Richard Castle sat at Detective Kate Beckett's desk, fiddling with the blue pen lying on her desk. He opened up a wooden draw in her old desk, slowly pulling out her gun.

"What do you think you're doing with that?" The sudden voice startled Castle, who fumbled and dropped it straight back into the draw.

"Nothing really, just getting a sense of what my characters feel." Castle hastily turned around to face Beckett.

"You actually think your characters have feelings?" Beckett snorted.

"Oh, come on. Are you telling me you don't feel what the characters in the book you are reading, are feeling?" Castle looked at her with a fake expression of shock cast upon his face.

"Move it, Castle. That's my desk, and this is my office." Beckett raised her hand and pointed to the door.

"Oh, while you were getting the coffee a call came through."

Beckett raised her eyebrows, then narrowed her eyes. "What about?"

"Apparently there's been a murder." Castle smiled smugly.

"Give me the phone, NOW!" Beckett reached for the phone, spilling coffee over Castle for the second time that morning.

"Ha, I was joking before. I don't like coffee this much!"

"Beckett speaking," she exclaimed as she motioned for Castle to keep quiet.

Castle, being his normal self, started to pull faces at Beckett in the attempt to make her laugh. He failed and instead he received a sharp slap across the face.

Grasping his nose, Castle stood up and leant against the refrigerator.

"Right, I'll be there in a few minutes," Beckett replied, before hanging up.

"What were you doing that for?" Beckett glared at Castle.

"What, holding my broken nose?" Castle mumbled, looking for some ice in her messy fridge.

"No, pulling the faces. Unless you haven't realized, Castle, this isn't a playground."

"Oh, I thought it was. Must be in the wrong office."

"Not funny, Castle."

"Nothing's funny when I've got a broken nose, unless it had happened to somebody else." Castle winced as he smiled.

Beckett made her way over to her office door, grabbing her coat.

"I don't want to see anything out of place when I come back."

Castle held his hands up in the sign of a surrender, wincing again as she slammed the door.

"Hm…she didn't want anything moved but she didn't say I couldn't move," Castle exclaimed, grinning as he pulled on his jacket and followed her out the office.