Chapter Five: This chapter is short but important as things begin to come into focus.

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Minor Incidental Jobs, Chapter Five: Go!

"Togusa still isn't in any shape to do any talking." Batou pointed out as he drove the van. Kiyone sat up front. In the back were Saito, Ishikawa and an intently listening Major Kusanagi.

"Maybe not yet but I'm sure the answers are in his head and if I can reason that out..."

"Then the bad guys might also." Kusanagi agreed.

"Whoever they are." Batou noted in frustration.

Kusanagi- Borma! Paz! Head to the hospital. We're putting Togusa under 24 hour guard. I want at least one Tachikoma outside at all times as well...


Chief Aramaki- Go ahead Major.

Kusanagi- Makibi suspects that Togusa might be in danger.

Aramaki- Do you concur, I take it?

Kusanagi- Yes I do. And since we don't have ANY real idea yet who we're up against, I'm making his protection a completely in house affair.

Aramaki- Agreed. Take everything you need Major.

Kusanagi smiled as she ended the cyber link.

Kiyone looked at her slightly puzzled. "What was that all about?"

"The Chief agrees with our conclusions. I've ordered Borma and Paz to meet us at the hospital."

"You know you might want to consider a cyberlink implant, detective." Batou noted.

"No way in hell!" Kiyone said flatly. "It's bad enough to have Mihoshi in my ears. The LAST thing I want is Mihoshi in my head like that." She turned to Kusanagi more seriously. "I'm going to call in a favor or two of my own Major."

"No offense detective." Batou said. "But how do we know there won't be any leaks on the other side? Until we solve this case, we don't know the bad guys aren't from your side of the galaxy."

"True enough." Kiyone conceded. "Although I'm beginning to doubt it. I suppose it's still possible. But I still have a friend or two in the GP I trust with my life. I also have other friends and if the bad guys can break Washu's security, then you might as well pack it in detective." She said with supreme confidence.

"Washu Hakubi?" Motoko asked as she recalled Kiyone's file.

"Mmmmmhmmm." Kiyone confirmed.

"Who is this Washu?" Ishikawa asked.

"Let me put it this way." Kusanagi replied. "She makes Hawking and Einstein look like Kindergartners."

Ishikawa whistled at the notion.

"Of course rumor has it that she's also a bit eccentric."

Kiyone chuckled. "You could say that..."

In an office in Akihabara

The director sat calmly at his desk as his troubleshooter walked in and sat down. "We may have a problem at the hospital. I want you to take care of it immediately."

"Yes sir. Am I authorized to use extreme measures?"

"I would prefer to do this discreetly but if that isn't possible... Just make sure its thorough. We have too much at stake here for half measures..."

To Be Continued...

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