After re-reading this story I've come to the conclusion that it royally sucks! That's the reason why I'll be re-editing it, not re-write, just re-edit! Some things will be the same (things that I consider good, obviously) but other things will go in the trash. The first two-three chapters aren't that changed. But I did fixed some things like grammar (there were a LOT of mistakes) and made some scenes more believable (why the hell didn't somebody tell me how awful they were?).

The fourth chapter it's quite re-written, there! I just HAD to delete the horrific things that I wrote so long ago. I honestly can't believe how much my writing changed in a year or two. The most noticeable difference is that I got rid of the first person point of view. And I have to tell you IT WAS THE HARDEST THING I DID! And I have three more chapters of pure terror before going back to the third person.

Someone up there wants to see me miserable!

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A Hard Training

It has been a long day full of training at the Xiaolin Temple for the young dragons. Now three of them were standing under their favorite tree in the garden thinking at the last few days and the exhausting training master Fung was giving them with no apparent reason.

"Ow! If I were new around, I would think this is worse than the military school!" muttered a petite Japanese girl and the dragon of fire rubbing her sore shoulders.

"You are mostly right, Kimiko. Master Fung is surely pushing us to our borders lately!" Kimiko glanced shortly at the young bald boy and added in a calm voice as it was something normal for them. "Maybe you mean limits, Omi!"

"We're not the only ones, fellows! I really don't wanna know what kinda' training Master Fung gives Rai. Poor guy felt in his bed last night like a bag of potatoes."

Kimiko smiled amused before turning her attention to a bird flying near the fountain. Her fellow monks followed her gaze until their eyes rested upon the blue feathered animal and they were lost in their own thoughts.

I still don't understand. Why choose Raimundo over me? ME!…I'm the most powerful, I should have been chosen….Well, now I shouldn't cry over spread milk so I'm just going to help my friend with his new responsibility. Yes! He will very much need my advice! Omi grinned innocently as he began formulating scenarios in his mind of how his ingenious ideas would save the team along with proving to Master Fung of his worth and leadership skills.

Kimiko on the other hand smiled fondly thinking how much her best friend managed to achieve. I lived to see Rai as a leader! That was so unexpected yet…I'm so proud of him! He really changed and I think I like him more like this. He's a lot more mature…and it makes him so much more charming and … wow girl since when did you think like this 'bout him? He can be sweet okay but why do I care? We're friends…aren't we?

As his deep blue eyes watched the bird scoop some water in its beak, Clay couldn't help but frown slightly. The last days were pure nightmares. I really think Master Fung is hiding something from us but it can't be that bad. We've been through a lot of worse things, we can handle it. Maybe we should ask him.

"Hey guys. How was your day?"

As the voice penetrated their musings, the three Wudai warriors snapped their heads toward the brunet walking toward them. Once he reached them he plopped down beside them, with a small wince Clay noticed.

Like usual, Omi jumped up and answered in a cheerful tone. "Not bad Raimundo. I am training hard as always to become the most powerful warrior ever, even if I'm already very powerful!" Everybody rolled their eyes at this already known comment and the conversation continued.

"Ya know, we should ask Master Fung why is he forcing us so much! I mean no wu activated lately or an evil being trying to take over the world. At least he could give us a break day, right?"

"I agree with Clay! We should tell him what we think." Kimiko gave Clay a 'thanks god I'm not the only one' smilethen turned to see the other's reaction.

"But we arewarriors, we must be prepared in every second…" Omi stopped looking thoughtful for a second before adding in a lower voice. "…still, I won't mind a break either!"

"Guys, Fung dude knows what his doing. He will tell us when we are ready." Seeing the blank looks his friends were giving him he sighed. "All right, I hate this as much as you do but I suppose we can talk to him about this right?"

"That will do, partner!"

Just then a green lizard crawled to them holding an old scroll. "Party's over kids, we've got a hot one!" Dojo opened the scroll revealing a man holding a stone to his eye and seeing some strange objects all around him. "It's the Diamond Eye. It gives the user the possibility to see other shen-gong-wu even not activated!"

"Isn't the same as the Falcon's Eye?" asked the dragon of fire.

Dojo placed a clawed finger on his chin and slowly began stroking his goatee with it. "Well…the Falcon's eye can see through solid objects and also activated wu, but that's all…Why are you looking at me like that? After defeating Wuya, Dashi had a lot of free time."

"Okay gang let's go change and meet here in ten."

After several minutes they were all back in the garden with a 40 feet Dojo. Clay and Omi were wearing their normal clothes, Raimundo a red hoodie with white stripes at the end of the sleeves, blue jeans and white shoes and of course, the medallion and Kimiko a green sleeveless shirt, short grey jeans, knee high black boots and red elbow long fingerless gloves. Her hair was a red like fire tied in two low pigtails that fell over her shoulders. The four jumped on Dojo's back and went flying in the sky.


After about two hours, Dojo began to descend and the four warriors could see a tropical forest beneath. Dojo landed easily near a very high waterfall letting his charges hop on the ground.

"Wow…the Angel waterfall! It's really beautiful" said Kimiko as she got down not noticing that Raimundo's gaze was on her the whole time. It's not as beautiful as you! Oh God! I can't believe I'm gawking at her like a moron…Well, I guess is not time for this. I need to concentrate!

"Whoooweee! It's surely big. Now, where's the wu Dojo?" Dojo jumped on Raimundo's shoulder and pointed at the ground.

"So…it's under us." said confidently the little yellow monk.

Dojo rolled his eyes with a sigh. "It's in a cave underneth the waterfall! If I remember correctly it has to be a tunnel behind the water curtain."

"Nice! Omi could you use your powers to stop the water so we can get in?" Omi jumped in surprise and turn to Raimundo.

"Of course! I was going to give you a clue about it." He then leaped in the air calling for his element. "Wudai Neptune Water!"

A passage opened through the water letting the four warriors pass. They started to walk in the cave guided by Kimiko's fire until they found a dead end. All four of them turned to Dojo, giving him the same confused look. "I don't know, this wasn't supposed to be here. I remember a lake and Dashi put the wu in the middle of it."

"Well I don't see any lake!", replied a pissed of Kimiko.

"And it wasn't any other tunnel on the way.", added Raimundo turning on the way they came.

Clay started to walk towards the stone wall and put his hand on it frowning. He moved his hand over the rough stone for a few seconds than smashed his fist in the wall destroying it completely and revealing a large underground lake. He smirked speaking to his gaping friends. "Here's your lake!"

"Clay how did you know there was something behind?" Asked Kimiko, her face showing nothing else but surprise.

"I dunno! I just felt it!" Answered the cowboy scratching the back of his head.

The group walked through the hole taking in the sheer size of the underground cavity when suddenly they heard a familiar yet ever annoying sound. Jack Spicer came flying with his helli-get, holding the wu but stopped when he saw his enemies.

"Ha! Too late xiaolin losers! The wu is mine!" Shouted the wannabe evil genius doing one of his usually evil laughs.

"Jake Spicer, I command you to give up at once, or suffer a most humiliating defeat!"

The others standing behind sweat dropped whispering to each other. "Ya know? We really need another line. This is getting embarrassing." Raimundo told to Kimiko and Clay as they nodded.

The same sweat drop appeared on Jack as well. "Hey baldy, can't you say anything else? This is getting old. Ninja-bots, Octo-bots, ATTACK!" Black masked robots came from everywhere and giant tentacles shot out of water.

"Let's go guys! WUDAI ORION FORMATION!" Their forms became black with specific outlines: red for Kimiko, white for Omi, blue for Raimundo and green for Clay.

Omi created water pillars and jumped on them avoiding and smashing the tentacles. Kimiko was jumping on the rocks sending fireballs everywhere, Clay was crushing robots with his rock gloves and Raimundo was flying above them cutting robots with air blades. Seeing that Jack was heading to his digging machine, Kimiko jumped on his back wrapping her legs around him and touched the wu.

"Jack, I challenge you to a xiaolin showdown. The game is whoever gets to the top of the cave avoiding the rocks wins. I wager my Star Hanabi against your Monkey Staff!"

"Ohh fine! Let's go XIAOLIN SHOWDOWN!"

A bright flash of light emerged from the shen-gong-wu and the cave became a giant arena. In the middle was a huge rock pillar and on top of it was the Diamond Eye. Omi, Raimundo and Clay were on a platform outside the arena and watched as the two competitors took their places.

"Gong Yi Tanpai"

Rocks started to fall from the top of the cave. Jack used his monkey agility so he could avoid being hit an Kimiko was dodging them using the Star Hanabi to blast them into pieces. The two of them reached the base of the pillar and started climbing.

Hmm, time for me to cheat! Hehe! Jack used his staff to throw rocks at Kimiko, which made her anger grow.

"Jack, if you don't stop, I will shove that staff down your throat!"

"Are you gonna say that when you lose too, Kimiko? Hahaha!" Then a huge rock hit the place where Jack was standing and he fall down.

"If you hadn't annoyed me, I would have told you about that!" Smiling she started to jump higher and higher till she grab the wu. In a second everything returned to normal and Kimiko was holding the three shen-gong-wu.

"Great job, little lady!"

"Sweet girl!"

"Well done, Kimiko! It's really not bad seeing that…" He stopped when he saw the death glare Kimiko was giving him "Ah…um…it was very good, I mean!"

"That's a lot better Omi."

"Oh, come on! What about me?" Seeing that nobody was looking at him Jack scoffed and turned around. "Never mind. I'm going home!" A little hurt for being ignored like usually, Jack turned on his jet-bot and took off out of the cave.

"We should get back and tell Master F. about our success." Raimundo called out with his usual grin. "Time to go…gecko!"

"For the last time, DON'T CALL ME GECKO!"