Title: Breakaway's story

It has been a week since the death of The Fallen and Breakaway wants to share his story on Cybertron. The Autobots sat on seats with the humans listening. Breakaway began, "When I was a young sparkling, I was a sharpshooter and beaten everyone in the preparation school in sniping. Years later, I went to the higher Academy and graduated."

Breakaway then said, "So, I still could not get a job but I got a temporary job as a assassin to assassinate dangerous Decepticon high ranking figures."

Jazz said, "Oh yeah, and we met eachother on our first mission."

Brekaway said, "Shh, I'm telling the story."

Then, he continued, "On my first mission, I was sent to assassinate a vetran Decepticon with a black jet mode. And I was to work with Jazz. It started like this. Jazz went to the power station and shot the power off in the city. The old Decepticon was trapped in a building like a rat. It is too bad that he can't destroy's the building's protected inner wall since it can only be destroyed from the outside. Breakaway then sniped him and half of the Decepticon's head was blown to oblivion. After the success, me and Jazz hanged out in Macaddam's old oil house and other bars. Then, my second mission was to assassinate a Decepticon who carries some special weapon."

Breakaway continued, "Me and Jazz went to the Decepticon HQ at night. We put on night vision goggles as well. We crept on a building and Jazz saw another official with a weapon. First, he sniped the other official then I went on a building opposite and sniped our main target. When we returned, we were assigned to Optimus Prime and that is how it all ends."

The End