The World Warriors' Legacy

By Metal Harbinger

Author's Note: Aside from saying that "I'm back" I don't really have much of an opening author's note to offer you my loyal readers so in some senses I apologize for lacking "the gift of gab" as I type this introductory note (seeing as how I typically type the author's notes AFTER I've typed out the chapter itself), but then again I have to remind myself there are those who just want to get down to business right away and so without further ado, here is my latest chapter for all of you!

Chapter 11: Deadly Shadows

Pasadena, CA

Desperation had been racing through William Guile's mind ever since he received that frantic phone call from his beloved wife and he struggled to keep his head on straight as he sped down the straightway and took a hard right, causing a pedestrian to leap backwards and nearly barreling into an oncoming convertible as his jeep nearly fishtailed.

He was so desperate to get to her he didn't care about anything else, not even if he ended up getting a ticket for his troubles.

"C'mon, c'mon damn it," he grunted as he gripped the steering wheel with white knuckle ferocity, hammering down on the horn as a pickup truck attempted to pull into traffic.

Racing past the aforementioned truck, he then blew through a red light and illegally passed a postal van before he took another left hand turn and the hospital finally came into view.

Seeing his destination in plain view, the Air Force Major gunned the accelerator and came to a screeching halt before the hospital entrance, scaring a few patients and staff members as he came barreling out and charged into the hospital.

He literally skidded to a halt and by now all eyes were on Guile as he looked around frantically for any signs of his wife.

"Jane!" he called out, "Jane Guile!" he repeated before grabbing a nearby doctor by the arm, "Where is Jane Guile? I need to see her immediately!" he demanded.


Whirling around on his heel Guile turned to find his beloved wife rushing towards him. Up until now he had never been so happy to see her, exhaling deeply in relief as she threw her arms around him.

"Jane, thank goodness you're alright!" he said as he held her close, fighting back tears forming at the corners of his eyes.

"Oh my god Will, I was so scared," she sobbed, "I honestly thought we were going to die."

Guile let the words sink in for a few moments before finally replying, "I'm just glad to see you're alright," he said taking his head away to look around for another familiar face he was expecting. "Where's Amy?"

"She's over to my parents. The police took her there," Jane replied as she took her husband by the arm and led him over to an unoccupied bench.

"I just hope she's alright," the airman replied as he collapsed onto the bench and looked over to his wife.

He waited for the staff members and other patients to distance themselves before asking his next question, "Alright this Abel guy, where is he? I'm going to need to speak with him immediately."

"He's probably still in surgery as we speak," Jane replied clamping down on his hand, "That masked man inflicted some pretty serious injuries upon him. It could be hours, maybe even days before he comes to…"

Guile muttered a profanity to himself. He wanted to know what Abel was doing here and why now of all times.

"Well whatever's going on I'm going to make sure nothing happens to you or Amy. You can count on that," he spoke, again pulling his wife closer to him in a tight embrace.

"Hey Guile!" a youthful voice called out.

Hearing the voice the airman looked up to see a familiar young blond-haired man rushing towards him. Normally the sight of this particular man annoyed the hell out of him, but for now he knew this wasn't the time or place for such feelings.

"Ken? What are you doing here?" Jane replied as she rose to receive her brother-in-law, who at the moment was clad in a dark blue hooded sweatshirt, his red karate gi pants and some red and white sneakers.

"Eliza told me about what happened. I didn't know how bad things would be, but I figured I'd try to do whatever I could to help," the young fighter replied before looking over to Guile, who only nodded slightly in reply.

Despite being brothers-in-law, both men hadn't thought to highly of one another in the past, with Guile seeing the younger Ken as a spoiled rich playboy, while in turn Ken viewed the hardened combat veteran as 'just another meathead soldier.'

For now, they realized the importance of putting their past differences aside.

The sound of a throat clearing came from behind Ken and the trio turned to face a figure that had been standing in the background the entire time, another man around Ken's age with fiery red hair who was clad in a black hoodie, violet gi pants and blue and white high tops.

"Oh sorry, guys this is my friend Allen Snider, he was over when we got the news," Ken said gesturing to his friend.

"A pleasure to meet the both of you," Allen said as he extended his hand to Guile and Jane.

"Well you're right whatever is going on we're going to need all the help we can get. Why Abel decided to suddenly show up out of the blue like this is beyond me," Guile replied looking down to his fists before clenching them tightly, "And I personally want to question him once he wakes up."

"I don't know how much we're going to get out of him anyway. He doesn't even know much about his own past to begin with," Ken added looking back to Allen.

"Yeah, you're right about that," Guile snorted, "but still there's gotta be something we can get out of him. He might have amnesia, but he's certainly not stupid."


"It's time for your medicine Mr. Holger," the nurse purred as she withdrew the syringe from her pocket and made her way over to the hospital bed where he rested.

The man, known to her true employers as 'Doctrine Dark,' was left unconscious after taking a massive beating from another target of theirs, left with several broken bones and numerous internal injuries that he wouldn't be likely to awaken from any time soon.

"And he'll never reawaken ever again," she thought to herself as she pricked the needle into the man's neck.

Nothing happened at first, but after time the man began to convulse violently and his numerous restraints were nearly torn away by his flailing limbs. The beeps of numerous life support machines called out in unison as the assassin's body shook, but in the end there was only one long continuous beep as the man fell backwards never to rise again, his blue eyes left wide open, but forever unseeing.

"Sleep tight my dear," the woman giggled innocently as her left eye glowed an inhuman purple hue.

"One down," she whispered to herself as she made her way back into the hall, passing the corpses of the two security guards who had been assigned to watch over Mr. Holger. It wasn't too long before she would also pass the body of the woman whose nursing scrubs she had stolen, taken down by a swift kick to the back of her neck.

It wasn't long before the woman had reached the elevator and then made her way down to the sixth floor, where the recovery center was located.

Stepping off the elevator, she was able to casually walk past doctors, nurses and other staff members without arousing suspicion until she found where she needed to be.

"Well, well, well, long time no see Mr. Abel," the woman giggled as she walked into the room where her second target was located, lying in a bed with much of his exposed skin bandaged after his encounter with Doctrine Dark.

Reaching into her same pocket she pulled out another syringe filled with a purple liquid and approached the man's bed.

Before she could ready the needle a low moan escaped Abel's lips and he began to flutter his eyes open.

"Now, now don't strain yourself. This will only take a second," she spoke just as her needle was just about to pierce his flesh.

"I don't think that will be necessary!" an authoritative voice called out from behind.

"What the hell?" the faux nurse growled as she turned to face a crimson-haired woman in a black suit casually leaning against the doorframe.

"That disguise doesn't fool me for one second Juri. I know why you're here and I'm afraid I cannot allow you to succeed," Crimson Viper proclaimed as she entered her fighting stance.

Grunting in frustration, Juri removed the teal nurse's cap and surgical mask and entered her own fighting stance.

"Meddling bitch!" the South Korean woman roared as she charged towards her enemy with her foot extended.

Viper brought her fist up to block the woman's attack and responded with a back fist, which Juri would raise her foot to parry.

"You will not interfere with our plans," the Tae Kwon Do fighter spat as she attempted a roundhouse kick.

"Since when did you become so cozy with Bison?" Viper asked as she caught the woman's foot, "Last I heard, you hated his guts and wanted him dead."

Juri did not respond and attempted another roundhouse kick, which Viper would duck underneath and respond with an uppercut that caught the brainwashed woman on the chin.

"Why you!" she hissed after being struck and then went for a special move.

"FUHAJIN!" Juri announced as she kicked her leg straight up while surrounded by a purple aura, finally landing a decisive blow upon Crimson Viper and sending her flying into the hallway.

Many of the patients and staff members present screamed in terror at the ensuing confrontation.

"Stop right there!" a security guard called out and went to draw his pistol, only to be stopped by a purple projectile Juri launched with a roundhouse kick.

"Oh great," Viper muttered to herself as she rose back to her feet. "I knew confronting Juri wouldn't be an easy task, but I've gotta stop her before any innocent bystanders can be caught in the crossfire."

With Juri temporarily distracted by the guard, Viper launched a double kick that caught the evil woman in the chest and face before she followed up with her 'Thunder Knuckle' attack, in which she launched herself into the air with her left fist surrounded by electricity.

Juri was sent flying over the counter of the nearby nurse's station and landed hard on her back, still smarting from the electricity coursing throughout her body as she struggled back to her feet.

"I…will…not…be denied!" she declared as she waited for her opponent to charge her head on. Before Viper could connect with another roundhouse kick, Juri suddenly teleported through the attack before performing an overhead kick that knocked her opponent to the floor.

"This…is going…to be sweet," Juri huffed before continuing the assault.


A security alarm blared throughout the hospital and within seconds staff and patients alike were scattering for anywhere safe.

"What the hell's going on now?" Allen shouted over the din as he bobbed and weaved to avoid the people rushing towards him.

"Whatever it is, I don't think it's your typical fire drill," Ken replied as he threw himself against the wall to avoid another gaggle of occupants.

"Somebody must be attacking the place!" Guile called out before grabbing Jane and throwing themselves against the nearest wall to avoid a gurney being pushed towards them, which appeared to be carrying a woman in the middle of childbirth.

"Clear out immediately!" a security guard shouted as he pushed his way through with an elderly man in a wheelchair.

"Will c'mon, we need to get out of here fast!" Jane pleaded as she tugged hard on his arm.

"No, we've gotta find out what's going on!" Guile replied, "Get outside with the others. We'll handle it from here!"

"No!" she screamed, throwing her arms around him with tears in her eyes.

"Allen, get her out of here at once!" Guile said practically having to fight his wife off of him and shoving her over towards the Southern martial artist.


Ken barely managed to duck the arc-shaped projectile just in time for it to sail through a nearby aquarium, shattering the glass to a million pieces upon contact and sending all of the fish tumbling onto the floor.

"What the hell?" Guile called out as he whirled around to find a mysterious figure standing in the distance, strangely appearing to be shrouded in darkness in spite of the well-lit corridor they stood in.

Without a word the figure turned its attention to Allen and launched another projectile, who was prepared for the attack.

"JUSTICE FIST," he shouted as he extended his fist to intercept the projectile.

A small explosion followed as both forces collided and Allen fell back against the wall clutching his sore arm.

"Damn, that thing almost broke my arm! That's unlike anything I've ever felt before," Allen grunted as he tried shaking the pain away.

Guile ignored the man's complaint and responded with a projectile of his own.

"SONIC BOOM," he cried out launching an arc-shaped projectile of his own, which the figure would lean to the right to dodge.

Without warning the figure charged towards the Air Force major and delivered a spinning back fist to knock him silly and then follow up with another special attack.

"SHADOWSAULT SLASH!" the figure cried as it launched itself into the air and performed a powered up variation of Guile's own 'Somersault Kick,' causing the veteran soldier to strike the ceiling and then fall to the ground with a hard thud.

"Oh my god Will," Jane sobbed, unable to contain her emotions after peeking her head out from behind the desk she had been hiding behind only to find her husband on the losing end of the confrontation.

The figure turned its head towards her and it was there she noticed the glint of light from what appeared to be a pair of spectacles the figure was wearing in addition to its giant forelock of hair.

"HADOKEN," a youthful voice cried out and the figure turned with its arms raised to block the projectile thrown in its direction.

Ken Masters threw himself at the unknown individual with a flurry of punches and kicks before finally landing a decisive blow when he took to the air.


The salvo of rapid fire blows only managed to stun the wraith-like being, but left it wide open for the rich playboy to land another series of roundhouse kicks that sent it staggering backward.

"SOUL FORCE," Allen called out and the figure found itself being struck from behind by the Southern fighter's trademark projectile. The blow would knock the shadowy figure into another special attack.

"SHORYUKEN!" Ken cried out as he launched himself into the air with his fist ablaze, striking the figure on its chin and sending it flying into the ceiling before hitting the ground with another sickly thud.

"If you get back up, there's gonna be serious consequences bub!" Allen grunted towards the fallen figure, who kipped back to his feet.

"And I see you take direction very well," the redheaded fighter added as he went for a vaulting kick on his opponent, who would duck under the attack and respond with another special attack.

"SHADOW SHELL," the figure announced as it performed a somersault kick that knocked Allen back to the tiled floor.

Ken attempted a backward roundabout kick before the figure could cause any more damage, only to find his attack parried and then being knocked backwards by a thrust kick and then stunned by a follow up jumping sobat kick similar to the one he had witnessed Guile use countless times in combat. Out of desperation, the red-clad Ansatsuken warrior would attempt a lightning heel kick, but the darkened man managed to spin around him and slip his arms underneath his armpits and lock him into a full nelson hold before bridging backwards and driving him into the floor with a Dragon Suplex.

Guile was finally beginning to regain his bearings and pushed himself back to his hands and knees, wincing in pain as he attempted to rise back to his feet. "C'mon damn it," he grunted as he punched his fist into the tile. Before he could move any further he found his brother-in-law landing on the floor next to him.

Forcing himself to look up despite the pain in his neck, he was finally able to take notice of the shrouded figure's familiar build, as well as his manner of dress, the glint from its eyeglasses and lastly, the pronounced forelock handing in front of its face.

"No…it can't be…" Guile gasped in disbelief, "Ch…Ch…Charlie?"


"BURNING KICK," Crimson Viper called out as she flew through the air with her feet followed by a blazing trail, landing a clean blow on Juri that sent her flying through the window of a nearby office.

"That…bitch…" the South Korean woman gasped as she braced herself against a nearby desk to pull herself back to her feet.

"Haven't you ever been told it's not acceptable to be sleeping on the job?" Crimson Viper called out in a condescending tone as she casually strolled into the office.

Scowling in anger, Juri noticed a nearby mail cart and kicked it towards the suited woman, who sidestepped the oncoming handcart and delivered another combo of punches before grabbing onto the Shadaloo operative and using compartments in her gloves hoping to shock the younger woman into submission. After a certain amount of time she tossed her opponent over a nearby desk.

Again Juri hit the ground with a hard thud, but she still wasn't ready to surrender.

It was then that a low whimper caught her attention and she turned to find a young woman in pink nursing scrubs cowering beneath the desk in a fetal position.

"This is going to hurt!" Viper called out as she charged energy into her right glove for her next attack, "SEISMIC-"

Before she could punch the ground, Juri rose to her feet with a young woman held in front of her.

"Go ahead! Do it!" the evil woman goaded, clamping down on the innocent nurse's neck, just mere seconds away from snapping it.

"Let her go!" Viper ordered, "This is between you and I!"

"Heh, such honorable talk from someone who has to use weapons against an unarmed opponent," Juri chortled, "Quite the double standard…don't you agree?" she asked her human shield, who only sobbed in reply.

The brainwashed woman now had Crimson Viper stuck between a rock and a hard place and she was determined to do whatever she could to tug at the spy's mind.

"Well what's it going to be trollop? Huh?" Juri giggled maniacally.

"Just let her go and we can finish this once and for all," Viper spat.

"And what are you going to do if I don't?" Juri laughed, treating this situation as if it were one big game.

From out of nowhere, a heavy tray flew through the air and struck the South Korean woman hard in the back of her head.

"Oh what the hell now?" she asked as she rubbed her sore head and turned around to see none other than Abel standing in the doorway, covered from head to toe in bandages with numerous tubes dangling from his body. Somehow he had managed to pull himself out of his bed and sneak all the way around to land a surprise attack upon the Shadaloo operative.

"Perfect, now I get to kill two birds with one stone," Juri commented, the evil slyness returning to her tone.

Fortunately, Abel's intervention had freed the nurse from Juri's clutches and left her wide open for an attack.

"BURNING DANCE," Viper called out as she flew through the air towards her opponent, extending her burning leg and nailing Juri in the stomach, sending her sliding along the floor in a streak of flame and ending with one large electrified blast that sent her flying through the nearest wall.

"That'll teach you to interfere in our business," Viper said dusting off her gloves as she looked over to find Abel staggering towards her.

Seeing his predicament she ran over and lent her shoulder to support him, "Now just take it easy sir. You're surely in no position to overexert yourself."

"Who are you…and what does she want with me?" Abel groaned weakly raising his arm to point to Juri, who by now was slowly pushing herself back to her feet.

"Oh you've got to be kidding me," Viper moaned as she readied for another fight.

"You were lucky! We'll meet again!" the young woman hollered as she clutched her sore stomach. "Next time, neither one of you will be left alive!"

With those words Juri disappeared down the hall.

Viper would have gone after her, but right now she had to worry about the man who needed her help and she led him over to the nearest wheelchair.


"Charlie…it's me! It's Billy!" Guile shouted, uttering the nickname only his best friend in the entire world had ever been allowed to address him as.

The shrouded figure remained silent and turned his head to see both Allen and Ken returning to their feet.

"Charlie, why are you doing this? Tell me!" Guile pleaded.

Again Charlie remained silent.

"Guile, I don't know what's up, but I really don't think he's himself right now," Ken grunted next to him.

"C'mon Charlie, this isn't like you! Remember who you are!" Guile again pleaded, this time removing the set of dog tags from around his neck and holding them in front of him, "You're Charlie Nash! You were a first lieutenant in the United States Air Force! You were the best man at my wedding! You're the godfather of my daughter Amy…she still asks about her 'Uncle Charlie' all the time! You're like my brother! Snap out of it!"

It was a futile effort as Charlie remained silent and reentered his fighting stance when another voice suddenly called out from behind him.

"Police! Freeze!"

Charlie turned around to find an entire S.W.A.T. team with their guns trained on him, yet he showed no fear, nor any other signs of emotion.

"Drop to your knees and put your hands behind your head! Do it now!" the lead officer ordered training his submachine gun on the possessed airman's chest.

Charlie dropped his hands and appeared to be ready to comply with the officer's order, when he suddenly shot his arms outward.


With his arms surrounded by a glowing blue aura, Charlie shot his arms outward launching a hurricane-like wave of powered up 'Sonic Booms' at the approaching officers, sending them flying all over in different directions. When the smoke cleared, all officers were lying on the ground writhing about with various injuries.

"Well I think it's safe to say he's not going to listen to reason right now," Allen spoke up before shooting his arms outward, "FIRE FORCE!"

Normally Guile would have attempted to stop anybody from harming his friend, but he could only remain frozen in place, left in disbelief at what he was witnessing.

"Is that even you old friend?" he asked himself as he watched the dark figure effortlessly leap over the projectile and extend his leg towards Allen, only to be intercepted by another Hurricane Kick from Ken. The attack momentarily stunned the former airman, but he quickly recovered and fired a barrage of punches and kicks towards the two Ansatsuken fighters, who both had a hard time defending themselves due to his improved strength and speed.

"Guile, don't just stand there! Help us out damn it!" Ken pleaded as he barely ducked a sobat kick and then leapt backwards to avoid a step kick. His attempted fierce punch was ducked under and Charlie responded with a vicious uppercut that knocked him from his feet.

Allen tried to save his friend by grabbing Charlie from behind, but the possessed man stomped hard on his foot and then tossed him over his shoulder into the nearest wall. Giving the young Southern fighter no time to breath, the possessed airman then went over and grabbed him by the collar, ramming his knee repeatedly into his face before setting him free to execute another super combo upon him.

"CROSS SHADOW BLITZ," he called out as he delivered a rapid fire flurry of punches and kicks upon Allen, knocking him into unconsciousness.

With the two martial artists out of the way Charlie then turned his attention to Guile, who still remained frozen in horror and disbelief. The figure nodded and beckoned him to strike.

"No…I can't do it…I can't do it!" Guile grunted in anguish.

Shrugging with indifference Charlie threw a punch that caught his former best friend in the cheek and then a spinning back fist that snapped his head backward and sent him stumbling into a nearby fire case. He attempted to throw another punch, but Guile managed to move out of the way and his fist left a dent in the steel cover, shrugging it off without pain.

"Charlie please!" Guile again pleaded as he blocked a high kick that almost fractured his wrist before being struck in the chest by a 'Knee Bazooka' and then knocked from his feet by sweep kick that caused him to hit his head hard against the tile floor.

"Oh god no," Jane shrieked as the tears flowed freely down her face.

Charlie again turned his attention to Jane and walked towards her in a slow methodical fashion before he finally grabbed her by the throat and effortlessly hoisted her into the air.

"Charlie please…this isn't like you!" Jane croaked out the last part of her sentence as the man's hand clamped around her throat.

Up close she could finally make out the soulless gaze in his eyes, which suddenly began to glow an unearthly shade of gold. She would have screamed had she been able to. Right now it felt as if the end were near and she could only let the tears stream down her face as she thought of her husband and the young daughter she would never see again as her assailant's body was enveloped in blue flames.

"Forgive me old buddy," a familiar voice muttered from behind and before she knew it, Jane Guile found herself collapsing to the floor.

She looked up to find her husband William with his arms wrapped around his best friend and leaping into the air, dropping the possessed man's back hard onto his shoulder.

Guile watched as Charlie hit the ground hard. It was one of the hardest things he had ever had to do in his life and he would likely hate himself for a long time after for having to lay a hand in anger upon his best friend, but when he placed his hands upon his beloved wife, he had crossed the line and he felt compelled to act.

Charlie kipped back up to his feet and was preparing to go for another strike when the rattle of submachine gun fire filled the air and a salvo of bullets riddled the possessed man's chest.

Guile looked over his shoulder to find one of the S.W.A.T. officers had managed to crawl over towards the office entrance with his H&K MP5 held weakly in his free hand. He then looked over to see glowing holes in his friend's chest that were surrounded by an oily-looking substance. Within seconds the wounds began healing themselves and the 'blood' harmlessly streamed away from Charlie's body.

"What the hell could do such a thing?" Guile whispered to himself wondering who could possess such technology.

Charlie shifted his gaze back and forth between Guile and the officer when Bison called out to him telepathically.

"Shadow, return to the designated rendezvous point at once! Your mission has been aborted."

Without warning, Charlie disappeared in a flash of blue fire and Guile found himself left alone with his wife in the office.

A million questions raced through the major's mind as he stood dumbfounded after encountering the very man he believed to have died six years ago. The most prominent questions racing through his mind were "How could he have possibly survived that blast?" and "Who did this to him?"

For now though, he looked over to his frightened wife and ran over to comfort her.

"It's okay sweetie. He's gone now and he won't be hurting you again," Guile whispered into his wife's ear as he held her closely.

"Guile! Guile are you alright?" Ken's voice called out from the hallway, "Say something man!"

Hearing his brother-in-law calling out, Guile gently helped his wife back to her feet and led her back to the hall where he found Ken struggling to help a half-dazed Allen back to his feet. Seeing their struggle, Jane ran over to help the dazed fighter over to a nearby bench. By now several more police officers and emergency personnel were flooding into the hospital to help their injured colleagues.

"Major Guile," a woman's voice called out, one that sounded oddly familiar to him.

Turning around Guile was surprised to find the same crimson-haired woman in the black suit that had approached him in his barracks back at Fort McDaniel.

"You again!" he snapped as he walked over to the woman and got in her face, "You've got a lot of explaining to do and you'd better not be making any plans for running off on me like you did the last time!"

"Rest assured Major, I have no intention of abruptly exiting as I did the last time," the woman spoke, unafraid of Guile's harsh tone, "I trust you have finally taken the time to read the contents of the envelope that I left for you the last time?"

"You're damn right I did and I'm eager to find out where the hell you got that info from?" Guile snapped as his mind was taken back to what he had read.

"Seeing as how things have progressed I believe now would be the time to give you more of the answers you seek," she replied as she looked over to Ken and Allen, "You may want to include your friends in on this. What I am about to tell you would be of interest to them as well. You'll also be interested to know that visitor to your house has woken up as well."

"Alright, you've got my attention, but if you're planning something else and I find out, don't think for one second I will take it easy on you," Guile growled getting into the woman's face.

"There is no need for such aggression Major. You can rest assured that I am on your side and only want to do what I can to help. My employers and I are fully aware of your vested interest in matters pertaining to Shadaloo," she replied.

"So Bison has a hand in what just transpired here?" Guile asked.

"Judging from what I have seen firsthand, yes. To the extent of which his involvement is, we aren't so sure just yet. We believe there could be surviving elements of S.I.N. involved as well and that maybe they have formed some kind of alliance," the woman further explained.

"Well whatever it is, I'm definitely eager to find out more," Guile said as he again looked down to the set of dog tags held in his hand.

"And you will find out more, but first we need to find a more discreet location for us to discuss such matters," she said motioning to the chaotic atmosphere around them.

"Alright and one more thing, you obviously know who I am, but who are you?" Guile asked.

The woman offered him a sly smile, "Obviously I am not at liberty to disclose my real name to you, but you may call me Crimson Viper."


Near the outskirts of Pasadena, CA

Little Eagle had been walking for several hours now, used to such lengthy excursions after all the survival training she had undergone in the harsh deserts of Mexico.

Judging by some signs she had noticed she knew she was en route to Pasadena and figured she would keep heading in that direction.

She knew she had to find somebody who could help in her battle Shadaloo, whether it be Major Guile or someone else. Nobody was going to tell her to sit back and relax as long as Bison was back among the living.

In the distance she could see lights and roughly estimated it would take her a little over an hour to reach the site given that she was traveling by foot.

"We're almost there Libertad," she said to her loyal animal companion, who remained perched on her shoulder.

She continued further until she could hear a woman's crying in the distance and kept moving until she spotted a redheaded woman in a cowboy hat standing near the smoking wreckage of what had once been a motorcycle.

"Ma'am, are you alright?" Little Eagle asked as she ran over to the woman, whose mascara ran down her face to give her scary-looking black tears.

"They took him!" she shrieked.

"Who did they take?" she asked getting closer to the woman.

"They took my baby!" the woman screamed, nearly deafening Eagle as she got in her face and began shaking her violently.

"Ma'am please, you need to calm down! You need to calm down!" the Thunderfoot warrior repeated as she finally managed to shake herself free of the woman's iron grip, inadvertently knocking her to the ground. "Who did they take?"

"R-Ru-Rufus! My sweet baby! They took him away from me!" the woman whimpered, "We…we were on our way back from dropping off some big French guy in Pasadena when they came!"

"And who are 'they?'' Eagle asked as she helped the woman over to a nearby rock.

"S-S-Some futuristic soldier looking guys! They had these goofy masks and these big guns. I thought they were fans of my baby! He's very famous y'know," the woman babbled on.

"Could be Shadaloo," Little Eagle thought to herself, "Okay then, may I ask who you are and could you please describe your 'baby' to me?"

"M-M-My name is Candy and oh…you should totally see my baby, he's very sexy y'know," the woman spoke with a girlish giggle, "Here, I think I have a picture of him!" she said as she began digging through her purse and pulled out a photograph to give to Eagle, "You should take a look at him for yourself, but don't get any ideas sweetie 'cause he's all mine!"

Little Eagle suddenly found herself fighting the urge to vomit as she looked at the picture, which turned out to be an image of a grotesquely overweight man who looked like he hadn't bathed in quite sometime, digging through the buffet at some fancy restaurant.

"That's my baby…oh poor Rufus! I don't even wanna think of what they would wanna do with him…" Candy trailed off before again grabbing Little Eagle by the arm, "Do you think you could help me find him? Please, oh pretty please! Maybe that buzzard of yours could help find him!" she said motioning towards Libertad.

"Um…I kind of have a lot on my plate right now and am on a journey of my own-" Little Eagle spoke before she was grabbed by the shoulders again and throttled violently.

"Please, pretty please! Pretty please! I don't know what I'll do without my baby! Please, I'm too young to be a widow! I really need my baby back in my life at once!" Candy screamed into her face now bawling uncontrollably.

"Okay, okay, okay! Please just stop your crying I'll do what I can to find him!" Little Eagle shouted back over the woman's ear-piercing shrieks before she suddenly found herself being squeezed tightly.

"Oh my god! Are you serious? Thank you so much! Thank you so much! You're the best, best, best, best friend in the entire universe…well after Rufus of course, but you catch my drift don't cha'?"

"Yes, yes, yes I'll do what I can to help you!" Little Eagle replied as she looked over her shoulder to see a police blazer approaching them, "I have to continue with my journey, but I'm sure the police will be able to help you for the time being."

"Oh I don't know how I could ever repay you for this sweetheart! You're going to have my eternal gratitude when you do finally find him!" Candy cried out.

"Do I really want to find him?" Little Eagle asked herself.


Another location outside of Pasadena, CA

In a flash of light, the figure formerly known as Charlie Nash, now codenamed 'Shadow' landed in the designated landing spot where Lord Bison's VTOL transport jet waited for him.

A battered and bruised Balrog descended the lowered hatch, "Alright c'mon pal, we gotta get outta here," he grumbled to the brainwashed operative as he looked to the opposite direction, "Where's the girl?"

Hurried footsteps could be heard from a distance and were soon accompanied by heavy panting.

Juri emerged from the bushes with numerous bruises, cuts and one of her horn-like pigtails undone. She fell to her knees and began punching the ground in a fury.

"That bitch!" were the first words out of her mouth, "She ruined everything! Abel is still alive…" the South Korean woman grunted.

"It is because of your own ineptitude that he is still alive," Bison's voice suddenly called out as one of the Shadaloo soldiers appeared from behind Balrog, holding what almost appeared to be like a flashlight that displayed a holographic image of the dictator. "Nevertheless, he is a story for another day. I need all of you back to base immediately."

"Yes my lord," Balrog and Juri called out in unison while Shadow remained silent.

They ascended the hatch and made their way inside where several uniformed operatives were in the process of fastening the last strap across the bulbous gut of a yellow-clad man.

"It's about time he finally shut up," one of the soldiers spat.

"I wonder why Lord Bison wanted this fat loser anyway," another spoke as he checked the restraints to make sure they were secured, "I doubt these will be able to hold him anyway. This is everything we've got and it probably still won't be enough for the ride back home."

"Quit yer whinin'!" Balrog snapped, "Ol' Fatty wakes up he ain't gonna be up for long," the boxer said punching the air in front of him.

The capture of Rufus was only the beginning of another diabolical machination Lord Bison had in mind and the eccentric martial artist would be only mark the beginning.

Author's Notes: Alrighty then folks, so concludes my latest installment of "The World Warriors' Legacy" and now that I've gotten it out of the way I can go about with my post chapter rant.

As I type this out I must say that I am currently pissed at Capcom because they have officially REMOVED Frank West of "Dead Rising" fame from the active roster that was to be a part of "Marvel vs. Capcom 3." Yes, I am pretty pissed off about it as I was looking forward to playing as him, but I do retain traces of hope that they will either come out with an upgraded version of MvC3 just like they did with the "Super" rendition of SF4, or that he will at least become downloadable content in the future. We can only hope that the plucky photojournalist will soon grace of TV screens once again because "he has covered wars you know!"

Now that I've gotten that brief rant out of the way I will start out with a minor note that I've read online that "Holger" is Doctrine Dark's true name. Whether it's his first name or his surname I do not know, hence me referring to him simply as "Mr. Holger." I know there might be a few people pissed at me for killing him off like that, but it was never my intention to have him in this story for very long, that and to do whatever I can to make Juri seem like even more of a sadistic bitch than she already is.

In spite of my recent rant against them, I do have Capcom to thank for the idea from "Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter" and "Marvel vs. Capcom" of having Bison do some kind of weird experimentation upon Charlie so that he could come back as "Shadow" for this fic. It really does tie into Guile's back story from his SF4 introductory video where Charlie's body is revealed to have never been found, that plus the case of the mysterious man who raised Abel. So for once, thank you Capcom!

The scene with Shadow Charlie performing his "Shadow Break" upon the S.W.A.T. team is inspired by Omega Red's ending from "X-Men: Children of the Atom" in which he takes out an entire S.W.A.T. team with one of his special moves.

The "holographic flashlight" scene was inspired by something I saw on the American "Street Fighter" cartoon in which one of Bison's men went to Vega I believe it was and Bison spoke to him via hologram. I figured since Shadaloo is supposed to be an ultra evil organization with all sorts of futuristic (and likely illegal by this point) technology, then Bison definitely needed some kind of holographic projection device. If they can afford their own satellite, their own "Psycho Drive" and a machine hidden inside a Buddha statue, then they can definitely afford something that projects holographic images!

The scene with Charlie being shot is also inspired by his SFA2 ending, but minus him falling down the waterfall and supposedly dying.

Well I'm hopeful that I've gotten all of my inane rambling out of the way and that I won't have to wait until the opening author's note of the next chapter to get it all off my chest, so here's hoping it's a mission accomplished!

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