I got bored and made this story. Hope u like it...

Hello! I am... "SPARTA!" "JOHNNYCAKE, NOOOO!" Anyway, we are interviewing Shadow the hedgehog! So Shadow, how are you today?

Shadow: ...

Interviewer: Wow! What a epic quote! How old are you?

Shadow: ...I'll tell you, but then I have to kill you...

Interviewer: Awesome!

OMG someone let the dogs out!

Interviewer: Shadow, I found something about you that you don't even know!

Shadow: What?

Interviewer: You are a half-unicorn!

Shadow: ...

Wow um, the interviewer is getting hurt by Shadow... Shadow pulled a gun and is now shooting the interviewer... Ooh! Shiny emerald!

Interviewer: (is dying) No! There were places I wanted to see! And I always wanted to lick a hedgehog!

Shadow: Die! Wait... lick a hedgehog?! You nasty! (shoots and kills interviewer

Shiny! I got another emerald! Shadow handed to me! Hes so nice!

Shadow: Hey, give me my (bleep) fourth emerald back! (Chases after narrator)

OMG! A random dog is talking! He says he wants to hug the unicorn!


Gasp! Another denial!

Shadow: ... (Anger mark)

Gasp! The cats are loose! The cats and dogs are fighting! And the countries are fighting too! World War 3 has started! OMG, big shiny Master Emerald!

Knuckles: Hey! (Beats up narrator)

Ow! Meanie! T.T I'll be back! Oh look! Its Cream! And theres a truck! And... Sonic gets hit! D: And the drivers Shadow... And hes roasting Sonic's corpse... And... OMG, five more shiny emeralds in the hands of Eggman! Gimme!

Eggman: That's mine! Die SonicGurl! (fires missles)

HA! Your missles missed! XP Look! Sonic, Shadow, Knux and Tails are on Angel Island! And, OMG its Nazo! Ima gonna glomp him!

Nazo: Hey! (Blasts narrator)

Ow... T.T (gets beaten up by everybody) Hey, not fair! Not fair you all gang up on me! DX

Ash: Go Pikachu!

Pikachu: Pika...CHU!(shocks Nazo)

Nazo: (heals) Die. (Kills Ash and Pikachu)

...And that concludes this interview with Shadow! We had learned some interesting facts about him, like he was a half unicorn!

Shadow: (anger mark)...

Join me next time when we interview Sonic the Hed...

Shadow: CHAOS BLAST! (Blows up everything)

Hey! You stole my chaos emerald!

Shadow: You stole it from me!

Did not! You handed it to me!

Shadow: CHAOS SP... (gets crushed by an elephant stampede)

Sayonara Shadow the hedgehog... Yay! I got my emerald back! ^ ^ Join us next time when we interview Sonic the hedgehog! Bye-bye!

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