A/N: This will be a series of one-shots (drabbles?) of Ron and Hermione, starting with the famous Malfoy Manor scene. I'll probably update regardless of reviews, but they are appreciated. If you like it, dislike it, or are completely indifferent, please tell me. It's my first story, so I'd love to know whether you think I should write more.

Broken Glass

Shards of glittering crystal fly in all directions, ripping through your skin, but you don't notice. All you know is her. She is trapped underneath that pile of broken glass, so you run after her. Curses are soaring all around you. You don't care.

You pick her up and hold her to your chest. Tears run down your face, racing each other as they drip down onto her. All you ever wanted, all you ever needed, was to protect her. But every time, you fail. From now on, it will be different. From now on, you'll do everything you can so that you'll never have to see her like this again.

You quickly grab the wand that has been thrown towards you and apparate away. Please, you think, hysterical with desperation, please, please, please, be okay.