The American Flag whipped about in the early morning wind, high above the New York Police Department building. Although it was early in the morning, the temperature was already hot and people were going about their daily lives, making their way to work. Inspector Kate Beckett was running down the road to the NYPD building, glancing at her watch and muttering.

"Castle, you owe me for this!" She mumbled towards the pavement.

"Hm, what about all the things I've done for you?" Richard Castle replied, leaning against the glass windows of her office.

"Out of my way, Castle, unless you want to end up with coffee over your jacket." She quickly walked past him, waiting impatiently for the elevator.

"Ooh, cranky! I like coffee, did you know that?" Castle ran along behind her, trying to keep up. Beckett looked at her watch, then turned around to face Castle.

"Shut it, smart mouth. I'm not in the mood for your sarcastic comments today. What was with the call at 2am this morning? Ever heard of sleeping?"

"Well, wasn't my fault I saw a murder."

"You WHAT?" Beckett turned around suddenly, splattering coffee over Castle.

"I'm out of your way, whoa.." Castle stepped backwards.

"You say you saw a murder? Where? When?"

"Now you want to listen, don't you?" Castle grinned.

"Yeah, heaps of people love hearing about murders at 2am, Castle."

"It was so good. Perfectly planned, just what a writer likes to see."

"You actually liked watching a murder?" Beckett's eyes narrowed.

"Channel Seven does host the best murders, what's there to not like about them?"

"A movie? You called me at 2am to tell me about a movie?!"

"Well, it is in your line of work," Castle grinned again.

"Today is gonna be a long day," Beckett sighed, as she stepped into the elevator.