My Aunt Ivy

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Author's notes: Now, I'm going with an odd idea of Lily having a younger sister, Ivy Evans. Also Harry is now Harriette, a girl. And the women of their line (further back along through history) have had dealings with the supernatural. Meaning there's plenty of secrets that Lily both never told and never knew, but Ivy learned from her Grandmother's knee. It may seem a bit confusing at first, as I am changing ages and time periods to suit my story. Read the brief before starting the prolog. Hope you enjoy! :)

Brief history: What if Lily has another sister, one who's younger by almost 7yrs. Most people never knew or ever remembered the youngest Evans girl, as she lived most of her life with their maternal grandmother Violet Frostpine nee Isley. (Their parents died when she was barely 8yrs. With the fights and arguments with Petunia and Lily getting worse along with the dangers from the magical world, and both parents working full-time to support their children, Ivy was often sent to stay with their maternal Grandmother often staying for months rather than just days or weeks so there would at least be a little stability in her life. So, she was raised very differently than her sisters.)

Petunia disowns her family, cutting off all contact with them when she's 17-18yrs. A few months later, their parents die in an attack by Death Eaters. Ivy had been lucky not to be home, having been visiting their Grandmother at the time and Lily had been at school. Petunia marries Vernon Dursley when she turns 18. Not wanting anything to do with her family and the 'Freaks', meaning she cut all ties and communication. Lily only stayed with Ivy and their Grandmother during the summer. After she graduated Hogwarts and joined the war against Voldemort full time, she barely visited at all.

Their Grandmother had decided to return to America, as that was where her home and work was. She was an Antique shop owner (i.e. antique dealer, etc.) and owned a townhouse in London, England where she'd stayed to be closer to her grandchildren. And with Petunia refusing to even call, Lily busy with her war and Ivy living with her, there wasn't a good reason to stay anymore.

When Lily was 21yrs, she finally married her boyfriend, James Potter of 3yrs. Ivy was able to attend. (she's barely 14yrs) Almost a few months later, Violet Frostpine, their grandmother passes away, leaving behind a mournful grandchild. Ivy inherits most of the estate, while the rest goes to Lily - though Lily doesn't really need it. (note: it was the London townhouse, a small cottage in Ireland and some money. Ivy got the shop, the house, etc.) Ivy also managed to get emancipated, determined to make it on her own. It wasn't hard, she had a good stable source of income and was well off.

2 years later, the war between Voldemort and Britain had reached its highest peak yet. Lily and her husband went into hiding when it was found out that the dark lord was out to kill them. During this time, Ivy took care of the London townhouse for her sister. She hoped to see her and eventually see the nephew or niece they were to have. They delivered a healthy baby on July 31st. Only a few knew about the birth and even fewer still knew the 'name' (i.e. nickname). Only Sirius and Ivy knew the child's full name and gender; Ivy even received a wonderful picture with little 'Arrie and her parents. Remus and Peter were never informed of 'Arrie's gender, as it slipped both James's and Lily's mind as they fought and struggled in the war (and the 'friends' barely saw each other as it was). By the time October 31st 1991 came around, it was too late.

Everyone in the UK magical society believed that 'Harry Potter' (a misunderstanding/mispronunciation of the nickname Lily and James had given their child) was the 'Boy-who-lived'. And yes, they never knew her real gender. Everyone just assumed with their english accent that 'Arrie was really Harry. (as dropping the H in many words/names was common) And no one ever though to check as it was.

After all, would the Dark Lord go after a little girl?

Prolog: The Freak

It was a chilly November 1st that found one Petunia Dursley screaming in shock when she opened the front door to find a small bundle of blankets along with a letter and a basket. It didn't take her long to bring it, not wanting the neighbors to see and gossip. She had a reputation to maintain after all.

Setting the bundle on the kitchen table, the tall woman opened and read the strange letter. When she got to the name she sneered in anger. How dare her freak of a sister get herself killed and saddle the elder Evans' girl with her spawn. But it was not to be bourn. The bitter elder sister refused to have anything to do with the child. Glaring down at the still sleeping child (under a spell, unknown to her) Petunia contemplated what to do. She couldn't just dump it off at an orphanage, what if the freaks were watching the house?

Anxiously she peered out her kitchen window, trying to spot anything unusual on the street. But nothing caught her eye. Suddenly she paused. The letter did say that the freak needed to be with blood family for the protections to work, but Petunia wasn't the only blood relation to the little satanic spawn, now was she?

Quickly she dug through the bottom drawer, trying to find the contact information that both Lily and her baby sister, Ivy had left her after their grandmother had died. Hopefully the other red-head wasn't in America, but here in England. And even if she was in the States, a simple phone call would have her running to take in the freak. After all, they were family. Picking up the phone she dialed Ivy's cell and prayed for her to answer. She didn't want to freakish thing in her house any longer than she had too.

Now Ivy was in London (surprisingly), not America because she had gotten a letter from Lily not too long ago to prepare the townhouse for her family. (Which she was happy to do) The war was coming to a lull and Lily didn't want to raise her little girl hidden behind charms from the rest of their family. They were to arrive Nov. 5th. Thus, Ivy had come to London to clean and set everything up for them. She was so excited to decorate the nursery. Sure Lily might change it, but she was still joyful to buy the toys and little things that her adorable little niece would ever want. She couldn't wait for more children to spoil. After all, it would be good practice for her own future children.

On all Hollow's eve though, she'd had a horrible feeling of dread. Her tea-cup had shattered in her hand, a bird fell dead outside the window and she heard cats yowling. Still, she hoped nothing bad had happened. Biting her lip, Ivy stared out at the red-moon as it rose. Trepidation filled her heart as she prayed for her family's safety. They were all she had left in the world.

When she received a strange call from her estranged sister, Petunia, Ivy had been confused. What had the elder Evans daughter wanted? Why did she sound so relieved to know she was in town. Petunia had said a decade ago that she'd wanted nothing to do with her blood-family ever again, so why now of all times, did she want to see her?

Shrugging, Ivy hung up the phone after agreeing to see Petunia the following day. It would be strange to see the tall blonde. She hadn't spoken or seen her for over a decade, since thier parents had died and she'd moved away. Perhaps she'd arrive to see Lily too. Maybe she wanted to try to start things over? One couldn't give up hope afterall.

It was ironic that Petunia showed up at the Townhouse carrying a bag and a large basket Nov. 5th the day that Lily and James were supposed to arrive at the townhouse. Everything had been prepped for their arrival, though Ivy hadn't received any mail or calls from her elder sister to say when they were to arrive. A knock had Ivy opening the door, expecting to see her fellow red-haired sister; only to get an armful of blankets, a basket and papers all bundled up neatly shoved into her hands. Two blue-green eyes blinked in surprise.

"Take it. I don't want the little freak and refuse to have anything to do with it. Those are the papers it came with along with its freakish blankets and basket. I'm not really surprised that freaks abandoned their own on the doorsteps of strangers."

Petunia sneered down at the tiny bundle of blankets in her younger sister's arms. She hated that little freak and the freaks that had spawned it. She was a normal woman, with a normal life. She wanted nothing to do with the freaks and the freakish things that happened around them. And with a small child, her son, there was a possibility of the freak infected her little Duddikins. She wanted nothing to do with it.


Ivy stared at her estranged sister. Her arms adjusted automatically to the new weight, with barely a thought crossing her mind about it. After all, she barely knew Petunia and had always thought the blonde was a bit odd.

"I found the little freak on the doorsteps Monday morning along with the milk. I want it out of my house. I won't stand to have it anywhere near my son."

"Now see her Petunia. I know who never liked Lily's life, her friends, school and even husband, but I won't allow you to speak like-"

The blonde cut her sister off.

"You won't need to worry about our dear sister anymore. She went and got herself blown up along with that freak of a husband of hers."

It took a few seconds for Petunia's words to register in Ivy's mind, making her pause, green-blue eyes widening in shock.


Ivy managed to choke out, horror filling her heart. Lily was dead?! But…but, the war was supposed to be coming to a lull! They were to arrive today! How?! Her mind ran in circles, barely paying attention as Petunia continued with a snobbish sniff.

"Look, it's your responsibility now, not mine. Everything's there. Goodbye Ivy. I expect never to see or hear from you again."

With that the eldest Evans daughter turned and walked away. Ivy watched her sister leave before turning her attention to the bundle in her arms. Large green eyes blinked up at her sleepily.

"Oh crap."

End of Chapter

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