Part 15

Kate look from distant when Zirie taunted Bakura. She had managed to sneak in.

That bitch will pay do not worry Kura I'll free you in some way. What should we do mom? We must ...Akira!

What are you doing here it's dangerous. Come on mom, it is at least as dangerous in the outside world as her.

Point taken but stay close to me. Not so fast. You? Yes its me Bakuras second son I cant not let you ruin my mother's plans.

And we can not let you enslave humanity. Akira careful we do not know how strong he is.

Then I'll have to find out then. They fought for 5 to 10 minutes when they suddenly heard something.

winner...our son...mistake...wanted..daughter.

Back to Zirie

So you see Snowy I am the winner here. And what has our son to do with it?

Nothing I really wanted a daughter but mistake happens you now. Yes it was a big mistake to let you live the day.

Silence Snowy! (Ziri Pull the chain and kick him) You are nothing without me Snowy. Stop calling me Snowy bitch. (Ziri Pull the chain and kick him again)

Big words for someone who is stark naked and chain in to my throne like the pet you are. (Zirie walks away from Bakura)

Bakura try to run after her but get stopped by the chain. She smirk really dark and cruel.

I told you so she said and laughed evil and went to door where Kate and Akira were. Zirie came into the room where Kate and Akira were in.

Aa I see you've caught the intruder's son. Yes mom, I have he said a bit confused. Well what are you waiting for chain them and throw them in the deepest dungeon.

Yes mom.

Kate and Akira

Do not worry Akira we can get out of here I promise. Mom you getting hysterical!

Sorry Akira I'm so useless at this stuff. I can't do anything right (crying) Dont cry mom it will be okay somehow.

I have nearly taken me loose from the chains. How did you do that Akira! Dad taught me. Almost loose ... their. Now I just have to free you mom.

No free your father first. But you're right here it only takes a few minutes and I think he's not going anywhere. (ten minutes later)

Dahm everything looks the same here. I know Akira but we can not give up. Who said anything about giving up, it was you who got hysterical in the cell.

Do not argue with me young man. This is serious who knows what that sick woman doing with your father.

Back to Zirie

Here is your food. Sa Ziri while she threw a bowl with remains of her lunch. Eat! Bakura reached out his hand to grab a bite.

Not with your hands. Eat with your mouth like the dog you are. I'm not some dog bitch! She grabbed his hair and pushed hes face into the bowl.

Yes you are now eating your ungrateful man. Bakura muttered something and began to eat.

Good boy. You know, Bakura if you had followed me, you had been able to rule by my side. Bakura snorted.

You mean be you willing bitch I would not think so. Well does not matter now I can take the hard way, or I take the easy way and put a spell on you. But how fun is with that.

I have been waiting for thousands of years. And in recent years I have learned that patience pays off. (She talked really loud) (hand start glow)

So just wait I'll get you down. (She said as she took the bowl) Hi, I was not done jet. Yes you where now "SILENCE!"


Mom look here is the book you where talking you are right but how do we get it loose.

You cant only my mother can do that. Oh Great you again. Not happy to see you brother, you hurt me (he said sarcastic)

At the same time Zirie came to the room with Bakura in chains.

Well look what the cat dragged in. Now look Bakura, when I destroy your love on with my supper nova power. But then you destroy your son also.

A small price to pay. Ziri son just stood ther stunned. Just when she was about to fire off her attack he pushed the book to her as the book took the hitt.

No, she screamed as she began to devastate. Suddenly everything started to shake. What happening? asked Kate. The castle implodes we must get out of here said Son.

Once they were out to everything restore as it was before Ziri come. And the only ones who remember anything was Kate, Bakura, Akira and Son.

And at the same time Bakura's chains disappeared and he got back his clothes.

Well looks like everything is normal again. Not everything Bakura. (And she look at Son) Bakura looked at her and nodded and She looked at Akira and he nodded also.

Wait Son would you like stay with us. Do you mean it? Or are you just skrewing with me. No I mean it.

But what I did to you? You were misled by Zirie now come.

He ran up and hugged her and they walked home as a family. By the way, is Son your real name.

Mom never gave me a name she called me only son all time.

Then think it's time to give your name do you not think.

The End

I know this chapter was rushed I do not really know what I could do more of this.

Probably more but the original was meant as a Lemon only but it evolved into a story

I know I killed Ziri bit fast an did some other thing to a bit fast.

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