The night was still, I couldn't sleep. There was too much stuff on my mind to shut it off.

I closed my eyes and saw everything pass in front of me. Images of everyone were flashing. Edward, Jacob, Mike, Emmett, Jasper.

What was happening to me?

Why did I feel this strange attraction to all of them?

Jasper with his silent look, just this blank stare. His pale, cold skin and gold eyes.

Emmett with his masculine body. Sometime I just wish he would save me.

Mike, he was normal, nothing out of the ordinary about him. A simple guy.

Edward, he loves me, but why is it so hard to just love him, and only him.

Jacob, there are no words.

I lay there thinking. What would happen if I went with any of them.


I'm sitting shot gun with Jasper driving. He was silent. His hand reached for mine, I moved it closer to his. Some of the skin on my wrist catches with the pin that's holding my button together. It ripped some of my skin, red liquid oozed out of my tiny cut. I frantically looked at Jasper. His face was not so blank anymore, he showed his teeth in a sadistic, hungry smile. Letting go of the wheel he growled at me. Grabbed my arm. I screamed and watched as he sunk his teeth into my flesh. The car jerked and I turned my head. Ahead of us was a bridge and we weren't going straight along it any more. Jasper foot was still on the pedal, pushing it through the bottom of the car. I felt dizzy, my head was spinning. The car hit the side rail. We went over. I looked down at the water below, and Jasper still held firm on my arm.

I opened my eyes, "I don't think that's what I really had in mind." I softly said to myself.