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"Emmett I got to go, I am going to Dartmouth remember?" I said annoyed, 'cause Emmett had me laying

on the ground while he was sitting on me. "But I want to wrestle!" he whined. "And why don't you just

do what you have done the last few years, take classes online? 'Cause then we could wrestle! And I

would WIN" He added. Rolling my eyes I got up leaving a sad Emmett. That feeling only lasted a few

seconds when Rose came out and said in an innocent helpless voice "Babe, Jasper is leaving us all alone.

What on earth will we do?" I snorted and left before their lust could affect me. The ride took 20 minutes

and as soon I got out of the car I was hit with hundreds of emotions. Angst being the most common, but

excitement is also there. I walked into the classroom five minutes before time, so everybody was already

there. Luckily it was a big room with a lot of chairs and I chose to sit in the back close to one of the doors,

just in case that someone cut themselves. Even though I have excellent control now, I even joined one of

Carlisle operations a few weeks back. But I wanted to be on the safe side. The professor arrived shortly

after and introduced himself as 'Professor Johnson'. Then he started his lecture on the civil war. Rolling

my eyes, I started taking notes. Not that I would need them, but it would look suspicious if I didn't and

still got an A. A few minutes into the lecture a smell of freesias, vanilla and made me look up. I only

knew one human who smelled like that. Bella. And there she was, coming to sit right next to me. I don't

think she noticed because she was focused on the seat next to me, and as she sat down I automatically

stopped breathing. The professor frowned when she smiled apologetically at him, but I only saw her

smile. My god she was beautiful. She was no longer a girl, but a woman. Her hair went down to her waist

and was this beautiful Mahoney colored hair with streaks of red. Her eyes were still amazingly deep, I

could see that even without looking into them. Her face carried no longer trace of childhood, it was all

woman. The lower lip of hers was fuller than the upper, but that only made it more desirable. Her skin

was still pale, though now it looked more like my skin. I couldn't even imagine how she would look like

when she was turned. Wait, WHAT? When she was turned! Woah, easy there tiger. She properly hates

me because of what happened on her 18th birthday. Shit! She might start screaming when she sees me

sitting right next to her. "Mr. Whitlock if you're done starring at Ms. Swan I suggest you take some notes

if you hope to pass this class" NO! You stupid senile MAN! She hadn't noticed me here and then you

come and say shit like that!

I focused on her emotions and felt; Disbelief, hope, fear (Well, no big surprise there), hurt and something

more, but what surprised me the most was the undercurrent of pain.

Bella turned her head slowly towards me. I waited for her fear to increase, but of course being Bella

meant doing the opposite, so she threw lots of amounts of lust my way.

Suddenly her undercurrent of pain wasn't just an undercurrent it was everything. ARGH, all I wanted to

do was to lie down and scream! How can she just sit there? How is that even HUMAN possible to feel

that and don't die? And just as quickly as it came, it went back to where she was hiding it.

I was astonished. Never once in my 150 years (AN: I can't remember when he was turned so I just said

150 years XD) had I ever accounted a human or vampire who felt like that!

She had turned her head away while trying to get her emotions under control. I looked at the professor

now and took notes, so he wouldn't ask to have a word with me after class, I need to get out of here.

Minutes went by y! But finally the class ended and I was out of there before she could say


I ran at human pace out to my bike and drove quickly home to Emmett and Rosalie. As soon as I got into

the driveway I yelled for them to come, I didn't want to walk in on them having sex…. Again.

So I went to the backyard "WHAT?" Emmett boomed when he came outside wearing a .. clown suit?

That was one thing I didn't need to know! Rosalie came out right after him wearing a bathrobe. (Thank

God it wasn't a clown suit like Emmett's) Shaking my head I started explaining what happened today in

vampire speed, when I tried to explain the pain I had felt coming from Bella I fell to my knees dry sobbing.

I sat there for god knows how long before the shock faded with both Emmett and Rosalie. Rosalie went

back to the house and Emmett asked "Can I see my baby sis?"

Longing and desperation flowed of him. "I don't think it's a good idea Em. We caused her so much pain,

just looking at me made her feel like torture to me, I have no idea of what it must feel like to her.

And I only felt it for a moment." I was about to say something more when I heard Rosalie start her M3.

CRAP! I ran as fast as I could and arrived right before she got out of the garage.

Anger was the biggest emotion she had at the moment. "Move now Jasper" she said in a dangerously low

voice. "I want to see her!" "No" I said trying to keep calm and not let her anger influence me.

"I won't talk to her, I just want to see her!" If Rosalie hadn't confessed in me that she would love to have

Bella as a sister, but was too scared of getting hurt or hurting Bella, I would look at her as if she was crazy.

"No" I repeated. It went on like that for hours and by dawn we finally agreed I would be in Bella's

apartment waiting, when she came home from school. And ask her if she wanted to see us, us meaning

Rose, Em and me.

I found Bella's schedule while Rosalie found her address. Emmett was so full of excitement and hope that

Rosalie sent him hunting to get rid of the bouncing up and down it reminded me of Alice.

And apparently it also reminded Rosalie 'cause when she sent Emmett she said "EMMETT NO SEX FOR A


GO HUNTING!" 'Got rid of her' only Rose would put it like that.

I would call it 'world war 3' and we lost, meaning Emmett, Rosalie and me.

We left for Europe the week after we left Forks. Carlisle and Esme left for Alaska.

Alice and Edward left for God knows where. None of them talks to Carlisle or Esme. We still check in once

a week.

Currently Carlisle is working at a hospital right outside London and Esme is building a new house for

charity, it was for homeless children and she loved every minute of it that's for sure.

Bella's last class ended at 4 p.m.

Until then we just sat and waited. Uncertainty suddenly came over Rosalie; it was a rare feeling coming

from her. "Rose? You okay?" I asked.

She looked at me with unshed tears. "Do you think she'll say yes to meet me and Em? I know she

probably don't want to meet me, but at least Emmett?" Emmett scooted closer to Rose and put his huge

arm around her and pulled her into a hug. But he didn't know what he should say, so he just looked at


I took an unnecessary breath and said "I honestly don't know Rose. Humans change so easily.

And I think Bella has changed from the easily forgiving fragile little human she was, because of the pain

Edward caused her. We can only hope that she'll accept us all."

After that nobody said anything, we just waited. When it finally was 3.30 I got up and left without saying

anything to Rosalie or Emmett, 'cause nothing I could say would leave them less anxious.

The ride to Bellas apartment felt extremely long and boring, but when I finally got there I was surprised.

Her apartment was two stories and with a basement, how could she afford this.

I knew Carlisle had sent her checks over the years, but she never cashed them as far as I knew. Quickly I

broke into her home through a window on the second floor and came into a huge library, with such a

huge selection of books I just stood there, fascinated.

I was brought out of my trace when I heard someone at the front door.

I ran with vampire speed downstairs. It took longer than it should because I had no idea where the stairs

was and when I came downstairs I had the find the front door.

Luckily Bella was too distressed to open the door fast. I chose to sit on one of her chairs, a purple one, I

like purple, (A/N: LOL XD) that was faced at the door. This is it. I took a breath and then she opened the


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