Mr. Underhill, My Foot

Chapter 3 – The Elven Language

AN: This isn't exactly a chapter; it is just the translations for the past two chapters. From now onwards, I'll just post the translations and the end of each chapter!

Chapter 1 translations:

English Elvish

By the sea and stars! Ed' i'ear ar' elenea
Dangerous Ranger andeluTaur'ohtar
Hobbit(s)/Halflings Perian/Periain/Periannath
Nazgûl/Ringwraiths Úlairi

Chapter 2 translations:

God Seldarine
Frodo Elaevyan
My Beloved A'maelamin
I love you Amin mela lle
Aragorn Estel
Welcome to my dwelling Creoso a'baramin
Why do you want to know? Mankoi lle irma sint?
No one does, don't worry about it Uuner uma, n'dela no'ta
Go kiss an orc Auta miqula orqu
Pleasure meeting you Saesa omentien lle

Summary for Chapter 4 – Arwen

Frodo is told a secret, one that he finds hard to keep. And he discovers friends in the most unlikely places and is told more secrets that are even harder to keep. Aragorn battles with Lord Elrond after revealing to him the disgraceful truth. Arwen and Selindë don't exactly see eye to eye and blood is spilt, then Aragorn has to interfere.

It will be out soon! (Hopefully )