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"Amu-chan! So nice to see you! It's been forever hasn't it? No it hasn't! It's been two months. Wait, that is forever! I missed you Amu-chan!" Yaya exclaimed as she managed to climb on top of her.

"Good to see you too Yaya-chan," Amu muffled from under Yaya's arm, where they held the petite girl in place. "You're not heavy, but Yaya, do you think that you could get off me?"

"But I just miss you so much! Why don't you ever call me? I almost died with impatience. Not really, but Yaya really missed you! Don't you miss Yaya?"

Amu couldn't help but smile at Yaya's third-person use and hugged her. "Of course Amu missed Yaya. Don't you know how hard it is not to? I've just been busy."

"Of course you've been. Yaya could keep trees from growing with the shadows under your eyes. How long did Amu-chan sleep last night?" she admonished sternly.

"Aren't you supposed to be the baby? I slept, Yaya-chan. Of course I did."

Yaya suspiciously narrowed her eyes. "Yaya didn't ask you if you slept. Yaya asked you how long you slept, and seeing how Amu-chan evaded the question, she knows it wasn't really long."

Amu sighed, "Well, don't just stand there. Come on in. What brings you to my humble abode?"

Yaya cocked her head to one side. "Nagehiko," she answered truthfully. "and Yaya needs her occasional dose of Amu."

Amu scowled, "Figures. I knew I shouldn't have drunken in front of him. Did he send you here?"

She shrugged, "Maybe, but I really did miss you."

Amu, noting her kouhai's serious phrasing, nodded. There would be time for questioning later, but they had some serious catching up to do.

"No way!" Amu screamed. " Someone actually tried to pass off 'looking hot naked' as a marketable talent?! The nuts you meet as a talent scout…seriously."

"He tried to prove it too. It was as if Yaya was defiled. Thank kami-sama my assistant knows how to deal with those nutbars," Yaya smiled innocently.

Amu giggled, "Poor Yaya-chan. Have some more ice cream. Ice cream fixes everything. Unless you're morbidly obese. Then stay away form ice cream. Seeing as you're not, have some more…"

"Thank you, Amu-chan. Seeing as you too are not morbidly obese, you should have some too."

Amu giggled yet again. "I will have some more, Yaya-chan. Why are we talking like this? Are we drunk off ice cream? I don't know how that's possible."

Yaya raised her hand. "I know how Teacher. Ice cream is full of sugar. Sugar increases your endorphin levels, which is a feel-good chemical."

Amu stared wide-eyed at Yaya. "How do you know that?"

Yaya stared back. "I don't know…." Then she burst out laughing. "I'm drunk off ice cream!" she screamed out.

Amu joined in laughing. She didn't even know why she was laughing. Goodness, did someone pour alcohol into the ice cream? That's not good, Amu giggled to herself. Someone's out to get her liver…

With one last cackle, Yaya suddenly stopped laughing. Her usual happy disposition was replaced with a serious one. Her smile died on her lips. Amu looked over, still laughing, wondering why she was the only one laughing. One look at Yaya's face killed the laughter. A serious Yaya is such a buzz kill Amu thought, sobering at once. I should have hung out with her when I was in Vegas.

Yaya hesitated, then started, "Amu-chan, We need to talk. Nagehiko told me about your drinking binge. I don't know why he called me and not Rima to beat the stupid out of you, but I'm stuck with this job."

Amu sniffed. "What am I, an angsty teenager? And what's with the tone? You would think I was as stubborn as….I don't really know any stubborn people," Amu admitted with a pause.

"That's not the point, Amu-chan. And yes you know some stubborn people. What about Utau? I think it's finally time we had that conversation."

"Really? I think I don't need it anymore. I think I am quite over it. Actually there was never anything to get over in the first place," Amu nervously giggled, looking over Yaya's shoulder. "You know that, Yaya-chan. And Utau is not stubborn. She is a freaking immovable boulder cemented to the ground."

"Now, that's not the version of the story twenty-five seconds ago wasn't it?" Yaya raised an eyebrow. "You know very well that his leaving practically left you defective. And my point exactly."

Damn, Amu thought. A serious Yaya makes for a smart one. Why did she ever grow up? She was so easy to distract when we were in elementary school.

"I still don't understand why we need to talk about it. I don't have a problem caused by that fool."

"You do. You're reckless and alcohol has made you stupid. Which is bad, seeing as you were never that smart to begin with," Yaya spoke candidly, frowning down at her. A feat, considering her height and Amu's.

Amu flinched. Ouch. Serious makes for mean too, I guess.

"Yes, I made you a promise. Seeing as that promise is still intact, we don't have to break out the CONVERSATION," Amu implored.

"Delusion seemed to have accompanied stupidity as alcohol invited it in," Yaya simpered. "Take a moment to recall what the promise really was."


"Amu-chan," Yaya called. "don't you think…..How does Yaya put this… Don't you think that you're being a teensy weensy bit of a… downer?"

Amu stared at Yaya wide-eyed. "You call depression a downer? Don't you think that you're being a teensy weensy bit callous?"

Yaya shook her head energetically. "Not at all, Amu-chan. It's alright if it's the truth and if it's to help you."

Amu shook her head, this time slowly. "Yaya-chan is so mean these days. Okay. What do you want?"

Yaya beamed at Amu. "Yaya just knew that you'd come around, Amu-chan. I want to talk about Iku-"

"NO NO NO. There is so reason to. I'm functioning. There is no reason to bring him up. It's been a year since he left and I haven't killed myself yet."

Yaya cocked her head. "But that's not Yaya's definition of functioning, Amu-chan. You're living, but you're not operating properly. You seriously need to talk about it."

Amu sighed, "No I don't. Wouldn't you rather finish watching Naruto?"

Yaya scowled. "Yaya saw this episode already. Sausuke wins and joins Akatsuki. Big deal. We need to talk about you."

"There's nothing to talk about!" Amu was about to burst with frustration. "Why can't everyone see that I'm perfectly fine."

Yaya pretended to think. "Oh, Yaya doesn't know. Maybe it's because we have eyes and know how to use them. Maybe it's because we're not high or drunk. Maybe because it's obvious? Or maybe because you're not as fine as you tricked yourself into thinking you are?"

"Can't you trust that I'll talk to you when I really need it?" Amu begged.

Yaya rolled this thought around her surprisingly bright mind. "Okay. Promise me you'll-we'll-talk about it when I find it appropriate."

Amu looked as stuck as she really was. "There really is no way with you, is there Yaya-chan? I agree."

Yaya beamed at Yaya once more. "Glad you see the error of your ways."

End Flashback

"Pay attention to the last line of the promise. Notice how it states that I get to decide if you're over the edge yet? Well, dear, today's your lucky day!"

"Damn depression. Keeps you from paying attention," Amu muttered.

Yaya laughed. "Sure. Now you've got to face the facts. You're a drunk. You're not even a nice drunk. You're like one of those drunks who go around insulting strangers' mothers and trying to con people."

"Nice, Yaya-chan. Just what every friend needs to hear."

"It's for your own good, Amu-chan," she continued. "You have to accept the fact that Ikuto could be coming back today or two years from now, or even never. Stop living in the past. It's well, depressing."

Like clockwork, tears started down Amu's face as soon as his name was mentioned. Ignoring this, Amu scowled. "I can't promise you anything."

Reverting back to her usual personality, Yaya said, "Yaya knows just what you need. Yaya knows the cutest guy in her company. It'll be a date."

"I'm not sure I'm ready."

"He's not for you; he's for me. You get his third cousin once removed."

Amu cocked her head, emulating Yaya. "So what does that make him? I've never been good with genealogy."

Yaya made a face Amu made not long ago. "You think that Yaya knows? They're related and that's all that matters."

By now they both had the same face on. "Agreed, but don't think that I'll make an effort."

Yaya smirked at this, "Don't worry Amu-chan. You won't need to. You're coming to the office and meeting our makeup artist and stylist before the meeting. Yaya assured Cute Guy that you were hot, and Yaya is not about to be called a liar."

"Since when was sweet little Yaya-chan turned into a mastermind? I sorely miss the innocent her."

Yaya blinked at this. "What do you mean Amu-chan? Yaya was always this way."

Amu frowned. "No you weren't. You used to be such a whiner. Now look at you. Such a controlling attitude."

Yaya rolled her eyes at this. "It's not Yaya's fault Amu-chan is so naïve. Now, let's finish this ice cream."

Amu smiled wanely. "No thanks. I'm so over….what is this?…soy sauce? Why did we buy this again?"

Yaya grimaced that this. "Explains the taste. Yaya just grabbed the first carton she saw. Maybe the ice cream turned into liquor. That's why we were so drunk!"

Amu coughed out a laugh. "That's only with grapes or something. Let's go grab another flavor. They have girl scout cookie flavor. I've been wanting that one. Especially now, since I just ate soy sauce ice cream."

"Yaya was fine with it. Amu-chan is going to pay."


"Yaya knows this."

Amu sighed for what seemed for the twenty-third time this hour. It was starting to turn into a cliché in her life. She should buy a thesaurus and look up "sigh" and do those instead. It was better that repeating something every three minutes. Amu believed she had good reason to sigh. Or exhale. Or sough or whatever. She had spent the past hour, beside sighing, sitting in a chair letting the makeup artist paint her face. What is the point of an actual face if you're going to be covering it with makeup? Amu ventured an open eye. More like face paint now. Gosh, I look like someone smashed my face against a kogal's and it rubbed off. Not that it didn't look good. It was just a bit on the heavy side. She must've gained ten pounds on her face!

"Excuse me….but don't you think this is a bit much for dinner?" Amu asked.

Her makeup artist looked up from painting her face to stare. Then realization struck. "Oh, I'm sorry. I'm used to doing people about to go on camera. You need to really slap it on if you don't want the lights to make you look like a ghost. I'll take some off right now!"

Amu chuckled. "Hope you have a spatula. You'll need it to take the top fifteen layers off."

Another hour later and sixteen makeup wipes later, Amu emerged, looking the same, but at the same time, not. The artist had cleaned off most of the makeup of her face before starting anew. Her cheekbones and nose was contoured and her lips glossed, but not before being lined and covered with lipstick. What effort to appear natural she wryly thought. I think she stuck false lashes on me somewhere in there. She had also applied liberal amounts of mascara, so Amu was now concentrating on not rubbing her eyes. She wouldn't want to look like a raccoon, would she? The eye makeup was natural, applied to enhance, not hide. That meant white eyeshadow on the inner corners of her eyes and white eyeliner on her waterline. She winced, remembering the application of that particular part. Amu keep flinching, afraid her eye would be poked out by the pencil. It was finally on after the artist showed her how soft it was and telling her it probably wouldn't even poke through gelatin, much less her eye. Her lids were done simply. Standard black eyeliner on top and a bronze shadow on the outer "v". Amazing what you would learn by listening to a makeup artist chatter to herself.

She had already visited the stylist with Yaya. (She was off with another make up artist right now.) Yaya and the stylist had picked out the outfit she was wearing now, with full assurance she could keep them afterwards. (Amu balked. She had seen these clothes in her magazines and they did not come cheap.) Considering the weather, Amu was dressed in a light buttercup yellow kimono-style dress paired with cork sandals. A long large-beaded necklace looped twice around her neck finished the look.

"Is Amu-chan ready?" Yaya asked. Dressed in a white drop-waist jersey dress with camo greenwool tights and tan flat suede boots, she looked like the epitome of innocence.

Amu grinned mockingly up at Yaya. "What do you think?"

"Yaya thinks that she's hungry and they should get going if they don't want to be late."

"Then I'm ah-viously ready."

Yes, yes. Everyone is basically OOC, but that's the point of fan fiction: to interpret the characters in your way. In my opinion anyways. The makeup tip above? They really work. The white eyeshadow and eyeline help brighten up your eyes, making them look bigger. The outer "v" is the part of your eyes on the outside. It goes from your upper outer lash line to the crease when you open your eyes. A dark shadow there will give your eyes depth and make them look bigger (again). Don't forget to blend! And apply more gloss to the bottom lip to make it look bigger. Anything that reflects light makes things bigger. That's why black is so slimming. Ack! This is not a makeup forum. Anyways, enjoy the tips and review. I think this story is going to be around ten chapters, not counting the side story. How many do I have now? Five? Damn.


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