – here Rains' blush reappeared with a ferocious intent to take over his face.

'Ri, the humansss are leaving the wreck,' Caen said from the mouth of the cave – who was still hidden in the shadows.

"Hmm…" the teen said humming slightly while rummaging though his bag, which had literally appeared seemingly out of nowhere.

'Ssshould we follow them? I'd like to try catching one of them again' the bioraptor added with a huff, 'I ssstill can't believe that the female essscaped from me…err… usss.'

"It's because you're getting fat, Caen," Rian said jokingly.

'I'm not!'

"Yes, you are."

'I'll have you know that I'm very fit for a young 'raptor, you know. Not an ounce of fat here.'

"Do you guys even have body fat?" Rian looked at his friend incredulously. "Anyway, have you seen my book?"

'The one you alwaysss bring with you? The old and moldy one?'

"Yes, that one. And it isn't that old!, or moldy for that matter!" Rian exclaimed, "So…"

Caen just looked at him as if said ''do you think I'm your servant? '' 'Besidesss, I don't even read ssso why are you asssking me about your book? Persssonally I think it isss karma for you for tricking me into tidying up after you'.

Rian let out a sigh.

'Why don't you try to 'accio' it?'

"Can't. Spelled it with 'anti-accio' charm, which I now really regret it."


The walk across this seemingly endless desert was tiring for a little girl like Jack. Of course no one knew that 'he' was actually a 'she', and therefore the rest of the survives treated her like the other little boys. Still, it would be great if she could have gotten just a little more water.

Jack scratched her baldhead for the hundredth times. Geez, sometime she wondered if disguising herself as a boy was really worth it in the end. She truly missed having hair!

The girl in disguise took a glance at her newly found idol. She saw Riddick walking in front of the group, while the Merc, Johnn, was throwing hateful glares towards Riddick's back every once in a while. Pathetic, she thought to herself. She had seen that type of man before; the ones who were too arrogant of their power, while on the inside they were the ones who felt insecure about themselves, and envied others who were better, stronger, or smarter than them.

Jack threw a distrustful glare at the Merc. She would not put it past him to use dirty tricks to put Riddick in 'his place'.


Not a chance of that loser.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Johnns was lagging behind. He was watching his surrounding with cautious glance.

'Hmm, don't he looks extra shifty there', Jack mused. Shook her head a bit, she decided to look onto it later, when the sun wasn't mercilessly roasting her brain and she could more food into her poor stomach.

Next to her, the youngest of the group, Ali, looked at her with a weird expression on his face.

"Are you okay?" he asked her, concern showed in his boyish face.

"Huh? Oh, don't worry. It's nothing," she placated him. Not that she intended to be rude or anything, she just didn't have the patience to deal with someone who was weak. Ali was a nice boy, she mused, he was just way too vanilla for her taste!

"You sure?"

"Yup! Maybe it's just the heat," for good measure she scratched her head which really did itch like hell. She would've loved to have had a hat, or maybe a turban like the one Ali was wearing. Darn, did it look comfortable.

With one the last longing glace at the turban, she decided to move closer to Riddick. She wanted to be farther from the still shifty Merc. Besides, the extra protection of Riddick's presence wouldn't hurt. This desert, no, the entire planet felt creepy – and for very good reasons!

Riddick took a brief look at her when she came to walk beside him – or that was what she thought; she couldn't really tell with those goggles on. Still, she could feel that Riddick was amused. About what, she couldn't even begin to guess at.

'Was he laughing at me!' Jack's slightly underdeveloped-and-deeply buried girlish instincts were rather self-conscious. Well, to be frank she did feel that shaving her head bald and wearing goggles, was just a little bit overboard. But still…


Startled, Jack leapt a bit toward Riddick, who was looking around with almost visible caution.

"What the hell was that!" Johnns' exclaimed loudly. His gun was held tightly, being waved around in the grasp of his sweaty arms.

Fry, who was also looking around cautiously holding her own gun aloft, looked at him distastefully, "Don't be such a baby. It's just a fallen rock!".

Jack turned to where Fry's gun was pointed at and saw that, indeed, it was just a rock. Though, where the rock came from was anybody's guess? As far as hey knew there wasn't anything alive on this planet that could have made the rock fall! Nor were there any reasons as to why there was a rock that big to just appear out of nowhere, because surrounding them was nothing but miles of flat barren desert wasteland.

As if reading her mind, Riddick chuckled beside her, "And where do you think that rock came from?" he said quietly, though it seemed that everyone could hear him.

"Wh…where?" Fry said stupidly "of course it comes from…" she trailed when she could not find a place that could hide and make that rock fell.

Nowhere, Jack said in her head. And it not like you would realize it, she grouched, stupid woman.

After that, most of the group felt uneasy, and they began to walk faster as if they had hordes of monster following them. Literally. Though, not before having to drag Ogleby out of his self imposed panic attack. Tch, that chicken… no, don't use chicken, they're yummy… that sea cucumber and slug crossbred. Yup, that's better.

I hope we can find water in wherever our destination will be, Jack thought before she began to follow Riddick again.


Sometime after the group moved again…


'Owie! What wasss that for?' a small bioraptor nursed his wounded head that had been smacked by his companion.

'That'sss for your ssstupidity!' his companion said, 'A Rock? What kind of idiot would make a rock fall in a flat desssert?'

'Hey, don't make fun of me. It wasss the only thing that I could make in sssuch a ssshort amount of time, you know that,' the small bioraptor pouted.

The other 'raptor just stared at him wondering how a creature as fearsome as a bioraptor could be that dumb.

'Anyway,' the little bioraptor, still pouting, changed the topic before he could become even more embarrassed, 'We have to tell Rian that the foodsss go to the camp'sss direction. It'sss our duty asss his ssspiesss after all,' he said the last part proudly.

'And I'm still quessstioning hisss judgment in choosssing you,' the other muttered quietly, and in louder voice he said, 'Well then, let'sss go. I think Rian's ssstill in the hatchlingsss' cave.'



'Rian, do you want to play catch?' a small baby bioraptor approached Rian.

'I'm sorry, sweetie, I'm busy right now,' Rian answered while turning a quite big rock in case his book was hidden there.

'But we find thisss interesssting ball…' the baby 'raptor pouted. 'It isss a big sssquare thingy with many weird pictures!' he continued, 'Sssmellsss moldy though…'

'Oh, that's good,' he said absently.

A second later, the small cave was shaking with Rian's voice…



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