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Minor Incidental Jobs, Chapter Six: Plans

"Thank you for helping us Katsuhito san." Kusanagi said.

The old priest nodding with a gentle smile as he looked over at where Detective Togusa's wife sat holding their sleeping son and their daughter was petting a contented Ryo Ohki as the cabbit sat in Princess Sasami's lap. "Of course Major. As Kiyone explained it, how could we do otherwise?"

"No offense," Batou spoke with concern. "but whoever is responsible for the bombing was able to get through state of the art security and a host of trained security agents. If they decide to go after Togusa's family..."

"I wouldn't worry too much about that." Kiyone shook her head. "If the Major will recall, there are the remains of a Galaxy Police Combat Mech Suit sitting in Yagami's cargo bay. Katsuhito san cracked it in half with a bokken. Added to that, Princess Ayeka's personal Guardians will be on constant watch. I've also arranged for Captain Yamada's unit to help keep an eye on things." Kiyone did not mention Ryo Ohki's peculiar abilities, nor did she mention that the Wau Detective 'Erma' was really former pirate Ryoko Balta. One Ryoko is enough to get them to deal with. I'm not going to try explaining the intricacies of Union politics and the relations between the GXP and the Balta legacy.

"Captain Yamada does seem a little young though." Kusanagi considered.

"He is," Kiyone admitted. "but his record speaks for itself and also if Kiriko vouches for him, that's all I need." Kiyone affirmed, glancing over at her old academy roommate who nodded in appreciation. "In the meantime, Detective Masaki will help us keep watch on Togusa and of course Professor Washu and Ryoko are already at the hospital." Kiyone paused in thought and regarded her old friend in consideration.

"Kiriko? Do you have any optical camouflage suits on hand?" Kiyone asked.

"We have one. Want me to bring it along?"

"You better believe it. They think their type 3302 is state of the art. Besides, I'd like Washu to be able to calibrate her equipment to see if she can localize it on the chance we're dealing with someone from our side of the fence."

Kusanagi's lips graced her visage with a thin smile of approval. While Makibi clearly did not believe that anyone from the Galactic Union was involved in the bombing, she was maintaining an objective attitude when it came to arranging Togusa's security.

"Alright then. We had better get back there ourselves. Saito is on watch outside the hospital now." Motoko turned to Togusa's wife. "Don't worry Sakiko. You and the kids will be safe here and we'll let you know the second we find anything about Kouichi's condition. I'm also going to leave Loki and Conan here for your protection." The Major told her, referring to two of the big think tanks.

"Thank you Major."

Kusanagi smiled. "You can call me Motoko."

"Even Kouichi still always refers to you as 'The Major', like you were some supernatural force or other." Sakiko replied with a smile of her own.

"Oh really? Well I guess I'll have to work on that." Kusanagi chuckled, then turned to Batou, Kiyone, and Kiriko. "Let's get mounted." Loki, Conan! Stay here and watch over things. Max! Musashi! Shiva! Rex! We're pulling out! "Kiyone, you'll ride back with Shiva. Detective Masaki? You'll ride with Rex."

"Are you sure these things are safe?" Kiriko asked as she looked up at Rex a minute later.

"Hey!" Rex protested at being called a thing.

"Relax Kiriko!" Kiyone called out as she loaded into Shiva and patted its side. "They're perfectly safe. Just think of them as hovercar sized versions of Fuku."

"Well okay... Um? Hi?" Kiriko addressed Rex.

"I'm not a 'thing' okay?" Rex insisted.

"My mistake. I apologize."

"That's okay!" The Tachikoma replied cheerfully, annoyance now forgotten. "Hang on rookie!" Rex said securing the passenger compartment. "And away we go!"

Outside the hospital, Saito kept careful watch on the main entrance, his cybernetically enhanced vision recording every coming and going. Almost every coming and going anyway... Saito corrected as the mysterious 'Ryoko' seemed to indulge in popping in and out at will as meantime the enigmatic Professor Washu was under cover inside as a visiting physician. The woman's unflappable stare quickly derailing any attempts from hospital staff to inquire into her business. So far all seemed quiet...

-We may have a problem.

The well dressed man waiting outside the Prime Minister's office frowned as he listened to the report. Must I wait for you to tell me or can we just get on with it? He demanded testily. I was under the distinct impression that is why I sent you out there in the FIRST place. To fix our little problem.

-I spotted a think tank when I got here. That means Public Security probably has the whole building under surveillance. I'm not sure how close I can get to the target.

You're supposed to be a problem solver. If you can't walk in and smother the bastard, then get creative! The suit mentally growled as he saw the Prime Minister's door open. He was certain that he had been clear in his instructions earlier. Let me know when you've gotten this taken care of. Not before then! He plastered his best politician's smile on as the Prime Minister stepped out to greet him.

" Mr. Ugaki! Good to see you. What can I do for you?"

"Madame Prime Minister." He replied mildly. "I merely wanted to sound you out about the state of the negotiations in light of the terrible tragedy that occurred."

"I won't lie to you. It has been a setback. But hopefully not a fatal one. Too much is at stake." The Prime Minister answered.

"Indeed. We can't allow the progress of the entire world to be derailed by some fanatical bunch of xenophobes or Neo-Luddites!"


To Be Continued...

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