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Chapter 1

Running, Interrupted


Run faster.

They're coming.

Don't stop.

Ignore the pain. Block it OUT.

Keep running.

Keep moving.

Can't let them catch you.

Can't stop running.

Nowhere to hide.

They're so close!




A small body fell to the grass belly first, the full moon's glow illuminating a female figure and the angry looking dart sticking out from between her shoulder blades. Two men burst out from the forest behind the prone body, one stocky and tall in camos, the other shorter and dressed in black. A third approached more slowly, not cautiously, but almost reverently.

"Excellent shot, Agent Zero." A small smile. "Dukes, carry her. Let's return to the chopper and remember, this mission is just between us. Logan is not to know, and especially not Victor." The third man spoke with dismissive authority, a man used to power, comfortable with it, loving it, demanding it.

"Why not, Stryker? She's just some girl, ain't she?" The man holding the unconscious girl spoke this last bit hesitantly, a confused look on his face, as if he knew he was missing something but for the life of him, he just couldn't grasp it. He was sadly just smart enough to know just how smart he wasn't.

"Do not question me Dukes. They. Are. Not. To. Know. Do you understand?" Stryker replied in a chillingly dispassionate tone. His voice almost sounded gentle but his eyes revealed how deadly serious he was. The man in charge turned and went back into the woods, quickly swallowed up in the shadows.

"She's a feral like them. A female feral. That's why they're not supposed to know." The Asian man in black told Dukes who was looking down at the unconscious bundle in his arms. "Come on, we've got to get back to the Island before Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum finish their leave. It wouldn't do to have them find her with us, now would it?" Zero started walking in the direction his commander had, a frigid smirk on his face.

Dukes followed him, he understood now. If the brothers found out about a female feral, well no one really knew what would happen. Maybe they'd kill everyone on base for taking her. Maybe they'd kill each other fighting for her. Or maybe they'd kill the whole base then fight each other. Naw. It was best they don't know.


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