His Face

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The wind was blowing hard against The Hair. A hand reaches up and gently brushes it back. Then it reaches back into the pocket and pulls out a beautiful new bottle of hair conditioner. Karama sighed because he was down to his last bottle. He wondered if he would be able to survive withour his precious precious hair fixer thing. In heality, he had horrible hair. That shiny, flowy hair was due to his bottle of conditioner. Who knew what would happen if he ever ran out. It would probably be like the Apacolyspe. With God and a flying talking donkey and Shrek.

The reason he was here to steal some new conditioner. He figured that he could steal some from the girls in this academy. He figured that they had naturally ugly hair too. So he entered...

As Yuki entered the room she saw something that made her cry out in joy! "I'm so happy! I got a new shipment of conditioner! Maybe I could give some to Zero. God knows he needs it. How about you Headmaster?"

Headmaster looked over. " I'm flattered, but you need it more than I do." Yuki looked postively puzzled. That was when Kurama entered.

Headmaster looked over in knowing. "This is our new student. His name is Kurama; like Madonna. He is so well known that he only needs one name. And he decided to come to our academy!"

Yuki's face brightened, " I'm so happy! And I got a new shipment of conditioner! Maybe I could give some to you. God knows you don't need it, but who doesn't want free conditioner!"

Kurama looked like he had been given the answer to life. But then he saw the poor girl's tortured hair. "No thanks. You need it more than I do."

Yuki looked like she was positively puzzled. Maybe this wasn't the best place to steal conditioner at all. These poor girls' souls obviously needed it more than he needed it. Oh yes. How will he get the conditioner now? Kurama thought. How will he keep his hair from falling out now? As a matter of fact, he could already see a few strands gently flowing *down*. He would have to hurry and get some more. If he had to get the girl's conditioner, then so be it. He would not end up bald at the age of 17. That was just too early. He softly stroked his head to reassure himself.

Noticing the sudden action of Kurama's hand, the Headmaster misunderstood and tried his best to comfort the poor soul. " Now I understand that you are very much a fresh student, but you rest assure: my dear Yuki -yes, Yuki-chan over there- has no problem helping out another student. We consider you family here!"

Yuki blushed and quickly corrected her foster father,"Aw, no need to brag Headmaster! *Giggle* Ignore him, Kurama-san!" Kurama shivered at the thought of pilfering drop by drop, splash by splash, bottle by bottle from his unofficially-new "family".

KNOCK KNOCK. In came Zero. "Headmaster, I need to ask you someth-" Zero's glared at Kurama in disbelief. "Wha..t.?" he asked weakly queried. He lunged forward. Yuki ran in front of Zero, blocking him.

She was the shortstop, and he was the one in need of calming. " What's going on, Zero?! Why are you suddenly doing this? Sometimes i can't seem to understand you..!"

"Out of my way, Yuki! What's a creature of the dead doing here?! Dammit, Yuki! Why are more and more of you filthy creatures coming here?! I promise I would ruin you and your kind!"

"Zero!" Zero halted. He gathered himself and lowered his revealed gun. He walked out the door. No one bothered going after him.

Tears streamed down Kurama's face as he reached up to his face.