OK, there's a bunch of romance stuff in this one. So, unless your a hopeless romantic (like me), I would skip a couple paragraphs here and there. OK, on with the last chapter of the story!

Chapter 8

"Oh, no," said Daniella, getting up from the ground and walking over to the Loonatics, "Snap out of it, guys!"

Eronor laughed. "Destroy them!"

"This isn't good," said Wendy, getting up and running off, Rev and Duck following closely behind. Because of Rev's speed, he was in front of her in 3 seconds. Duck "quacked" in behind her. "You've got to be kidding me! OK, Duck, you've had your fun, now SNAP OUT OF IT!"

Daniella was cornered by the 2 bunnies. "I get it, you guys. It's a convincing spell. All you have to do is not fall for-REV, HELP ME!"

Tech had knocked Sophie to the ground. She grasped his arms before he make another move and got up, pinning him to the wall without using any magic. "Tech, listen to me. You're not a monster. You have to fight it." He stopped struggling for a few seconds while she said her next words. "I love you, Tech." With that, she let go of his arms and wrapped one hand around his waist with the other on his shoulder and kissed him.

Tech's eyes faded from black to green and then back to normal as he slowly closed them and kissed her back. They didn't let go for 10 seconds before finally breaking up long enough to gaze into each other's eyes as Tech whispered, "I love you, too." At that, they continued to kiss.

Wendy realized what had happened with the 2 of them. She turned to Duck. He stood there looking at her. She quickly jumped at him, wrapping herself around him as she kissed him. His eyes faded from black to orange and then back to normal as he kissed her back and then fainted. "Well, it worked."

Daniella was able to dodge Ace and Lexi's attempts at attacks and began to run, but Rev caught her. She had seen what Sophie and Wendy had done. She knew what she had to do. She placed her hands on his shoulders and kissed him on the beak. His eyes turned from black to red and then back to normal as he gently kissed her and then broke up to say:


Daniella giggled. Tech, Sophie, Wendy, and Duck walked over to them.

"We've got one problem left," said Tech, "How are we going to snap Ace and Lexi out of it?"

"They have the same feelings toward each other," said Daniella, "We've got to get them got to get them to kiss."

Ace and Lexi jumped over at that exact moment. Rev circled around them, scooting them closer together until they were back-to-back and then turning them around rapidly so that they were nose-to-nose. Rev poked Lexi in the back and she fell right onto Ace, kissing him as they both snapped out. As soon as they realized what they were doing, they separated. But the group could all see that they were smiling.

Suddenly, Eronor groaned loudly. "No one can break out of my spells!" The rest was just blah, blah, blah, blah, blah…

"Yeah, right," said Ace, "Well, it's time you got what's coming to you, pal!"

The Loonatics jumped around making various attacks at the evil Warlock as he made his way from the high perch down to the floor. Once he was on the ground, he made an invisible shield around himself to dodge the Loonatics' attacks. He was in clear sight of all of them. He dropped the shield so that he could make another attack. This time, he zapped the girls.

Daniella, Wendy, and Sophie fell back and hit the wall. Rev, Duck, and Tech all called out their names as they rushed to the girls' sides. None of them even noticed Eronor turn into a scorpion and run off to get Erthor so that they could flee from the presence of the mortal anthros before they were captured.

Rev examined all 3 of the girls and realized within seconds what Eronor had done. "I don't want to say it," Rev said, speaking slowly due to his sadness, "but I think they might be…d-d-dead."

Tech quickly took off Sophie's gloves and grasped her hand. He couldn't feel a pulse. He placed his other hand on her forehead which was as cold as an ice cube (metaphorically speaking). He held her tighter, preparing himself for her to use his power, but nothing happened. Before he could stop it, Tech felt himself begin to cry. Rev and Duck produced similar effects to Daniella and Wendy.

Rev held Daniella wrapped in a hug to keep her warm as tears began to stream down his beak. As soon as the first tear touched Daniella's side, a light shone around her and she felt as warm as the sun (again metaphorically speaking). She suddenly wrapped her own arms around his feathers in return to his hug.

"Don't cry for me, Rev," Daniella whispered. Rev heard those comforting words and separated from her, watching her smile as his tears of sorrow transformed into tears of joy. "I'm not going to leave you."

Duck wouldn't let go of Wendy and began to cry himself. He wouldn't allow her to leave him. His tears dropped onto Wendy's chest and the same light shone for her as her eyes opened and she sat straight up. The first thing she saw was Duck. She smiled and he stopped crying.

"Daniella, I thought that you said nothing could bring the dead back to life," said Wendy.

"That's because it's true," said Daniella, "Remember that undo spell I told you about that would reverse anything? It's love. True love. It has no magic and yet it's the most magical thing of all.

"Then, how come it's not working for Sophie?" asked Tech, miserably as he continued to cry into her shoulder. Come on, wake up… he desperately cried out in his head, hoping she could hear his thought like her sister.

"She's an anthro, remember?" said Daniella, "It may not have the same effect on her. I told you guys that immunities drop with unconsciousness."

Tech refused to believe it. He wouldn't let go of her. If she really was lost, he was going to go with her. Suddenly, one last tear touched her side and Tech felt the singe of pain, even worse than before. As he struggled for breath and tried figure out what had happened, Sophie's eyes shot open and she began to hyperventilate as they separated and both fell to the ground. Sophie was no longer dead, she and Tech were both unconscious.

As soon as the others realized what had happened, they took the 2 aside, careful not to touch Sophie, and Daniella used her power to wake them both up. The 2 coyotes sat up straight and landed nose-to-nose.

"Guys, where's Eronor?" asked Sophie.

Daniella and Wendy both turned to the other Loonatics.

"He left while you 3 were out of it," said Lexi.

"We've got to stop him!" Daniella said.

"How?" asked Wendy, "He and that Erthor guy he had stealing for him are both capable of turning into animals. They could be miles away by now for all we know!"

"Wait," said Sophie, "Mom and Dad gave us these bracelets for a reason."

The 3 sisters stood up and put their hands together, each touching their own red jewel and closing their eyes as the magic began to work.

When the group made it outside, they were just in time to see Sophie, Wendy, and Daniella's parents show up with the other Light Guardians and take Eronor and Erthor back to Anasala in handcuffs.

"Sometimes a Witch's work is never done," said Sophie as she and her sisters exchanged high-fives and introduced the Loonatics to their parents. After all had been said and done, the Witches transported themselves and the Loonatics back to HQ.

The girls were examining the focus crystals, which they were still unable to destroy, but would be of no more use to Eronor, while the Loonatics were each doing their own thing. Tech and Rev were figuring out an invention together while Duck and Slam ate pizza and Ace and Lexi expressed their feelings for each other (this greatly annoyed Tech, Rev, Duck, and Slam, but Daniella, Wendy, and Sophie seemed OK with it, so none of them said anything).

"Loonatics," said Zadavia, appearing on the TV in the living room and interrupting their activities, " and friends," (at this, the 3 sisters smiled) "the Light Guardians of Anasala have called to inform us that Eronor and Erthor have been captured and the rest of the Order of the Scorpion is being tracked down as we speak. They wished to thank you for all that you have done to help, and girls…you parents wish for you to return to your home now that your mission is done."

The girls were shocked by this news. They hadn't expected their parents to just force them back home like this, especially after they had fallen in love. They didn't know what to say.

"Do they want us to come back home immediately?" asked Wendy, "Or is it just a suggestion? Or-"

"It's a command, Wendy," said Zadavia, "They want you home now."

Wendy laid back, not daring to look at Duck. She didn't know what to do. Her parents hadn't told them that they would have to just leave when it was all over. And if their mom had really set them up with Tech, Rev, and Duck, why did she want them to just leave? It wasn't fair at all!

"Well, I for one refuse to go back," said Sophie, "You can tell Mom and Dad that if they want us back, they're gonna have to wait. I've found love and I'm not going to leave it." She wouldn't stop smiling as she let her eyes gaze at Tech, never once looking away.

"You're really not going back home?" asked Tech.

"Not if it means I have to leave you," said Sophie.

"Well, think of it this way," said Tech, "You have to go back eventually and…it's not goodbye forever. We will see each other again."

"But what if something happens before we do?" asked Wendy.

"I've got an idea," said Daniella, taking out her wand and waving it. A string with a bell on it appeared around her wrist…and Tech's…and Rev's and Duck's and Wendy's and Sophie's. "If we ever need you, or you ever need us, we can use these and transport as a signal and transport there almost immediately."

"That works," said Tech.

"So," said Zadavia, "do you want to go, or not?"

Daniella looked at her sisters. They nodded. "We're transporting back in a few minutes."

"Very well," said Zadavia, "I shall inform them of your decision. Zadavia out." Zadavia disappeared.

After a few minutes of goodbyes, the girls zapped back to Anasala.

"They'll be back," said Tech to himself, looking at the bell on his wrist, "I just know it." The bell was not only a signal to him. It was a reminder of what had happened that week…of the love that he now shared with Sophie and Rev with Daniella and Duck with Wendy. It wasn't goodbye forever.


There's the story, guys. Hope you liked it! Don't worry, there will be a sequel. I'm currently writing it. Before you post something bad about this, remember that I happen to be a young teenage writer and this is not my only story in progress write now (get it? "write" now?) so I wasn't able to come up with as many ideas for this one as I did for the others in this fanfic series. In case you're wondering, the sequel focuses way more on Tech, and it is about his past and his family and I don't think I should say anymore until I post it. Read on! Bye!