Loonatics Enchanted

Please note that Danger Duck is also a focus character in this story but they would only let me put in 2 focus characters. Just pointing it out.

Chapter 1

They were lost. They had no idea where they were, where they came from, or where they were going. The 2 human girls and coyote looked around.

"Why don't I remember anything?" asked one of the humans, looking at the coyote, "Sophie, what were we doing when we left home?"

"I don't know," the coyote named Sophie, "The last thing I remember was our parents asking us to go to some planet called Acmetropolis. Maybe if we do the-"

"Sophie," the other human said, "how many times do we have to tell you not to use our powers until we find what we're looking for? Mom and Dad warned us about this."

"Wendy, I'm well aware of what Mom and Dad said about our mission," said Sophie, "I just don't remember why or where we landed. Hopefully, we came to the right place. What do you think, Daniella?"

"Maybe we should go to that building over there and ask for help," suggested the girl named Daniella.

She immediately regretted this when they had approached the building and a laser blast was fired through the door. A man dressed in a black cloak with a hood and red jumpsuit came out. There was something familiar about him to the girls, but they didn't remember what it was. Just when she began to think it over, a rabbit dressed in a yellow and black jumpsuit came out with a sword and glowing yellow eyes.

"You should have thought it over when you decided to rob this bank," said the bunny. He jumped at the thief with his sword, but the thief drew his cloak around himself and disappeared, reappearing on the roof of the building. Just as the rabbit landed, another rabbit, a girl this time, came out in a jumpsuit just like his, except, in the place of the yellow, she wore pink. After her came a green coyote, a red roadrunner, an orange duck, and a purple Tasmanian devil.

"Ace, are you OK?" asked the pink rabbit. The rabbit named Ace nodded. Just then, the coyote noticed the 3 girls.

"You know," the coyote said, "This probably isn't the perfect time for you bystanders to be here." His eyes glowed green and he threw his hands out at the chains lying on the ground next to them. The chains rattled, surrounded by an eerie green light. He turned around and threw the chains at the roof. The thief disappeared again and didn't come back. The coyote's chains just fell on the sidewalk in front of the bank.

"Nice shot, Tech," said the pink bunny, "Too bad you missed."

The coyote named Tech finished the use of his power and his eyes turned back to normal. "Thanks for the heads up, Lexi. You know the least you guys could do was help since you were here." He was looking at the spot where the girls used to stand, but all 3 of them had disappeared.

"Were you talking to us?" came a voice behind him. Tech screamed and fell into the roadrunner's arms. "What's wrong?" asked the girl who had spoken. It was Wendy. "And what is up with your fur and feathers? For another thing, what kind of name is Tech?"

"Oh, really?" Lexi interrupted, "What's your name?"

"Wendy," said the girl, "These are my sisters, Daniella and Sophie."

"Uh," Ace said, "Your sister is a…"

"Yeah, it's a long story," said Wendy, "Long story short, our dad was a human and our mom was a coyote. And, more importantly, who are you?"

"You've not heard of us?" asked Lexi, "We're the Loonatics. We're the superheroes here on Acmetropolis. That comet that hit a couple years ago released a radiation that gave us superpowers. I'm Lexi, this is my boyfriend, Ace." She pointed to the other bunny. "The coyote here is Tech E. Coyote. He's a scientist with magnetic abilities. Rev here, the roadrunner, has super speed. Slam, the big guy, can make tornadoes, and Danger Duck can teleport places. I have super hearing and Ace has laser vision."

"So this is Acmetropolis," said Sophie, not realizing how loud she had said it.

"What, you didn't know that?" Duck asked, "Are you 3 from some other planet or something?"

"I guess you could say that," said Daniella, "We don't really remember where we came from. We just know that our parents wanted us to come here to stop something."

"You have amnesia?" Tech asked, getting out of Rev's arms (finally). The girls nodded. "Maybe you should come with us."

Once they were in the Loonatics' HQ, Sophie, Daniella, and Wendy grabbed some blankets and food. They had had a long day and still couldn't remember anything. The Loonatics were also explaining their situation in hope that it would somehow jog the girls' memories.

"And after the meteor hit, it gave us these powers," Lexi finished explaining, "We've been fighting crime together ever since."

"Wow, that's some story," said Wendy, laying her blanket on the back of the chair she was sitting on, "Maybe we should get going now."

"Wendy!" Daniella called after her sister, "I think I remember something…we're from some place called Anasala and our parents sent us here to…to…UGH! Why can't I remember?"

"Did you hit your head when you came from this…Andy-sail…whatever?" Tech asked.

"I don't know," Sophie replied, "I don't remember that either. Do you 2?" Daniella and Wendy shook their heads. "That's it. I guess we're stuck here until we can remember."

"Well," Tech said, "I could probably fix that. I've been trying to work on a device to enhance memory. It should come in handy here."

"Oh, thanks," said Sophie, sighing in relief. Daniella smiled. Wendy rolled her eyes. "Uh, where are we supposed to stay until you fix that?"

"You could probably stay here, doc," suggested Ace.

"Thanks again," said Daniella, "But my name's Daniella, not Doc."

Lexi and Ace both sighed at that. "I can tell it'll take a while for them to adjust to this," Lexi said.

Wendy rolled her eyes again. Daniella cocked her head. Sophie turned back to Tech. He shrugged, but he really knew what Lexi meant.