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Chapter One


"What! I'm moving where?" I gasped, interrupting my Uncle Pierce.

"America, Charlotte. Angie wants to travel." Again I thought. "You can live with your distant cousin, Josh Redfern. He'll look after you." Uncle Pierce smiled like he was remembering something. I think he was because his face went all distant and his eyes were twinkling all different shades of green.

"Ah...Hello?" I said, waving my hand in front of his face. His expression instantly turned serious again but the twinkle was still there.

"You have nothing to worry about, Charlie..." he said. Charlie was the nickname he always used when he was talking to me. Personally, I hated it. Call me Char, if you will. But Charlie is off limits to anyone but him.

I sighed slowly and deeply like I often did and flicked my natural red and brown fringe out of my eyes. "Fine," I said quietly, giving up. "When am I leaving?"

"End of term. I'd start packing now if i was you." He said cheerily. Obviously because I'd given in so easily.


"End of term?" I whined. "But thats only 3 weeks away!"

Uncle Pierce winced. He hated it when I used that voice. It got me anything.

Except this.

"Yes, 3 weeks and you will be gone!" He said cheerfully. "Off to America! Just like me and your father when we were young...just before he met your mother..."

Painful Memories.

He ruffled the really short hair on the top of my head as he brushed past me.

And now, I sighed. I had 3 weeks to prepare, pack my things and say goodbye to my life here. Oh, and meet Josh of course, but that could wait till I arrived.

At least I won't have school to worry about. Summer break.

I sighed.

Wonderful, just wonderful.


The young woman stood in front of me.

"What! I'm moving where?" She gasped. Her pale green and silver eyes flashed lighter with shock and horror. Her mother, Annie's eyes...

"America, Charlie. Angie wants to travel." Again, I added silently. "You can live with your distant cousin, Josh Redfern. He'll look after you." Oh yes he will. If not there will be trouble.

Stupid vampire hunters.

"Ah...Hello?" She said. Waving her hand in front of my face.

I wonder if she's give in without an arguement and leave...

After a lot of sighing she did.

3 weeks.

Wonderful, just wonderful.

A/N: Charlotte's Uncle Pierce has no...relation to Pierce in Huntress. And the first chapters pretty boring because I just gotta like...introduce all the characters and everything. I really hope you liked it. Oh yea and constructive critisim please! All of it helps!