People had asked her why she was friends with him. It just didn't seem like they got along, after all. It was a question she usually shrugged off. Today, she wondered, though. Why was she friends with him? After all, sometimes she swore hated Ron Weasley. The only reason they had become friends was because of a troll attack. It wasn't exactly the basis of an average friendship.

He was the opposite of her in just about every way. He was irresponsible, lazy, and never got any work done. She couldn't count the number of times she'd had to complete his assignments because he'd forgotten them. When he did manage to get any homework done, it was only with half effort.

He was also the most tactless person she'd ever met. He never seemed to care if people were hurt by his words or actions. He just said whatever stupid thing came to his head. He'd made her cry on far too many occasions to count. The Yule Ball was yet another mess she stills hates to think about. He had a habit of getting jealous of others too easily. True, it was only because he was insecure, but she hated to give him an excuse.

There was also the fact that he was immature, a pig, and just obnoxious. And yet, he was her friend. And yet, she loved him. Why? Maybe it was because he could be kinder than anyone she'd known, especially when he didn't mean to be. He'd do anything to help out a friend. Maybe it was his bravery, or how loyal he was to Harry. Maybe it was the way he made her happy when she wanted so desperately to burst into tears. Why was something she would never know. But he was her best friend. And he loved her. Maybe those were good enough reasons. But, Hermione decided, if there was a reason why we could figure these things out life would be a bit pointless.