Gwen Tennyson never wanted anything really. Just to have a good life and live it. No matter what life threw at her she still insisted to live it to its fullest potential. She'd been through a lot in her life at such a young age. But she still went on. Smart, caring, kind and brave. She never wanted anything at all, except to protect. This was the new desire that filled her when her cousin became the bearer of that cursed watch called the omnitrix. How he saved lives because he actually wanted to. Not because the responsibility forced him to. She longed to be like he, even though that was never said aloud, it was known to her. And most likely only her. As children, they weren't actually on the best of terms with each other to put it likely. It changed from childish hatred, to family rivalry, to a twisted friendship over that fateful summer.

They had grown. Not in the physical sense though. Emotionally, and mentally. She always said he needed to grow up and that's exactly what he did. Thanks to the responsibility. Even though it was never a likely concept to her, she did grow to. But she still did not want anything. Like him. But everyone wants something. Money, fame, popularity, power. It wasn't odd that she found herself staring absent mindedly at him as they grew up wondering how he wasn't even in the least tempted by what extraordinary power the object latched to his wrist gave him. It was nothing short of amazing.

She wished she had that control. Because if she had that sort of responsibility, she wouldn't be sure if it was possible to resist the temptation. She never wanted any of those things though. Money; her family wasn't poor, they could make it on their own. Fame; it would only corrupt. Popularity; every girl wanted that, but grades were more important to her. Power? She knew no matter what, that power would always get to your head if you let it.

So no. She may have wished for somethings, but she did not want anything selfish. She wanted to help people like he did. Every time she watched him go out into battle it made her proud to see, and she wanted to join in the action. Sure the girl helped out but that wasn't enough. When she got the chance she was happy, and she got what she needed. She needed to help people like he did. That was something that was never understandable to her, but it wasn't important to think about.

As she grew up her cousin did too. From a young, annoying little boy, to a young man. She noticed the change very well.. She desired to become better friends with him. As teenagers it was natural to want friends, but he was the one she desired to be friends with. She never understood it, but followed the urge anyway. He was just so fun to be around. Funny, strong, smart in his own way. Maybe it was that he was trust worthy? Or the fact that he had saved her life loads of times.

All that was known in her mind is that he drew her to him unintentionally, and she didn't mind it one bit. Jealousy took over whenever he got a friend that was a girl, a feeling that was quickly labeled protection. They never did last long though, thanks to her, 'protection'. When he touched her it sent a tingle throughout her, and she loved the feeling that she described, "Different channels of bio-electricity reacting". When they spent time with each other time passed too fast.

And now, as she sat in the park alone at a picnic table, she stared at him again. His smile made hers show as he ran around the field of green grass happily with his brown hair flapping in the wind. The smile fell off her face as his girlfriend , Julie, kissed him. A pang of hurt spread through her, one that had been happening a lot when ever the scene of them together reached her green eyes. They knew each other all of their lives! Why was he with her? She didn't know a damn thing about him! Not his fears, things he likes to do, nothing! Why did he choose her?

This was what she never understood among other things. Why he was with her, and why she felt the way she did around him. As smart as she was the answer would always escape her. She sighed somewhat sadly watching the black haired girl and her cousin topple to the ground with her lips against his. This was how it was for a while it seemed. They didn't even notice her. Not that she wanted them to. She just wanted him to. But why?


She wanted Ben Tennyson. All to herself. And it seemed that what she wanted, was just out of her arms reach, so that she could never have it.

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