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This story begins where chapter 82 left off, when the ghosts left Rabona to fulfill their own personal missions.

The land was engulfed by the blackness of the night as Clare, Uma and Cynthia slipped unnoticed into the city of Rabona through the secret southern side entrance. It has been a few weeks since the ghosts split up to fulfill their own personal missions away from Rabona, and they weren't sure whether the others have returned yet. Nevertheless, it was time for them to begin their rebellion against the organization.

Despite her best efforts, Clare failed to find Raki. She searched in every town and city imaginable in all the great lands but to no avail. Clare would often just gaze upon the moon wondering if Raki was doing the same.

She kept on reminding herself that she would find him, but there was something deep down within the core of her being that told her she would never, that it was a silly obsession she had, that the promise she made to him was a lie.

As she would continue staring at the moon, she rejected such logic from her mind. She was not one to break a promise. She learned that from Teresa and she was devoted to keeping her promises.

All of her being demanded her to abandon the hopeless search for him, but in her heart, she knew he was still alive, and there was no one who could tell her otherwise.

"Welcome back" a familiar voice said as the three entered the Church's main gates.

"Hi Miria" everyone except Clare replied.

Miria looked over at the shorthaired warrior who had her head down with a miserable look on her face. Clare seemed even more depressed than her usual self and this was concerning for the captain. Miria looked around the three for a sign of a young man but sadly she saw none.

"Are the others back yet Miria?" Uma asked the captain.

"Yes, in fact everybody has retuned yesterday, we have been awaiting your arrival…" she paused for a short moment as she continued: "were there any complications during the journey?" Miria asked with a worried look.

"Surprisingly none whatsoever Miria" Cynthia replied. Miria had a surprised but relieved look on her face as heard those words.

"The other groups weren't so lucky" she replied "Come on in, everyone's waiting for you"

The four ghosts made their way to the side of the great Church, and opened a secret wooden door hidden behind some thick bushes. Under the cover of night, they entered the small room inside and walked up a spiral staircase into their base of operations. As Miria opened the door at the end of the staircase and entered the room, the rest of the ghosts immediately stopped their conversations to greet their comrades.

"Hey everyone" Cynthia said as she collapsed on the nearest chair, clearly exhausted from the trip.

"Well if it isn't Clare… How ya been? Where's the Brat?" Helen asked as she left the table she sat against to approach Clare.

There was a short moment of silence as Helen scanned the door for Raki, but like Miria, she couldn't find any sign of him.

"Helen just be quiet" Deneve urged from the table as she made a face palm.

"I'm so sorry Clare" remarked Tabitha, who sat on an opposite table with a worried look on her face.

Clare took a short sigh as she walked towards the corridor past the others, making her way to the common room.

Clare, Uma and Cynthia have been away for many weeks like the others. But their journey involved constant travelling from town to town, which usually involved very little or nothing to eat. Clare was sorry for having pushed Uma and Cynthia so hard, taking as little breaks as possible until she found Raki. It infuriated her that all she managed to achieve in these past few weeks was to tire herself, and her team out with her selfish desires.

"Raki I will find you" she swore under her breath clenching her fists tightly as she stormed towards the common room.

The next morning Clare woke earlier than usual. She couldn't sleep well over the past few nights since she left in search for Raki. In truth, she never sleeps well, but especially so these past few weeks.

She made her way to the top of the church, taking a secret staircase. She would often just stand there and think to herself as she gazed upon the vast city and the green lands beyond. She enjoyed the cool breeze and peacefulness that always made her feel slightly better, if only for a short time. She closed her eyes and took in the serenity of the environment around her.

Clare heard someone approach her, and immediately identified Miria's distinct footsteps. The kind of footsteps that a leader would have, the kind that indicated a strong arched back and gracefulness in them. No body else had a walk like that in their group.

"Clare I'm concerned for you" she spoke softly

Without any sign of emotion, Clare replied. "There's no need to worry about me Miria"

"But I think there is Clare"

Clare turned to face Miria who showed a hint of sadness in her face.

"Clare I believe that you will find the boy you seek"

"Is that all you came to say?" Clare brushed off coldly, turning her face off to the distance one again.

Miria pondered her words for a moment as she came closer to Clare. She stood next to her facing the same direction.

"Clare it is my job to keep the morale of our group as high as possible, and even if one member is slightly weak in that respect it can effect the entire groups performance"

"Leave me alone"

"Clare… I know how much that boy must means to you, and I completely understand if you don't want to do this anymore."

Clare turned to face her captain rather surprised: "What do you mean Miria?"

Miria stared right into her eyes. "If you want to leave us and go find him… I would understand."

Clare gave a soft smile as she crossed her arms.

"Just keep this between you and me Miria, I know that he's alive."

"How do you know?"

"I found a sign he left for me at his old hometown, and it was written only a few weeks ago."

Teresa opened her heavy eyes only to see more darkness. She jumped up and hysterically looked around searching for Priscilla. But only saw more darkness.

"Clare? WHERE ARE YOU CLARE?" she frantically yelled, desperately looking for signs of her.

"It appears to be a success" a dark suited man said to another as they watched their experiment animate right in front of their eyes on a platform high above.

"Jeves you have done it, you have resurrected Teresa of the faint smile" he spoke with a huge evil grin on his face. "Dae Sama will be very pleased with our success…should I go inform him of this now?"

"No!" Jeves said harshly as he stared at the magnificent specimen below him. "We will report to Dae sama once there is something to report"

"But Jeves?" the other asked him with a confused look on his face.

"But nothing" Jeves replied harshly "We must begin tests and training to ensure this one is in working order"

Jeves let out an evil grin as he watched the wavy haired warrior from high above.

"Are you sure Jeves that she cannot escape?"

"Oh I'm sure… very sure..." Jeves said coldly with harsh bitterness.

"But this one has memories…and…"

"BUT NOTHING! How many times must I remind you that we must begin tests! "

During their conversation, Teresa began to panic from being isolated and confused and started to punch the walls with all her might, while still yelling Clare's name.

"Poor girl she doesn't even know where she is"

"Yes she still thinks she is at that exact moment of her death" said Jeves.

"Should I call Audrey to calm her down?"

"I believe that would be the appropriate course of action… we don't want her to damage her magnificent self now do we?" Jeves replied

With a nod, the man in the black suit left the room.

"Lets just see if she's still her old self" Jeves said to himself with a wicked smile on his face.


Suddenly, Teresa heard the sound of a large stone door open in front of her, making a crushing noise as the bottom of the heavy door grinded against the rocky floor.


As hard as Teresa tried, she couldn't see anything through the thick darkness. She could always see very well in the dark but for some reason she couldn't see anything. For the first time in a long time she felt frightened, not for herself but for Clare.

Suddenly, powerful lights illuminated the area around Teresa to reveal a small room with no roof and the bed she must have woke up in mounted against a wall. She could see an unknown claymore with long loose hair enter the room, with a soft smile on her lips.

"I don't know who you are but if you want to keep your life your going to tell me what's going on and the whereabouts of Clare!"

The figure didn't say anything but approached Teresa without a moment's hesitation.

"My name is Audrey and I am the number three in the organization."

"What are you talking about?" Teresa concurred with a confused look.

"It is an honor to meet you former number one, I've heard a lot of stories about you"

Teresa was dumbfounded by what this strange warrior had just said.

What did she mean heard about?

And how can she be ranked three when Irene is?

"I'm sorry but I have been given orders to make sure that you don't hurt yourself and to keep you in check"

Teresa gave her famous faint smile and replied confidently.

"I'll tell you what? You do what I say and I won't kill you"?

Audrey started walking closer to her unarmed.

Has she lost her mind? Teresa asked herself as she reached for her claymore from her back holster, but her trusty weapon wasn't there.

"Missing something?" Audrey smiled.

"Hmm not like I need it"

Audrey quickly grabbed Teresa by the head and slammed her face towards the stone wall with enormous force. As hard as Teresa tried, she couldn't overpower Audrey.

Holding her face there Audrey continued. "Listen to me Teresa of the faint smile, I have nothing against you but I have been told to tell you this."

Teresa was Furious and astounded by the fact that this claymore managed to overpower her completely. She was not used to this kind of treatment. Wherever she used to go nobody even dared to get on her bad side, and this woman treated her like she was her pet? At this point she had no choice but to submit to Audrey and listen to her words.

"You have been dead for over ten years, Priscilla sliced your head off"

The sound of those words immediately calmed Teresa down. She stopped trying to get out of Audrey's firm grip and processed those words.

What was this woman saying? Was this really true?

"You have been resurrected by the organization to fight for us once again"

A moment of silence passed as Audrey released her grip on Teresa's head. Teresa collapsed to her knees by the pain and shock and looked into Audrey's eyes.

Audrey continued "right now you are weaker than our current number forty seven, so you are in no condition to resist me. You will do what I say when I say it"

Teresa was lost for words. Her very being told her to laugh at such a statement, but after seeing how inferior she actually was, she probably shouldn't resist if she doesn't want to get hurt again.

"Any questions?" Audrey asked

Teresa wanted to ask her about Clare's whereabouts, but then she remembered that this was some unknown future, Audrey wouldn't know anything about it and the organization never even know about Clare. She thought hard about her next question, realizing it's important to pretend that Clare didn't exist if she ever wanted to see her again. Summoning all her mental strength and throwing away her self-respect Teresa spoke the words:

"A moment ago you mentioned that I am weaker that the current number 47, can you tell me why?"

Even though Audrey was putting up a brave face, behind that brave face was fear. She knew very well what Teresa of the faint smile was capable of when her strength returns. She used to read about all the former number ones but Teresa was always the most interesting, and the most powerful number one the organization has ever had. Gazing upon the warrior who will most likely kill her when her strength returned, she masked her fear and said:

"Your body has been freshly reanimated, taken out from a deep freeze state. Most of your yoma cells are still dormant however, which is why you are so weak. Once they begin to work properly you will be your old…. Self again."

Teresa was slowly coming to terms with her situation as she began to calm down. She slowly stood up and looked at her hands, then held them in a tight fist.

"What happened to Priscilla?" She asked with a hint of anger in her voice.

Audrey didn't know whether to answer the question or not. The last thing she wanted to do was give Teresa the wrong answer and piss her off. She figured that telling the truth was probably the best idea.

"We know that she is alive, but we do not know where she is or what is her current situation"

Teresa hoped with all her heart that Clare was still alive. If she found out that Priscilla even dared to touch her Clare, then she would make her eat her own guts alive.

"I am ready to work for the organization again"

"Excellent to hear" Audrey remarked with a smile on her face.

Well she took it better than I thought she would… Audrey thought to herself.

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