Christmas special (Even if it is slightly late:D)

I sat infront of the fire snuggled into Zac who was fast asleep.

Today was Christmas acoording to Josh.

And I woudnt always trust his...time judgement.

He is a Redfern after all...

We'd been here for about 3 months now.

And we'd only left once to get more food for the non vampires plus me.

And when Zac and Twinkle had come back with the food and supplies they both said the town was covered with the fresh scents of shapeshifters and warewolves.

Probably the same ones looking for us...

Looking for me...

I was the bargaining tool for the wild power...Even if my sister didn't know it yet...

I couldn't help but feel responsible for all of this mess...


Me and Kate were talking in our minds about Christmas and what we missed the most about it this year.

'The crappy presents I end up throwing away as soon as I get home...' Me.

'The Food. I always loved ham and Christmas pudding. Although the Christmas pudding was pretty gross and everyone knew so they just swamped it lots of boose. Typical New Zealander pudding' Kate

'Whats that? Gross food drowned in alchohol so you don't notice?'



'What about the crappy music...'

We'd been doing this for about 2 hours now. Just random conversation to entertain us...

I looked at Charlotte who was sitting on the couch half lying across Zac.

She looked guilty. As she had done since we came back here...

Zac didn't really notice since Charlotte pretty much had him whipped.

But everyone else did...

And no one was going to let her give up on staying with us.

A/N: Sorry Its taken so long to write another chapter. I don't blame you if you have to reread some of the chapters to remember what happens. Ive had a really busy year with my best friend being diagnosed with anorexia, getting selected for the Junior under development squad for my shooting and just life in general. Things have been really hard for me the last few months and Im glad this year is over and I hope that next year Ill have enough time and patience to be able to write more and hopefully finish this story and the Cold Pack Hunt as well. Fingers crossed. Anyways I hope everyone had a fun Christmas and got loads of cool presents:D And I hope I'm forgiven for the lack of updates. Merry slightly late Christmas. -Charlotte