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Chapter 4

When I woke up, it was around midnight. I felt sweat on my forehead.

"That poor girl…all the hell she's been through", I whispered to myself.

Trying my hardest not to think about it, I lied back down and closed my eyes, trying to get some sleep with the last seven hours of the night.

The sun rose sooner than I expected it to, due to the fact I wasn't home and the sun usually didn't rise for another hour or two. I arose from my bed and slipped on a pair of slippers. I wrapped my arms around myself, shaking like a leaf in a summer breeze.

"Man, it sure is cold here in the mornings", I told myself.

Then I heard a knock on the door.

"Ti, are you awake", said the familiar voice of my older sister.

"Yeah", I replied, remembering she wakes up around this time at home.

"Good. We have exactly two hours before the race starts. You better come down and have some breakfast", she told me.

I got into some clean clothing and strapped on the jacket little Molly had given me. I felt instant comfort.

"This coat is like a dream", I whispered cheeringly to myself.

Made from the softest cotton...

I looked around the room to see if Mary had come back but I didn't see her.

"Hello", I shouted.

No response.


No response.

"Don't pretend like you can't hear me. I know you're there"!


...heh heh heh...

Then silence.

I grabbed my room key and departed from my room, tying my hair up in my normal pigtailed style and draping my hat onto my head.

As I head for the bottom floor, I smell the delectable and sweet aroma of fruits and pancakes.

"Hope that's blueberry pancakes I smell", I whispered delightfully.

When I reached the bottom, I saw my sis, her boyfriend and the other racers all at a large table enjoying a delicious breakfast feast of pancakes and fruits of all kinds. Like I predicted.

"Morning, guys", I beamed.

Dixie, Pipsy and Tip-Tup all smiled at me.

"Good morning, Ti", said Pipsy, wearing her usual attire with a fluffy scarf added to her outfit.

I grinned, restraining myself from touching the scarf.

"Nice scarf", I told her. She smiled bigger than before.

"Thanks, TyTy"! I grimaced.

"You know I don't like that name".

"Oops. Sorry".

"Eh, don't worry about it", I reassured, grabbing a plate filling it with blueberry pancakes and topping it with sliced bananas and fresh blueberries.

As I sat down, I heard loud but subtle footsteps coming from the stairs. After a couple more thumps, Marglinne appeared from the mouth of the stairway. Little Molly appeared out of the kitchen as I realized Marglinne had called for her.

Molly's outfit was different than the day before. She was wearing a fluffy pink hoodie with purple trim and glitter. Under the hoodie was a pink t-shirt and a purple skirt that reached her bony knees. It was completely different from the waitress uniform.

"Please make me some coffee, dear one", Marglinne told the little girl. Little Molly nodded and disappeared into the kitchen again.

I took a giant bite of my blueberry pancakes and realized the old hag was completely normal. She acted like she was being a good mother. As if she was and had been a good mother. Ha! Yeah right! As if she could make anyone believe that she never laid her hand on those poor children of hers.

While I was lost in thought, I had eaten all of my pancakes.

"Dang, where'd they go", I asked myself.

"You ate 'em all, Tiny", Dixie said with a chuckle.

I blushed. I had no idea I was so hungry.

"I must have been starving then", I said, out loud.

Everyone laughed at my goof. All I could do was smile, even though I felt like a total idiot.

"Oh well. I guess it's time for the race", I sang, heading back upstairs to my room when i realzed i forgot my thermos on the motel bed. When i arrived upstairs, there she was. Mary.

What brings you back up here? she said with an annoyed expression.

I raised my eyebrow.

"Why are you saying it like that?"

How did you make Marg so sweet on Molly? She's never been so nice to any of us.

I was fumbled. What did she possibly mean by that? Did she mean that Marglinne has never been nice to her children, not even once? It wouldn't get off my mind so i could help but ask.

"You mean your mother has never been nice to you?"

Mary glared at me.

You saw my flashback. You didn't hear what that bitch said i was? She a crazy fuckin lady! I wish she was dead so i could kick her ugly ass!

My eyes grew large. I have never heard a little girl curse before. Even i never cursed at her age. I knew Cranky would wack the holy canolli out of me if i did so i never tried.

"That's lovely language for a young lady to be using", I told the ghost girl.

Mary glared.

Why should it matter? I'm dead!

"It's still nasty for a little girl to be saying such cruel words, AND about her own mother".

That woman is no mother of mine! She's the whole damned reason i'm dead and cursed to walk around this town as a ghost for all eternity!

"Now, as much as i believe you, I don't think that's true at all. You won't be like this for all eternity".

And how do you know? Have you been up there and talked to Jesus? 'You will be cursed for all eternity to walk upon earth as a spirt. Only the realization will put you to rest'. That's what he told me.

I thought for a moment.

"Realization? What does that mean?"

How the hell should i know? If i knew, i would have been put to rest by now and we wouldn't be having this conversation.

I stood there, mistled. What did the great lord Jesus mean by 'realization'? And was it really gonna set Mary's soul free?

I gave up on the thought and ran back downstairs, where my sister and the others were patiantly waiting for me.

"Took you long enough, Ty", Dixie exclaimed.

I frowned.

"Sorry. I had dificulty finding my thermos", i told her, holding up the purple-chrome theroms.

She shook her head at me as a pitiful expression washed over her features.

"Well, its time. We need to get down to the garage to get in our carts. If you need to do any fixing of looking over it, you better do it quick".

I nodded and followed her and the others to the garage, not being able to shake the feeling that something bad was going to happen. I had a feeling Mary wasn't telling me everything i needed to know. And what really bugged me is what did she mean when she said 'Only the realization will put you to rest'?

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