Explanation: Ok folks. I was getting out of the shower last night, and for some bizarre reason, the first line of this poem popped into my head. I went back and forth between my room where I was writing this, and the bathroom where I was drying my hair. There's not much to it, no plot, no setting. Just a little bubbly M&R goodness.

January 2002

All dressed up in his tuxedo suit
He wore on his foot a size 11 boot.
In a red crimson dress she came
down the stair
Surrounding her face was a mass
of dark hair.
He gazed at her then, with passion
and lust
This man she would marry, honor
and trust.
He loved her so deeply,
Her heart he would win
For then with his hand he turned
her soft chin
He forced his steel gaze
to look in her eyes
She knew that he loved her- would never
tell lies.
They danced until sunrise
She in his arms
At last he had won her with desirable charms.