It was a beautiful gorgeous day in the town of Pallet. Three young lads were going into their local Dunkin Donuts to get a quick snack before going to the rodeo. As they entered the Dunkin Donuts they were greeted by a hideous monster from another dimension; a pimple faced freak that was as scary as the demons in its true form. The first of the three boys that approached the counter was an emotional man with too many problems.

"I'll take a pink frosted sprinkled doughnut." The emotional man, Chris, said.

"Wow you must be gay." The pimple faced freak replied, laughing.

"Well. FUCK YOU…..ASS!" Chris angrily replied as he snatched the donut out of the freaks hands. This caused the freak to start sniffling and crying.

"Well I'll have a vanilla doughnut you fuck!" A young lad with brown hair and brown eyes named Steven said. The pimple faced man was at his end, and he peed himself in humiliation.

"You better give me TWO chocolate donuts or I'll kill your family in their sleep!" A tall ninja master named Kyle responded. The Pimple faced freak couldn't take it anymore he jumped over the counter, in the process spilling coffee all over his cat named Mitur, and ran through the big Dunkin Donuts window and into oncoming traffic. He was hit by a Twenty-Seven wheeler and was dead on the spot. The three boys just laughed at the man's deeds.

"That guy was a shitsack!" Steven exclaimed as he did four backflips.

"Yeah!" Chris agreed, but no one listened. "WHY DO YOU ALWAYS IGNORE ME! I HATE YOU GUYS!" Chris cried out and ran through the hole that the cashier had created. Unfortunately for him, at the same time a huge black limo was driving into Dunkin Donuts and he was struck down. Kyle and Steven ran to see what had happened, and when they arrived they saw two men step out of the back of the limo.

"Yo man what the hell was that?" One of the men questioned.

"Yo man what the hell was that?" The other man questioned.

"Oh shit must be that emo kid!" The first man exclaimed as he reached into the limo and pulled out his axe. "Let us finish him!" He drew the axe over his head when suddenly.

"DEMON FANG!" Steven shouted as a blue shock wave made its way towards the axe-wielding man. The shock wave nailed him and he fell to one knee in pain.

"Yo man what the hell was that?" The axe wielder yelled out in man.

"It was THAT GUY!" The other man exclaimed as he put on his angry face. Kyle just shook his head in disappoint as he used one of his summons.

"Go! Pothead! Use reefers attack!" And the summon did as he was told and damaged both of the strange men.

"Ow! You, sir, are an incredible douchebag!" The axe-wielder yelled as he jumped back into his limo and told the driver to drive away. "This isn't the last you'll see of us you noobs!oneone!"

"Pussies." Kyle muttered as he watch them drive away at the speed of light.

"Oh no! Chris is dead!" Steven shrieked as Kyle just laughed.

"Let's leave him here, he sucked anyway." Kyle simply stated.

"Yeah okay."