Hey, everyone! Ahh, its been so long since I've updated this story, that I forgot what part we were on. *looks at chapter 3* OH YEAH! Okay, well, Enjoy :D

Carly, Freddie, Gwen, and Trent walk into their new class. Gwen and Trent see a spot that they can sit, and they go.

"Wanna be lab partners?" They said at the same time. They laughed. DJ walked into the classroom.

"DJ, man. Whats up?" Trent and DJ high-fived and Trent sat down next to Gwen.

"Back together?" DJ said.

"Yeah. Jinx. Double jinx." Trent and Gwen laughed.

"Wanna be lab partners? We're going to be stuck here for awhile." Carly asked freddie.

"Sure." They sat at a table where right in front of them they saw a girl with blonde hair.

"I think thats Sam." Freddie whispered to Carly. Carly tapped the blonde girl.

"Yeah, what do you- Carly?" It was Sam.

"Sam!" They got up and hugged.

"Freddie, Carly, these are my friends. Duncan and Courtney." Sam said.

"Uhh, should I be scared of Duncan?"

Duncan pounded his fist into his hand. "Yes." Freddie slided into his seat.

"Nice to meet you." Courtney shook Carly and Freddies hand. The bell rang, and the teacher came in.

"Good morning class. Welcome to the exciting world of 11th grade bioligy." He said very dull.

"Are you sure this isn't Mr. Howard?" Carly whispered to Freddie.

He wrote his name onto the blackboard. "I am Mr. Walker. That is prounounced Wah-ker. Not Waker. Not wailker. Not stalker. Walker."

"This is going to be a looong year." Courtney whispered to Duncan

"Got that right"

"Quiet!" Mr. Walker screamed to Duncan and Courtney.