A.N.: This the second story in the Diddy Kong Racing Chronicles line i'm gonna write. This story is in Tiny's prospective. Please enjoy.

Diddy Kong Racing Chronicles

Story 2

Mary Frost

So cold...i should have wore a jacket...

I walked in the snow, dumb as i am i didnt wear the apropiate clothing. My big sister and her boyfirend walked ahead of me.

"Wow its beautiful", my sister Dixie cheered.

" so beautiful about it? I'm freezing cold", i shouted.

Dixie looked at me with her 'omg you idiot' face.

"What do expect wearing that skimpy outfit. It's snow so its gona be cold, sis. You should have wore a coat".

"I..i didnt know it would be this cold", i said, stupidly.

Dixie just looked away.

"Yeah, yeah. Whatever, squirt", she laughed as she turned.

Squirt? Look whos talking,i thought.

Then Diddy appeared behind Dixie

"Will you two knock it off and keep going? You'll freeze if you dont", he said.

Dixie turned around with a lovey-dovey face on.

"Coming, Diddy", she said, sweetly.

Poser, i thought.

For some reason, my feet wouldnt move. I wanted to stand there a little longer.

Suddenly i heard a voice from behind me.

"Aren't you going with them? You'll freeze if you dont. Especially with that outfit you're wearing",it said.

The voice belonged to a girl. A young girl. A girl about the age of twelve.

I turned around and saw a girl. Like i predicted, she was young; the age of twelve or eleven at the least. Her clothing was riped up and she had blood all the left side of her body, as if she was in an accident of some sort. And her skin; it was so pale, almost as white as the snow but not quite.

"Are you okay", i asked. "You look so cold".

Before she could answer, Dixie yelled out for me.

"Tiny what are you doing", she asked.

I turned around.

"Nothing. I'm coming."

At that i turned back around.

"Hey you can...Huh!?"

When i turned back around the girl was gone.

"She's gone? Bummer".

But in her place was a box; a velvet maroon box wrapped with a blue ribbon, as if it were a birthday present. I picked it up and examined it.

"What's this", i asked myself.

I tugged on the ribbon and lifted off the lid to find its contents; a black choker with a blue and white daisy on it.

"A choker?"

By that time, i had sparkles in my eyes.

"It's so cute. Christmas came early this year".

I looked back down at the box and noticed a note left inside that i didnt notice when i opened the box. I picked it up and read it.

'I thought this might suit you.

This is my favorite necklace.

Please take care of it.


I examined the note a few times before stating something that was biting at me.

"Why would she part with something so dear to her? Besides it probally wont even fit".

I wraped the choker around my neck and fastened it. To my surprise, the choker didnt choke me or hang loose.

"It fits...perfectly? It's not tight or anything".

I was so mystified i almost forgot about my sister.

"Oh no. I'd better catch up to big sis and the others. It's getting colder".

I ran off leaving the box and the note the girl, Mary, had given me. As i left it behind, the box chimed. I didnt no what that meant until later on that day.

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