Chapter 3

" god..." I said slowly. "That is...the coolest house...I've ever seen..."

Josh and Zac both laughed.


"Oh, we know" Zac said turning round in the passenger seat to look at me. "Just wait till you see the backyard." He winked, turning back around as we pulled into a massive garage.

Josh, like other Redfern's must be loaded. Really loaded.

10 minutes later.

After a brief tour of the house, Josh and Zac bought me to a huge room on the second story.

The room had huge windows, a massive skylight above the King-sized plus double bed, a walk-in wardrobe and an on-suite bathroom.

It was painted a creamy white, with wooden skirting boards and doors.

Posh much.

"So anyway..." Josh said grinning at my blank expression. "This is your room. We would let you unpack and all but...I wanna show you the backyard."

This sure was gonna be something.

We walked through some massive French doors. The windows, all through the house i noticed were tinted really, really dark, the sun could barely get in at all...

I stepped out of the doors after Zac onto a patio with a mammoth grill (A.N- I used a thesaurus for another word for massive :D. Seriously, that word gets boring easy :P) and fire place spread out. There was a wall boxed around the patio. It was really tall and had a gap in the middle. It was surprisingly sunny on the patio even though there was a wall around it.

Zac walked out through the gap in the middle of the wall onto a huge, lush green lawn. I followed wanting to see what made this backyard more awesome than the house.

Then I saw it.

And my mouth fell open...


"And here I thought Josh and I had been down the slide a million times..." I trailed off, grinning at her.

Her. My soulmate.

I didn't even believe in the soulmate princeaple until I met her.

I owe Ash Redfern an apology...

She laughed and splashed Josh who was staring at me, again.


I quickly blocked my mind with a steel barrier I knew Josh couldn't get past.

He laughed. Back to normal. And splashed Charlotte, splashing me in the process.

I splashed him twice as hard. And Charlotte-laughing really hard- splashed me.

I didn't know how long we'd been splashing each other but when the door bell rang we paused.

"Urg," Josh gurgled as i splashed him when he opened his mouth. "I'll get it." He said coughing, as he jogged through the back door.

Leaving me and Charlotte alone.

Sneaky or foolish?

We were both still staring at the house.

Charlotte grinned evilly, turning to face me.

She splashed me hard then jumped out of the spa-where we had ended up again-and ran to the main pool, squealing.

I chased after her. I couldn't help but watch her dive gracefully in. Before I dived after her.

I splashed her into the corner of the shallower end.

She splashed me while trying to find away. I kept moving closer and laughed when her back hit the pool wall.

She squealed playfully again.

I took another step and then I was right in front of her. And she was looking up at me, smiling.

The silver cord that I had pushed to the back of my mind was pulling up closer. Our faces were only inches apart. My breath was mingling with hers and i could feel it brushing my lips. I met her wondering stare, leaning in...

Then I felt her warm mouth move on mine and the world fell away...