Sorry I took so long! I was lazy and didnt type up the story... Anyway:

Sega owns Sonic and other characters. I own SonicGurl and My friend owns Tenshilove.

SonicGurl: Hiayh! I'm your host, SonicGurl! And this is my friend Tenshilove!

Tenshilove: Ohohkiidiishinasuu!

SonicGurl: Today, we are interviewing Rogue the Bat!

Tenshilove: Ohio Yoru-chi!

Rouge: What did you just call me?

Tenshilove: (hides behind SonicGurl) Uh...

Interviewer: (is drooling)

SonicGurl: Um, aren't you supposed to be asking Rogue a question?

Interviewer: What? Oh... So Rogue, how are you today?

Rogue: (glares at interviewer) Perfectly fine. And yourself?

Interviewer: Wanna go out?

Rogue: (spin kicks Interviewer out of window)

SonicGurl: (sighs) That's like the fourth time the interviewer gets owned... Hey Tenshi?

Tenshi: Hei?

SonicGurl: We still haven't solved the mystery why Amy went to Shadow in chapter five!

Tenshi: Oh, honto Ami-chi ski darku-hedguhogu.

Rogue: ?

SonicGurl: Anyway, Rogue, do you have a crush?

Rogue: Naw, love is overrated. -.-

Tenshi: Amei do dou. Kya honto mina baka. -.-

SonicGurl: (sighs) What now? Nothing interesting is going on... I wish something would happen... Wait if I say that, something will hap-

Sonic: (busts through the wall)

Shadow: Stop right there faker! (follows)

Sonic: Never in a million years faker!

Shadow: ... You do know that I'll outlive you, right?

Sonic: Yeah, but you will be so old, you can't chase a turtle!


Silver: (appears and interrupts Shadow) WAIT! What's going on?!

SonicGurl: I dunno. Say Shadow, why were you chasing Sonic in the first place?

Shadow: That's none of your concern!

Sonic: I stole his cookie! :D

SonicGurl: (chuckles) Here Shadow, take a cookie! (hands him one) And don't hurt Sonic, he's dearly needed in the next interview or we have to find someone else... -.-

Shadow: (takes cookie and takes a bite) YUCK! This is oatmeal! I had a peanut butter cookie! DX


Everyone: O.o

SonicGurl: This concludes our interview with Rogue the Bat! Our next interview is gonna be someone you never expected! :D Try to guess! Bye bye!

Go ahead! Try to guess the next person we gonna interview! You'll never get it right! MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! (cough cough)

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