Readers! We're coming to the close- the climax of this long story. Sorry for the wait, it took a lot longer to write than I thought. It's also so long that I had to split it into two parts, so watch for the second portion to be published very soon. It's just been a long ride and I really want to do a good job tying everything up. Thank you for making it this far with me and I hope you enjoy this! :)

WARNING: Detailed fight scene. That's pretty much it.

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Let's RECAP...

Something moved ahead, near the platform and Robin ducked behind a chunk of archway. The bird hunched low on his shoulder, wings spiked back and red eyes narrowed to slits. It hissed.

Robin peaked around the edge and a sudden bolt of fresh adrenaline and fury cranked up the brewing storm inside him. His muscles twitched, screaming for him to move. All the memories of destruction and evil flashed across his mind, kicking and screaming against his better judgement.


It was against the code of a hero to kill a foe, but it never said anything about throwing the devil back into hell. It ends now.

Hero vs Villain (Part One)

Robin positioned himself to attack. Every muscle twitched, burning from exhaustion and a constant flow of adrenaline, but his mind was more clear than glass.

Seeing Slade, ripped open a flood of emotions no amount of meditation or drugs could sedate. He could almost hear Raven admonishing him, offering up a disapproving look at his scrambled state of being. How he'd give anything just to see her do that right now.

He felt a tug on the back of his cape. The bird had it in its beak and was pulling it back the opposite way without a sound, and Robin obeyed, gracefully prodded along the edge of the fallen archway until a new sight made him suck in a sharp breath.

Tied to a pillar with the top half of it missing somewhere in the debris field, about 20 yards away, was Myra. She was sitting against it, head bowed low as if she were unconscious and arms pinned tightly under black wire rope.

A small burst of relief spread through him because Slade wouldn't bother tying up a dead girl. That didn't mean she wasn't hurt though. So his eyes scanned for any obvious injuries, but from this distance he couldn't be thorough. Before he could move, however, the bird lifted off and soared low between the hunks of stone before swinging around the pillar and stopping by Myra's side.

Robin's eyes peered to the platform, monitoring Slade's movements and for any sign of Raven but the mad man moved behind a stone column breaking his line of sight. This was his chance.

He leapt from the ground, bolted past a broken statue, and slipped behind a colossal stone in seconds. The bo staff gripped tight beneath his gloves, thankful they were the high-tech absorbent kind to kill the sweaty palms problem. Even so, a single drop of sweat was scaling the edge of his face.

He peeked around the corner before tumbling low to another piece of broken stone just behind the pillar. Keeping his eyes on the platform, he crawled to it in swift careful moves. As he inched along, his mind ticked off the list once again. Grab Myra, somehow get her out of here, defeat Slade, save Raven. Simple.

As his shoulder leaned against the rough edge of the pillar, he pulled a black bird-a-rang from his utility belt and began sawing through the wire rope. He ducked his head low, eyes still trained on the platform through the rubble. It took several seconds for the wires to be cut and when they slackened, Myra's body tilted to one side. Robin steadied her gently in his arms as her head fell back against him.

A hiss spilt from his lips when he discovered red streaks stained one side of her face in thick uneven rows. Slade's obvious work.

Why would he- no. Since when did Slade ever need an excuse to hurt people.

Robin leaned down to say her name but didn't get a chance when Myra began to stir. She groaned softly and blinked slowly into consciousness. When her hazy eyes drifted up to his, her body visibly relaxed.

"You made it." She breathed.

"I'm sorry I couldn't get here sooner." Robin furrowed his brow scanning the wound on her temple. "I need to get you back."

Myra tensed, struggling to sit up but a gloved hand made her stop. Even if he hadn't, the sudden dizziness would have. Robin turned to the bird quietly watching the scene.

"Is there a way out of here?"

The bird turned away from Robin, staring behind him and blinked once. When Robin gazed over his shoulder, a new and complete archway with intricate designs and inscriptions stood about 50 yards off. It had to be the way back to the real world, and if it was visible to him, then it was visible to Slade.

His eyes swung back to the platform to find said villain, but he was still hidden from view. Myra clasped his hand.

"Raven... she-" she shook her head, "He's going to kill her."

Robin clenched his jaw and set hard determined eyes on the girl. "I'm not going to let that happen."

Myra took a steady breath even as tears streamed down her face. "I have so much to tell you both."

His eyes softened as he gently shifted her into a sitting position. From the corner of his eye he noticed the bird bouncing on its feet and twisting its head from the platform to the archway. It was a sharp reminder that time was still against him.

Robin held her right arm and turned his back, indicating for her to climb on. "You can tell us when we get back."

Myra obeyed his silent command and sluggishly hooked her arms around his neck as his slid beneath her legs.

"I plan on it." She mumbled into his cape.

With one more quick sweep of the coast, all was clear, and Robin sprang from the pillar and slipped past several chunks of stone to reach the flat area before the archway. A prickling sensation pooled in the pit of his stomach as anxiety mixed with hope that they would make it before- BAM!

Pain exploded down Robin's side as a huge force pummeled him sideways off balance and both he and Myra scraped across the ground. Before his body fully stopped, Robin jumped to his feet bo-staff already extended. He crouched into a defensive stance, ignoring the stinging pain of singed flesh. Myra coughed behind him and he shot her a quick look before turning back to the plum of smoke from the small explosive.

"Leaving so soon?" A dark voice rumbled through the clearing, sending a chill through the air and shivering down Robin's spine. Out of the smoke, a large figure sauntered into focus. "Because the fun is about to begin."

"Slade." Robin growled.

"I hate to be rude," Slade said gesturing to the platform, "but I'm on a tight schedule."

A fiery rage roared through Robin's core inextinguishable. Slade stood in a nonchalant manner as if trying to take away everything the Boy Wonder held dear for the umpteenth time was just another day on the job.

"Where's Raven?" He snapped.

The lone eye of Slade's mask narrowed. "You can't stop it, Robin. No matter what you do, you can't save her now."

A growl ripped from Robin's throat and he chucked a smoke bomb at Slade's feet. It hissed and spewed waves of thick gray smoke over the clearing, creating a quick safety net. He half-turned to Myra who was still sitting on the ground cradling her head.


Myra's eyes widened but she didn't hesitate to do as he said, and scrambled to make her way to the archway. It was a struggle when the world kept tilting back and forth but Robin was risking his life to give her this chance to escape, and she wasn't about to take it for granted. And although she desperately wished to stay and help save Raven, in this condition she was just a liability so she had to trust that the Teen Titan's leader could handle everything.

She was two steps from the portal when a dark figure phased in front of her. A large gloved hand reached out and she froze, but in a swift move the figure was knocked sideways with a loud grunt.

Robin's yellow and black cape flapped hard as he landed in a crouch in front of Myra, a deadly glare darkening his features toward Slade. His eyes flickered to hers.

"Myra, go!"

Inhaling sharply, she bolted around him and flung herself into the portal, finally out of Slade's reach.

Robin felt a piece of his soul relax a fraction. His teammates on the other side will take care of her and she'll be safe. Now he can take care of destroying Slade, something he didn't want a young girl to witness anyway.

A low chuckle huffed from Slade as he straightened, facing the Titan leader square on.

"Even if your friends come, it won't make a difference. At midnight, Raven will die and I will claim the powers of Azar and bring a new era upon this Earth."

Robin crouched ready to pounce. "Not unless I stop you!"

He leapt forward arching the silver bo-staff high in the air aiming directly at Slade's head, but the masked man shifted out of the way. Robin twisted around slamming the staff on Slade's forearm sending shots of vibrations up his arms. He swung on the other side, but was blocked again.

Metal on metal rang out through the clearing. Hit after hit, block after block. After all these years of training and battles against the notorious villain, this one was different. It was to the death.

A large gloved hand brushed just millimeters from Robin's nose as Slade threw a punch. He threw another one. And another. Robin avoided them all with practiced movements. Back and forth, offense and defense.

Robin swung his leg out, sliding effortlessly through the dirt but Slade anticipated and jumped back. Using the momentum of the lunge, Slade twisted around, grabbing another kick from Robin in midair and hurling him to the ground.

It took less than a second for Robin to recover as he rolled to a kneeling position with one arm anchored to the ground ready to catapult him back into the fray. Slade marched forward.

"It's pointless, Robin." He said. "If you surrender now, i'll consider letting you live. I'll need men like you if I'm to stretch my powers beyond this world."

Disgust roiled within the pit of Robin's stomach and he let it show on his face. "No way."

"Have it your way, then!" Slade growled, tossing an explosive disc at his former apprentice. The blast rocked the ground, sending more pillars and statues to their doom as smoke clouded the air. Robin dodge it by the tip of his cape.

Surrounded by walls of smoke, Robin steadied his breath and swiveled in place anticipating a sneak attack. The slightest stir of smoke caught the corner of his eye and Robin ducked just as a metal boot swung at his face.

Slade shot another leg around, missing by a hair as Robin hopped out of the way. As the momentum whirled the masked man around, he disengaged his own bo-staff, disconnecting it at the center until one lay in each hand.

Then he attacked, slicing the silver batons in the air with deadly speed. Each swing missed as the Boy Wonder back-flipped to safety with ease, causing a burst of anger to release a loud snarl from the grate in Slade's mask. He lurched forward, waving the weapons with each step. Right, left, up, down, pivot, twist, swivel, roll. The batons were thrashing so fast it looked like silver flashes of light whistling in high-pitched shrieks.

The sound whirled through Robin's ears as his body contorted to dodge the attacks. They were almost evenly matched and equally determined to win, to survive, but time was running out. This had to end fast.

Robin vaulted up, arching high over Slade's form and slammed his legs into his back, sending the man stumbling a few feet. As Slade turned to recover, a flash of green collided with his chest with a loud thump, sending him to smack against a large stone block.

Huffing, the Titan leader stopped to catch a breath, already mapping out the next string of attacks. A chuckle rippled through Slade as he slowly rose.

"You know, I wondered if you felt for the demon girl. Going into the bowels of hell for her while your entire world burned. You've fought quite vigilantly for a teammate. A friend."

Robin scowled at the unspoken insinuation. "I'd sacrifice myself for any of my friends."

"But for her, you're willing to kill."

That made him freeze. These last fews days have been a serious test against his morals, against everything he'd ever been taught, against the principles he promised to protect. The desire to destroy Slade with his own hands filled him with enough satisfaction to contemplate shedding his hero status and become the vigilante he always knew he could be deep down. But it wasn't a question if Raven was worth all of it, it was a question of how far will he have to go to make sure she is safe and happy. He didn't know if he'd still be the same once this was over.

Slade noticed his hesitation, viewing the battle behind those masked covered eyes. If he would've stayed his apprentice for a few more years, Robin would've learned to control his emotions and be as unreadable as himself. It was too easy to exploit.

"You can try to kill me." Slade said. "But we both know, you don't have what it takes."

Robin bit the bait and glowered, his body poised to attack. "I'm taking you down!"

He charged with a roar and tried to land a hit with his staff only to be blocked. He tried to land two more hits before Slade twisted to kick it out of his hands. It spiraled across the dirt too far to retrieve.

Robin regained his footing but Slade was a step ahead of him and when the young leader threw a punch, a giant fist collided with his abdomen. He grunted in pain but didn't slow down as he pivoted away from another hit.

Slade advanced, shooting punch after punch, kick after kick. Most of them were thwarted, but Robin couldn't jump out of the defensive. A fist struck the side of his face, making him stagger sideways. He barely shook away the stars bursting through his head when a high kick from Slade barreled toward him, missing by an inch as he dodged it.

Another roar ripped through him as his gloved fist soared towards Slade's face. An arm shot up to block it and the other did the same as Robin delivered a set of quick punches. Slade made a patronizing snort and hurled himself at the boy, arm cocked back for a deadly punch. But Robin dropped to the floor, maneuvering around to swipe Slade's legs from under him.

Slade was faster.

Using the force of his turn he caught Robin's chest with his leg and kicked him back hard. Robin slid backwards, tumbling over the dirt and skid a few feet from a broken statue.

"Give up, Robin." Slade's dark voice commanded as he ambled towards him. "You've never been strong enough to beat me. By now, the city- the entire west coast- could've been ours, but the feelings you have for your friends got in the way. Yet, I suppose I should thank you."

Slade was almost to him when Robin picked himself up, ignoring the sharp pains pulsing through his body. He winced when he inhaled.

"For what?" He spat, stifling a cough. Slade stopped, sneering down at him.

"For giving me the opportunity to become a god."

Robin glowered and launched himself forward, arm back to deliver a punch. "No one will bow to you!"

Sade's eye narrowed as he intercepted the blow with his forearm. Less than a heartbeat later, his body folded to duck under a flying kick and he noticed a little mistake. He knew the young leader's fighting skills inside and out, and the fact that his kick was pushed out from his left leg meant the boy was injured. A vicious smile lifted the corner of his mouth beneath the mask.

When Robin twisted for roundhouse kick, Slade was ready, waiting at the last moment to slide to the left jabbing his elbow into his opponent's rib cage.

A grunt of pain escaped Robin's lips as he used every bit of strength to keep from buckling to the ground, but didn't have a moment to breathe when a hand closed tightly around his throat. Yelling, Slade wound back and chucked him through the air.

A wave of vertigo disoriented the leader until an explosion of pain erupted over his back as he found himself splayed over the marble steps leading to the platform.

'Get up, Robin. You've been beaten much worse than this. Get. Up!'

But the exhaustion from the last few days were beginning to catch up. A low moan rumbled through his chest making him hiss again when his bruised lungs contracted. With sheer will, Robin rolled gingerly to his hands and knees on the steps. His eyes flickered through onyx strands to search for his enemy but before he could process his surroundings, a black metal boot crushed into his abdomen with a force that sent him up the last few steps to settle at the top of the platform.

Under his mask, Robin's eyes watered as he bit back a scream, causing another groan to escape. He was losing. And then there was pressure. Slade knelt down, one hand pinning his head to the floor and leaned in.

"You will bow to me, my young apprentice. I've now decided to let you live so you can be the first to witness my new world order."

Robin struggled to break free but Slade pushed down harder. Fighting maneuvers, plans, and strategies flashed across his brain in search for a way out. Slade couldn't win, he wouldn't.

"I'm going to let you watch as I destroy each of your friends first." Slade clutched his hair and with a menacing whisper said, "Do you want to see her, Robin? Watch as I drain every drop of life from her body?"

A red film filled Robin's vision as a torrent of immeasurable fury and revulsion seared through every vessel, every vain, every fiber of his being. He roared, fresh energy feeding his will.

A tiny flash of surprise raced over Slade's face when empty space left his arm to pummel into the ground. WHAM! Slade flew back into one of the standing columns surrounding the platform, leaving a large dent with cracks that spidered out.

He only had a chance to blink when Robin was flying towards him, arm cocked back, a mask of rage contorting his features. Dodging in this position was impossible, but his hand went to catch the flying fist before it struck a second time. The Titan leader didn't hesitate to throw an upper cut and when it landed with a sickening crunch, a small satisfied smile twisted the corners of his mouth.

Slade collapsed against the column again, sending more debris to gather at his feet. Rubbing his jaw, he sent an almost amused expression back to the smoldering boy, which only acted to enrage him further.

Robin struck his leg out, aiming a swift kick to Slade's head who rolled underneath it, forcing the hit to slam into the column with a loud crack.

There was no hesitation when Robin rebounded and sprung toward Slade. This time, the masked villain snatched Robin's leg from the air with both hands, twisting hard to fling him across the ground.

Pain flared over his skin, as the Titan leader rolled hard on the marble floor until a solid mass forced his stop.

I can't let him win. I won't. She's counting on me.

His ribs were on fire, hell, everything was on fire but it didn't dampen his resolve or kindle the flames of wrath for Slade. He had fighting an interdimensional demon on his list of accomplishments- albeit Raven was the one to actually finish him off- but it was a confidence boost nonetheless.

With a shaky breath, Robin used the stone behind him for support until he unfolded to a kneeling position. That's when Slade appeared in his vision, metal body dented and scratched from the attacks but upright and walking toward him.

"Are you ready to take the final step, Robin?" He said, his deep voice sounding more strained than before.

"Because if you don't kill me, I will surely destroy everything you hold dear."

Robin seethed, hot rage burning over him in waves making his muscles tremble. He was surviving on sheer will and pure adrenaline alone, but the logical voice in his head warned he wouldn't be able to last much longer like this.

"Face it," Slade leaned forward menacingly. "You're not a vigilante. You're a hero."

Robin heard the challenge and felt a chill of excitement shake his conscience. A fierce expression lit up his face. "We're past heroes and villains, Deathstroke."

Please please tell me if I did okay with the fight scene... not much experience with them. And the dialogue and everything else... I just want to know if I did this justice. Remember, it's just fanfiction, so there are aspects that aren't as close to the original story as others. So yeah, this took forever didn't it? Ha, well, i'm a writer and writing is hard!

Thanks again everyone, truly.