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This story was inspired by UnmercyfulDeath's "Not A Part of The Plan" and "Life Is Too Much Of A Miracle" sorry if it seems to be a cheap copy!

Chapter One: A New Child, A New Plan

He couldn't believe it him self. Only recently had he gotten over killing their son, yet now she was pregnant again, and he could feel his mind screaming to run, his heart telling him to cut his hands off. But this time Caim knew what he had to do. He looked lovingly at his love. Angelus was still mourning their son, he sighed as he stood and walked out slowly, he felt numb with the reminder of their son. Stepping softly he wondered through the castle. A few servants were finishing last minute chores, guards were rotating for the night watch. It was a few weeks ago when they discovered a passage that led into a sprawling underground labyrinth that sat under the castle.

He had been wondering aimlessly when he realized that he had found his way into the labyrinth. Sighing he realized what he was looking for. Taking a special route he found it: a door less room that was just large enough to contain a single human if it was given a door. He smiled at his idea. Angelus wouldn't be able to learn of his plan until he turned the handle on the door… and secured his child's safety from him.

He felt Angelus touch his mind as he finished laying out his plan, and knew she was starting to worry about him. Caim sent a response to let her know he was fine and was quite happy about something though he refused to tell her what. He walked back to the room he shared with his love and laid down in the bed next to her sleeping form. His plan would need to be done slowly, but he knew that he had only nine months to implement it. Giving a silent chuckle he gave into the blackness of sleep.

Two days later Angelus heard that Caim had a massive steel door commissioned. Why he had it built like it was to contain something she didn't know: and that made Caim all the more happier witch in turn made Angelus wonder what it was for. He went about with the normal routine he had set up for himself, but also made sure to look into the door's construction. About noon the fourth day she had cornered him, "Caim… I wanted to ask you who, and what that door is for. Its worrying me." Her mute pact-partner grimaced as if dreading to answer.

I didn't want to worry you about it. You need your rest like you did before, and I mean not to make the same mistake I made last time.

His answer robbed her for words. "So you mean that your making it to hide our child away if it turns out like…" she couldn't finish the sentence. Caim quickly shook his head and gave her a hug. Angelus could clearly feel the scars from his self-inflicted wounds he had made not so long ago. He smiled to her and walked off before she had the chance to form another question. Snarling she stalked off to their room. He was getting better daily now, yet he had something planned that he wasn't telling her. Angelus feared that it would set him back in their plans they did share. He was acting too strange to be normal…

A few months had gone by and the door was nearly finished. It, said the smith, was the most complex piece of work anyone had ever made. But what Caim wanted it for no one knew, should they be in the castle, or in the village near by. Angelus was annoyed, she couldn't get an answer from Caim except that he was going to avoid making the same mistake he had last time with their son. And no one else knew what he was planning so asking around there was a lost cause that she quickly abandoned. Hunting down other clues had also turned up cold mud that did not help her what so ever. He had gotten very good at hiding his intentions from her, and how he had done it without her noticing escaped her. The only thing that she could think the massive door was for was to hide their child, at the monthly meetings between Caim and the lords that served him he didn't hint at what the door was, or that it even existed. Though the bastards probably already learned about its existence from their numerous spies that Caim and Angelus had uprooted. The entire thing was starting to get on her nerves, all the way up until he had the frame commissioned, and set into the stone somewhere in the labyrinth they had discovered. That narrowed the possibilities down by a wide margin.

It was about the sixth month and Angelus found her self, bed ridden and that the massive vault door was finished and set up into the frame that was put in the month before. It had just confirmed most of her fears, and she waited before Caim entered the room to rise onto her elbows. "Will you tell me yet, what that door is for? If it's to hide our child then I cannot allow that and you know it!" He paused at taking his shirt off. He sighed and turned to her.

It's not to hide our child, or lock it away. I cannot bring my self to do that any more, just as you hoped. It's to protect our child.

She stared at him in bewilderment. "I do not understand…" He shook his head before removing the shirt and revealed his scars from self-imposed injury after he killed his son. Sighing exasperatedly she rolled over. Caim sensing her anger didn't join her on the bed. His single eye watched out the window as thunder echoed in the distance. His mind returned to that night that their first child had been borne. He remembered the confusion in his heart and mind as he tried to kill his son. His knife had never fallen. But he remembered how he had sat the child down on the window, and how he had thrown the knife at it. He could still hear that sickening thud as flesh and bone met the cold hard ground. Storms seemed to always bring the memory back what ever he tried to do. The memory haunted him continuously and would not let him be. Sometimes he wished he were back during the war. Then all he had to worry about was killing Empire Soldiers… the skin-curling smile formed on his lips until he remembered the day he met Angelus. She was chained to the ground dieing, and he a bloodthirsty mongrel, had a fatal wound on his back. That day had sealed their fate with a pact. Caim had given his voice and the events that followed made him realize he loved the dragon on witch he rode. Giving a silent laugh he walked over to the bed where Angelus now sleep and let the darkness of sleep take him, the day of his plans was fast approaching. And not even his love for Angelus would change them: for that was whom he had made the plans for in the first place. Soon her fears of what he would do would be put to rest… for them both.

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