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Chapter three:

'London, England spring 2001'

Ivy sighed softly as she stood on the balcony of the townhouse. the sun was shining, and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. A perfectly beautiful day. One that she was going to have to waste, spending it inside with boring old museum curators and auctioneers. At least Arrie got the chance to enjoy the weather.

"Auntie, can I go to the park?"

The redhead glanced over at her young niece. The now 10yr-old (almost 11 yrs) looked like any other preteen at her age, belying the chaos that followed her everywhere. Smiling slightly she nodded. Ivy barely noticed the small grey-blue creature that sat docile on Arrie's shoulder.

"Can I take Nibbles too?"

"What?! No! Uh, I mean no, Nibbles doesn't like the sun, you know that. Besides, if anyone saw him they'd freak,So just...go put Nibbles back in it's cage. You can ust go out and enjoy the sun alone. Maybe make a few friends, Kay?"

"Oh alright."

The green-eyed girl pouted slightly as she put her deadly pet back. Ivy shuddered at the large teeth. She didn't hate Nibbles so much as fear for her life around the dangerous creature. The vicious type of 'tooth fairy' was still a mystery to many researchers. Especially amongst the 'Trolls' whom considered them as dangerous to themselves as humans and still couldn't figure out how one little girl (barely 5 or so) could manage to tame one and carry it around like a toy doll. Ivy tolerated it, so long as 'Nibbles' was kept well feed and locked tightly in its cage. She couldn't remember how many times when Arrie had been younger that she'd heard the eerie sound of something gnawing on one of the old relics she had around the house. Or when she's been woken up by the feeling of something staring at her and only saw Nibbles on her chest.

'I swear, there's something wrong with that girl. Is it the mix of magical blood? Or is it normal with wand-users?'

Ivy thought as she watched Arrie wave, as she ran out the door. She knew James Potter was quite the adrenaline junkie, and seemed to have a curse following him around when Lily had been younger. It seemed that Arrie inherited that. Along with some of the odder quirks from her mother's side.

'Besides, it's not like the other wand-users would be any different. It's perfectly normal for a young magical child to talk to fae, play pranks with little goblins and have the strange, deadly pets.'

Keep telling yourself that Ivy. Keep telling yourself that.

Arrie hummed softly to herself as she skipped happily down the road. Her shoulder weighted down by the heavy research books it carried within. While she could have stayed at the townhouse to do her work, she wanted to leave, if only for a little while to enjoy the fresh air and warm sunshine.

'What a beautiful day. I'd hate to waste it inside.'

Frowning she huffed softly.

'though, I still need to do some homework and then some independent research for Auntie. I forgot to finish up my essay on Egypt while we were there. That stupid tomb and the stolen relics got in the way. And Nibbles somehow got out of his cage. That book won't ever be the same.../

Harriette giggled to herself for a moment, before quickly looking around and picking out a perfect spot to read. It was a nice shady-spot, yet grass grew thickly there. It didn't take long for the pair to settle down and start reading from one of the many books Arrie had brought with her. She would have brought her laptop, but knew it would only waste her battery. Besides, she had enough information in her books to check and double check her research before even looking for anything online. Humming she pulled out her iPod and listened to music and went to work, ignoring the world around her.

A few hours later had Arrie yawning and stretching as she looked around the now more crowded park. There were a bunch of kids playing on the equipment and a small group of girls giggling over near the swings. A typical Saturday in the quiet suburb of London. And totally boring. She was almost wishing for a horrible monster to pop out of the shadows, or a fairy to bite one of the brat's noses and they stuck them into the flowers. Anything to stall the boredom that was setting in. It would also be a plus to not have to finish her homework. An attack or 'accidental' fire would be the perfect excuse for Auntie.

"You're just a stupid little girl. Really, I can't believe you're allowed out in the real world."

"Yeah, you're just a silly little idiot. There's no such thing as wraksporks, weirdo."

"And you're ugly! stringy hair, god you're such a retard!"

The cruel insults caught Arrie's attention. It was coming from the group of girls over by the swings. They surrounding another girl, one with pale blonde hair who looked like she was close to tears. a pair of 3D glasses were torn in half on the ground and one of the girls was stepping on the now dirty frames, crushing it further into the dirt. All this was happening so fast, and no adult in sight.

Glaring at the bullies, she decided enough was enough. But before she could ever make to stand, one of the girl's hair went bright neon green, and another was burned when she'd tried to pull the younger girl's hair.

Smirking, Arrie quickly got to her feet and hurried over. It wouldn't do for the brats to esculate because of the 'accidents'.

"Hey, leave her alone!"

Harriette snapped, glaring at the angry girls. One of them now had bright red skin, and it didn't seem to be fading. Her loud outburst startled the mean girls, making them glance her way, than subtly look to where the adults stood. Arrie noticed too and was even Angier, how dare they just ignore a problem like this!?

"why should we? She'd just a little freaky retard?"

The head girl snapped, her honey-blonde hair was tossed carelessly behind her shoulder as she snapped her gum snootily at the smaller pre-teen. Harriette resisted growling at the rude behavior before retorting.

"No, you're just an ignorant plebian who likes to pick on others to feel good about yourself. It's a wonder you can even find the strength to look at yourself in the mirror each day."

The girls gasped and their leader's eyes widened, then narrowed in anger as she glared at the little 'hero' standing up to her.

"How dare you! don't even know who I am!?"

"Should I even care? Honestly, it doesn't matter if your father was the king of Spain - with the way you're acting, he'd be ashamed to know that you're related, let alone admit your his child."

Harriette glanced over at the smaller blue-eyed blonde victim they'd been harassing. Her eyes softened for a second as she gestured for her to move away from her 'attackers'.

"Besides, if people are supposed to know who you are, shouldn't you be better well-behaved?"

The bully's face went red with anger and humiliation.

"Shut up! You're just a stupid retard like the albino."

"If you consider me stupid, then I guess I should take that as a compliment. I'd shudder at the thought of what you think is 'smart'."

this was way too much fun for Harriette now. It was a verbal judo show-down and the other girl had come woefully unprepared. Her every attempt at humiliating/embarrassing Arrie was shot down with deadly accuracy. Ivy had taught her young pupil well. Having had to deal with similar people most of her life. Her kind of career choice had them seeded within all the different organizations she worked with. It hadn't taken her long to figure out that it was better to stand up to bullies than to let them walk all over you. This wisdom had been in turn passed on to Arrie.

As it was, the other girl's face was getting redder and redder by the minute. She couldn't even think of a proper response to the calm rebuttal from her opponent. In her frustration she snarled and threw a few more unimaginative insults, hoping to hurt Arrie's feelings and regain lost footing in their 'duel'. Her actions were only met with an amused snort from the black-haired witch.

"wow, that's a amazing. You can actually use more words than stupid and retard. Your parents must be so proud."

"You'll regret that, you stupid little girl!"

"I'm sure you will."


"well, I'm glad that's over. are you alright?"

She asked, turning towards the tiny girl she'd seen preform the accidental magic. Her large blue eyes peered deep into Arrie's emerald green ones in return for a few minutes before smiling tenitavely.

"Yes. By the way, did you know you have an unusual amount of wrackspurts around you?"

Arrie paused for a moment, eyeing the blonde before smiling widely.

"I like you. I'm Arrie Evans.

"Luna Lovegood."

"Luna, which means the moon, elegant. So tell me Luna, why were those girls bothering you in the first place?"

Arrie moved closer to the younger girl, not wanting to stand over her. It might be a bit disconcerting for the blonde. As it was, Luna just shrugged as she answered.

"I just mentioned that they had an infestation of Frumple-thumps and that they needed to get that taken care of soon, or else it would be premenant."

"Ah. I hear those things can get pretty nasty."


Arrie looked at the calm deadpan expression Luna had, and felt her lips twitched. Luna's eyes twinkled and a second latter the pair were laughing. After a few minutes, Harreitte grinned widely at Luna. Her personality and dry humor suited Arrie just fine.

"Say Luna, would you like to play with me? I've got a sandcastle that's just begging to be finished. And maybe some swings that are feeling lonely."

Luna eyed the elder girl for a moment, weighing her options before replying.

"You want to hang out with me?"

"Of course."

"But aren't you afraid of catching my 'freakishness' like the girl's said?"

"Pul-ease. I'm more afraid of catching stupid from THEM!"

they both grinned again. It was the start of a beautiful friendship.

In Hogwarts, a couple of professors shuddered, feeling a large amount of dread creeping up. Sybil cried out.

"It's an omen I tell you, an Omen! Chaotic forces are at work! And unholy alliance has begun! Beware!"

The teachers just ignored her, after all she was just a fraud. Sadly, they didn't realize it was the second true prophesy she'd ever spoken. As it was, they'd learn how true it was too late.

Luna and Harreitte played happily at the park for a few hours, both forgetting the time. they were surprised how much they had in common. It didn't take them long before they figured out they both were 'magical'. As Arrie had seen what Luna had managed to do. Though Luna had confessed she'd been surprised that no obilvirators had shown. neigther had a clue that the detection wards/spells in the ministry had been confused when her magic had gone off. It was because of the interference of a few things. Most coming from Arrie herself. the protection wards and spells hid Arrie and a small radius which included Luna at the time from detection by foreign spells or wards. it helped hide Arrie from danger. (not that they knew that.)

The other was the strange set of coensedences that happened at the same time which resulted in the notes getting lost underneath a large pile of files, coffee spilt on them ruining the ink and lastly, kicked into a corner underneath a large case full books on wizard laws to be over looked until it was finally picked up and thrown away over a year and a half later.

don't you just love messes like this?

The two were soon swinging happily and chatting away. Exchanging stories about how crazy thier life was. Both trying to shock the other with the wierd things that had happened to them.

"Oh that's nothing, one time me and my aunt were in Australia, on a dig in the desert when we got separated from the group because of a large dust storm. We were lost for a few hours, only to stumble on a hidden rabbit burrow. However, it wasn't a rabbit hole, no instead it was home to the largest species of Jackalopes on the continent, let alone the world. Many of the scientists had been trying to find them for as long as 20 years or more and we'd just stumbled across them by accident. Well, it was more of Auntie's leg falling through their roof than just spotting the burrow really. It was hilarious when we finally got back and told them what we'd found."

Luna giggled at her new friend. She liked Arrie. She was as odd as her and didn't seem to mind her odd ramblings of things that weren't supposedly there.

At about 4 o'clock, Arrie noticed the time. Her Aunt had wanted her back soon. And she was reluctant to leave her new friend. it's hard to make friends with kids her own age with her chaotic lifestyle - especially with all the travelling Auntie did. And most tended to ignore her when they realized she was a bookworm and enjoyed ancient and dead cultures, etc.

Luna on the other hand, seemed to fill that missing spot of best friend. Thus, Arrie had hoped to linger as long as possible, but knew her Aunt would get worried.

"Um, can I ask you a question Luna?"

Arrie asked as she closed her book on the hierarchy of the Royal Egyptian court in the middle kingdom. Luna glanced up from her own book, it was about famous Egyptian creatures/beings. And went into great detail about the amazing creatures. After playing for a while, they'd settled down and read.

"Sure. What it is?"

"Would you like to come over for dinner or something? Maybe exchange numbers? I'd love to hang out again this summer."

Luna's face spilt into a wide excited smile. She'd never been invited over to another kids house before.

"Of course! I don't think daddy will mind. He's always encouraging me to make new friends. As it is, he's busy on business until 6:30. Maybe I could call him from your house when we get there to tell him where I am?"

"Ok! Auntie loves to have people over! come on, let's pack these up and head over there now. We're not really that far, less than 10 minutes walking."

the pair quickly cleaned up all the books and snack wrappers. Soon it was all back in the pack they had started in. Arrie shouldered it and grinned at her new friend.

"Let's go!"

"Auntie, I'm home!"

Arrie called as she opened the front door, Luna close behind. the young witch had seen similar homes like this along many of the muggle neighborhoods she'd passed through, but she'd never been inside one before. It was quite beautiful. Even with the odd antique and museum piece placed here or there. Very different from a wizard's home. There weren't any signs of magic going on anywhere.

Ivy walked out of the kitchen, drying her hands on a towel and smiled at the pair.

"What? Oh hello dear. And whose this? A new friend I hope?"

Ivy's niece grinned widely and nodded, gesturing her hands she introduced them.

"yep, Auntie, this is Luna Lovegood. Luna, this is my Aunt, Ivy Evans."

"Pleasure to meet you ma'am."

Luna curtsied, making both Evans' girls grin at her actions. Ivy could tell that the girl was trained in the old ways and had high society manners ingrained. Thus all the little quirks that would be seen now as a little odd were easy to tell that they'd been taught to the young girl.

"Hahaha, oh don't call me ma'am dear, makes me feel old. Just call me Ms. Ivy, or even Auntie Ivy. goodness knows I hear it often enough with Arrie." Ivy replied, waving her hand carelessly. She preferred to be called by her first name, and often got irritated when people insisted on calling her ma'am etc. She was still young! Even if she worked with old fogies and had a few doctorics. Tilting her head curiously she looked the blonde over. Luna's clothes could fit into the mundane world, however, she could tell the blue-eyed girl wasn't very comfortable in them.

"Will you be staying for supper?"

Ivy asked after a moment. Luna glanced at Arrie's hopeful face and smiled slightly.

"I hope so. But um, could I borrow your telephone to call my dad to let him know where I am?"

"Of course. it's in the parlor, Arrie can show you were."

"Yeah and then I can show you Nibbles! You'll love him!"

Arrie dragged her friend off, chattering away excitedly, her Aunt looked alarmed at the mention of Nibbles, or as she personally thought of him, the-evil-demon-sithspawn-from-hell.

"Don't let him out of his cage Arrie! Do you hear me?! Arrie!"

the only sounds she heard was the two rushing off, giggling excitedly. one of these days she was going to be at her end of her rope.

end chapter


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