Yay! New story. I've decided that this will be multi-chaptered. Not exactly sure how long, but it's going to be longer than two chapters. (Yay for me for making a commitment.~) It might be slightly angst-y because my Pandora is playing "Starts With Goodbye" by Carrie Underwood. (It's going through a rough time, my Pandora…) I think that'll be my title. Because of the title, I think I'll make it after Ikuto leaves. Also, Amu is only two years younger. Why? High-school boy + Elementary girl = 16 in prison. Thinking about a time skip…..

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Starts With Goodbye

Amu wasn't exactly sure what to think at this exact moment. Sad seemed appropriate, but this was for Ikuto. She wasn't allowed to feel sorry for herself. She had to support Ikuto no matter what. He deserved that much at least. Settling for contented loneliness, she turned on her Pandora. Typing in Carrie Underwood, "Starts With Goodbye" popped up. How appropriate. Ikuto's last words to her.

Amu looked up to Ikuto's forlorn eyes. "How long?" she whispered.

Ikuto seemed to think about this. Probably didn't want to make any promises he knew he couldn't keep. "As long as it takes," he quietly declared.

"Then go. I know how much this means to you. I have no right to stop you from doing something that has been decided long before you had me to interfere. Just know, I'll be living my life. I won't wait for you, but don't think I'll won't be thinking about you, that I'll forget you. So go find your father."

"If I return, will we still have a shot at this? I want to go knowing that we could have something." Ikuto asked.

"You know that's unfair to me. We had a pact. No promises we knew we had no control over. The only way I could guarantee you something like that is if you never left." Amu knew that she was about to cry. But she wouldn't do that to Ikuto. Leaving was already hard enough for him.

"Then I guess our lives after Easter starts with goodbye." Ikuto turned away and Amu followed suit. Now she knew she was crying. Allowing herself one last look back, she saw nothing but an empty street. That was the last straw. Amu broke down right there.

It's been five days, thirteen hours and forty-six minutes since that last conversation. Amu functioned like normal. She kept going to school, ate and slept like a normal person. But she couldn't remember the last time she laughed, smiled. She was going to tough it out. She survived before Ikuto complicated her life, she was going to do it after he picked up and left.

With that, Amu stood up, closed the current Pandora station, and opened her Lily Allen station. To heal, you needed to get pissed right?

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