(A NOTE: Once again, I apologize for the really long gap between my writing. No idea where this story is headed, so just enjoy. =D My new way of breaking up the paragraphs is a "o.O.o.O" On the whole, I think this chapter sucks because I kept getting interrupted while I was trying to work on it. Grr.)

Beckett dropped her keys onto the table as she entered her house, cursing loudly as they fell into the goldfish bowl. Too lazy to do anything about it, she thought told herself she'd get tomorrow in the morning, making a mental note of where they were. The phone rang, its high pitched tone echoing, and she ignored it. She wasn't ready to hearing someone complain about something that had happened at work, or some person trying to sell some unnecessary gadget that would guarantee a lower electricity bill, and she certainly wasn't in the mood for talking to Castle. It reached the answering machine as she reached the kitchen, and she growled when she heard Castle's voice. Turning around, she turned on the radio and blasted it so all she could hear were the lyrics of a song in a foreign language. She didn't care. Anything was better than listening to Castle try to weasel his way back into her already miserable life.

Coffee. Just what I need. Whipping up a large espresso, she decided it was best if she had an early night. It wasn't as if she was going to get to sleep easily, but she may as well give it a go. After all, sleeping meant dreaming, and dreaming meant not thinking. She guzzled her coffee, the hot liquid scorching her throat as it brought tears to her eyes, spluttering, she poured the remainders into the sink, washed her mug and turned off the kitchen lights before making her way to bed.


Lying on her bed, she listened to the faint rumbles of the traffic outside. A couple of sirens wailed, dogs barked and then it was quiet. Beckett sighed, rolled over and stared at the clock.




She watched as the seconds flashed by, slowly counting up towards another minute. This was all Castle's fault. If he hadn't got his stupid self involved with the creepy CIA, none of this would be happening. It was like a nightmare turn real, really real. Clenching her eyes tightly shut, she wished it would all go away.

This isn't happening. Well, it i- no, it's NOT happening!

Shut up, brain.

Castle would pay for this some day, she could feel it inside. After all, she'd gathered over the months they'd been working together that Castle had feelings for her. A couple of days ago she'd even had feelings herself for Castle.

Not any more.


She awoke early, moaning as she sat up to get ready for work. After a quick shower, she pulled on her jeans, black t-shirt and black high heels. Her hair stuck out at strange angles as she pulled her brush through it, and she gave up after trying to curl it at the ends. She grabbed the keys from the fish bowl, the fish nibbling at her fingers.

"Sorry girl, I'll feed you tonight." She apologized, then felt stupid that she was talking to a fish.


"Morning Esposito."

"Hey, morning Beckett!" he grinned, wisely choosing not to mention Castle. Ryan walked in, coffee in hand, grin plastered on face.

"Hey! Heard from Castle?" Ryan said, and Esposito glared at him.

"No. And I don't want to hear from him ever again."

She sat at her desk, stacking the files into pile that had been scattered across the desk before she arrived.

"He didn't do anything that bad," Ryan said, "sure, he was working for them, but you didn't even give him a chance to explain why."

Beckett dropped her mug onto her desk, coffee splattering the files and her computer as the mug shattered.

"NO Ryan. I do NOT want to see Castle, talk to Castle, hear about Castle EVER AGAIN. Understood?" she yelled. People stopped what they were doing, mid phone call, laughing, making coffee. They anxiously watched the commotion that was unfolding before them.

"Wait a second. I didn't say you should forgive him or anything, all I'm trying to say is that we don't know what he was doing there. He said he was working for them. It can't be that bad-"

"Can't be that bad?" Beckett mimicked, her voice rising to a higher pitch. "You're kidding me! How is working for another police force 'not bad?' I think you've got some twisted wires here, Ryan, since you're obviously not seeing what Castle's done."

"Castle didn't do anything!"

"Oh, so now you're saying that lying isn't 'doing' anything?" Everyone was now watching in silence as Ryan and Beckett fought across the office. Most of them had learnt from experience – don't interrupt Beckett in the middle of a rant.

Ryan lowered his voice, "Look. I'm trying so sa-"

"I know what you're trying to say, you've already TOLD me. So just shut up, and leave me alone." She grabbed the remains of her mug, stalking out of the office. A stunned officer stared at her in disbelief as she walked past, and she growled. "Don't you dare bother me either, unless you want a broken nose."

Esposito ran after her as people started to talk quietly. "Beckett! Kate Beckett!"

She was just reaching the elevator when he caught up to her.

"I know what Castle was doing with the CIA."

"Now you're telling me?"

"I only found out this morning, but I didn't get the chance to tell you or Ryan."


"Well, you were right. He was getting what we call 'straight from the horses mouth' info from what cases we were working on. His books were just a cover story, so he basically had us wrapped around his little finger."

"Great. I could have guessed that in my sleep."

Esposito chuckled, and they stepped into the lift together.

"So, we are we going?"


"Yeah, I'm not staying here. Everyone's gonna be talking about this morning's incident for days."

"I don't know. I was thinking of grabbing something to eat for lunch."

"Lunch? It's not even 11 o'clock yet!"

"I know. Are you coming or not?" she stepped out of the lift, eyebrows raised.

"Haha, I'm coming alright."


They walked in silence along the footpath, the morning sun rising above the city buildings. A couple of pigeons hurried along the footpath in front of them, squabbling over a stale chip that looked rather green.

"Um, Beckett?"

"Call me Kate. I'm sick of my surname being used."

"Right, uh, Kate? Would you like to go out for dinner one night this week?" Esposito asked quietly, a smile creeping across his face.

"Actually, I'd love to." She smiled, her eyes shining in the bright morning sunlight. They walked along the beaten footpath into the city, past people talking into mobile phones, people on street corners trying to sell fresh fruit, right to the very centre of the city, where they stopped at a small shop that had been freshly renovated.

The sign outside read, "Coffee served, Write Away."