It was a cold afternoon, but even colder next to Edward. I was glad he couldn't read my mind, because he would know how freezing I was right now. But I still wanted to be near him, no matter what. He didn't understand that, he thought he was bad for me. I still tell him that all doesn't matter as long as I'm with you. He smiles smugly and normally just kisses me very lightly. Apparently I'm too much of a temptation, I still don't see how. Vampire or not.

But it was a really good afternoon, just being with Edward.

All of a sudden Edward is up and in front of me, it's still startling how fast he can run or move.

"Come on, up let's go." He grabbed my hand and hauled me of the couch.

"What!?" But I didn't have time to ask my next question before I was on his back and he was running through the forest.

The wind that I felt when Edward ran with me was incredible, but still of all the time that he has run with me I'm still scared of him hitting a tree. But I closed my eyes, (which made me feel a little better about the tree thing, but not much) and laid my head on his back. Just resting there, but at the speed he was running where ever we were going it wouldn't be too long until we were there.

He stopped only a second later and he was standing at the foot of an enormous tree, he leaned his head back and looked to the top of the tree. I clung on to his back when he reached a hand out and placed it on the tree; he clawed his hands up and began to climb the tree.

I closed my eyes yet again this was something that we had only done once, and I still wasn't all that used to climbing, cause when I was a child I always seemed to fall out of the tree, instead of staying in it.

Once again Edward stopped and it took me a while before I opened my eyes, he was cooing at me trying to get me to climb off his back and take in the incredible view that was before me. But me being my stubborn self I didn't move. This tree was somehow higher than the one we had climbed before, and it was bad enough the first time.

Edward began to become impatient with me, he was shaking me gently at the beginning but his shakes became more violent. I cried out for him to stop, and for him to climb back down, he didn't budge. He just kept telling me it was okay, that I was safe with him.

A foul stench then filled the air and I couldn't block my nose to get it out. But Edward seemed to love it; he was jumping from branch to branch down the tree. The shaking got me even more scared than before, but he seemed to not care for me at the moment.

Edward kept jumping and jumping, it seemed as though we would never reach the ground. But I knew we were getting closer and as we got closer the smell got worse. It excited Edward more the closer we got. I really couldn't understand. But the more he got excited, the more violent his jumps seemed to be for me. It was so hard to hold on, especially when he wouldn't hold me anymore. Then I fell, off of Edward and down to the ground, I screamed when my grip failed me. I was spiralling down as Edward moved away. I hoped for him to stop continuing on to get what he seemed to find amusing. But nothing happened, he got further away, and I kept falling. But soon enough my scream faltered and I hit the ground crying. The last thing I heard was a loud crack, and I opened my eyes to see Edward prancing away, too very fast. That was the last thing I saw before my eyes finally closed.