Re-edited: January 14th, 2012

Epilogue – Preparations

It was a dark night with a full moon shining. A gentle wind was blowing across the forest making the leaves dance slowly. Far away, a wolf was howling when a cloud covered the sky and the moon and everything fell in darkness. No footsteps could be heard in the woods. The animals seemed to hide at the sudden change of the atmosphere, waiting for the dark aura to disappear.

On a hill a man was standing watching a house. He seemed to be in thoughts as his reptilian yellow eyes were narrowed and a frown stood on his beautiful always young face. The house he was watching was dark, no lights were on, but the window was opened letting the wind bring in the room the smell of the forest. Through it the man saw a girl sleeping on a mat put on the floor. She was covered with a blanket and was rolling in her sleep as if she was having a nightmare.

The man touched the head of a tiger that was standing beside him. The big feline closed his eyes as his master scratched him behind the ears, purring slightly. The young man snapped his fingers and a panther, a lion, a cheetah and a lioness came from the trees and stopped behind him waiting for orders.

"Get ready."

At his command the tiger opened his eyes and made his way towards the house while the other felines ran in the forest from where they came. Now, the man was standing alone watching the first phase of his plan starting. He grinned evilly at the thought of his new scheme and the fact that the monks had no chance to it. Still they were smart and powerful, but it is said that she had never failed a mission before.

That is something only he could tell…


A lonely figure leaned forward to see the events taking place beneath him. The cloud covering the moon casted a shadow over him that covered his entire body. The only details about him could be described as glowing yellow eyes and a pair of huge jet black wings. His posture imposed power and respect and his eyes an eerie feeling of death.

"This time is very interesting and fun to watch. I'd better not blow up my existence…yet!" the grin showed his white teeth and fangs as the moon recovered her place on the sky. "But I need to recover my strengths first! I'm too weak to do anything."