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Chapter 1: Green Eggs

A full moon shone down on the constant ocean, sparkling at the tip of every wave. The cold water brushed against the numerous boulders surrounding the tower and lapped softly against the ankles of Raven. The dark bird stood motionless looking out towards Jump City. Its lights creating a halo in the starless sky. She frowned slightly. Why can't people go to sleep at a decent hour and let the night be night in all its beauty. However, she was the one not in bed and she was sure it was past midnight. Raven's amethyst eyes roamed the open sea.

Why does there have to be danger? Why does there have to be death? Why does there have to be suffering? People take so much for granted... they have no idea...

Her thoughts lead her back to the last year where her friends and team members saved her from a certain death and the destruction of earth against her terrible father, Trigon. They believed in her... they never gave up... Especially Robin. Raven smiled inwardly at the memory of Robin coming to her rescue. Normally, the thought of being helpless bugged her but at the time she needed it, and she knew it. That wasn't often.

Her birthday was tomorrow. She would be 18. Like the U.S., Azarath noticed the 18th year as a milestone. It wasn't the biggest but it was sure important. She dreaded what her friends were scheming, and she didn't even want to think about what Beast Boy would do. Parties weren't her thing, obviously, and neither was pin-the-tail on Beastboy's behind. A yawn surprised the young girl. Getting good rest was a big thing for Robin, he always wanted his teammates prepared and healthy for anything at any given time. Criminals never sleep much to Raven's dismay. Taking one last look towards the ocean she said her last thoughts and disappeared from view.

"RAVEN! Raven wakey wakey I made eggs and panckeys!" Beastboy's excited voice penetrated the sleeping girl's ears. The dream she was having was suddenly lost and reality came rushing back. It wasn't welcomed. How much damage can I do to him with my pillow...

"RA-" The door flew open revealing a very annoyed Raven, and almost causing Beastboy to lose his balance. Before he could say anything else she interjected quite fiercely, "Go. Away." Beastboy only smiled his goofy smile and conjured up a hot steamy plate of eggs and pancakes. He could never get the hint the first time.

"I thought you might want a nice breakfast. Cyborg and I made it. Don't you wanna try it?" He was of course talking about the eggs because they were an unusual green color. Raven raised an annoyed eyebrow.

"It's green."

"They're special eggs! Don't ask what's in 'em because I can't remember anyways. Try 'em! Please Raven? Pleeeeeeeeeeease?"

She sighed. The urge to say no was tempting but the food smelled too good, and as if on cue her stomach growled.

"Fine. But no eggs." Beastboy's face dropped but quickly recovered, just glad that she didn't say no this time. He smiled wide and left for the kitchen where she can now here the rest of the team. She began to walk towards the door but stopped suddenly when she heard his voice. His voice... the voice that called her name so many times... the voice that followed her to Hell and back... the voice that held so much concern for her... that made her stomach tie up in knots now. The feeling was bizarre, unlike anything she ever felt, even with Rorek/Malchior. Azarath Metrion Zinthos... Breathe... Go.

The door zipped open to reveal a scene that almost replayed itself every morning. Cyborg busy in the kitchen humming and wearing that ridiculously oversized chef's hat, Beastboy trying to help him causing mayhem and mortal destruction, Starfire floating around either making an alien treat or trying to get Robin's attention, and Robin... always sitting at the counter drinking his usual cup of black coffee, reading the newspaper, and ignoring Cyborg's and Beastboy's constant arguing. Mentally slapping herself for staring a bit too long at Robin's back, she made her way quickly to the stove to make her morning tea. It seemed Beastboy accidentally dropped every single plate full of food and nothing was left in the pantry to make. She could've sworn Cryborg's hat was steaming.

"Awwww man! There's nothing here to make! This is all your fault Beastboy. That's the last time i'm letting you help me in the kitchen."

Beastboy's eyes got big and he began shouting. Raven chuckled to herself. Thus a new day begins.

"Goodmorning Raven." Raven almost dropped her cup. The question came from Robin and when she turned around to answer he was staring at her with soft concerned eyes and a slight smile. Her favorite look.

"Morning." She mumbled.

"Did you sleep okay?" She began to answer 'yes' but something about the way he was smiling, that all-knowing smile, made her believe he already had an answer. Maybe he saw her standing by the ocean last night. She had just come up with an answer before the alarm rang. Everyone was business now.

The team huddled around the center of the room in front of the big screen and what they say made them gasp.

"Goodmorning Titans. Thought I would start out your day by causing a bit of mayhem in the city. It's been so long, our routine has been off track. But I'm sure we'll find it easy to get back into it, don't you think?" Slade's dark voice slithered through their ears like a serpent from Hell. Robin's fists clenched and his masked eyes narrowed dangerously. After the defeat of Trigon, Slade disappeared and they hadn't found any trace of him for months. It is odd that he just now shows up.

"Slade." Robin growled.

"Robin, how nice to see you again. You're looking quite healthy but I'm sure you're skills have weakened due to my unfortunate absence." They hated how he toyed with them. Raven wanted to hold back but this guy had caused too much suffering for them, so before she could think she spat, "What do you want Slade? Come back for another miserable beating have you? We've had more than enough of your games. I beat you once, I won't hesitate to unleash everything I have to defeat you again." The team stared at her unsure of what to make of this sudden rare outburst. Raven continued to only glare at the screen. A lamp suddenly exploded when she heard Slade laugh.

"Raven. How are you? Last time I saw you, you were careening towards Hell as a helpless little girl. Was daddy not there to save you? Oh, that's right. Daddy destroyed the world. Job well done, Raven my dear." She snapped. Her hands began to glow with her aura and her eyes turned white as she lifted off the ground a few feet and flew closer to the screen.

"Raven!" Robin gasped.

"Where are you! Come and face me now and we can deal with this in a real manner. Or are you too scared? The last time I saw you, you were a little helpless puppet for my father and was stupid enough to believe he would grant you what you wanted. You were dealing with Hell. You're pathetic." The venom in Raven's voice stung and stung hard. It showed on Slade's face. He spoke three words and the screen went dead.

Starfire was the first to speak. "The Jump City Bank? He is going to rob it?" That was obvious but they knew Slade, and Slade never did anything without a reason behind it and most of the time it was very unexpected. That is why he is their greatest enemy. Raven composed herself and touched ground again. Robin attempted to say something, "Raven... are you-"

"Let's Go."