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Chapter 2

As we pull up to the hotel at two in the morning, I'm exhausted. I didn't sleep a wink on the way, first because I was excited then because I was talking to Frankie. Her friends are coming; they're taking a red eye tomorrow and will be here in the next afternoon.

She was so thrilled, she told me about them. She has seven people coming over, her boyfriend, and his four good friends, two of their girlfriends, one of which is her best friend.

I had no clue what I would do with these guys, not so much you can do in Michigan in the fall. I would just have to talk to Carson and Ella in the morning.

"Hey we have to room up with one other person. You want to be roomies?" Frankie comes over and asks me. Jeez I'm so glad that she and I are becoming friends, because I would actually have to find someone that I don't know and room with them if we weren't.

"Yeah thank you so much. You're a life saver."

So we drag are bags up to room 513, and I don't even care about unpacking, I strip to my underwear and shirt and lay down on the bed.

When I'm almost done counting the sheep, I remember that I promised Carson I would text her crazy ass. I jump out of bed and dig through my purse and find my cell "Hey sugar. I'm at the hotel! I need to sleep. I'll call you tomorrow! Xoxo Em"

And with that I'm off to dreamland.

My alarm doesn't miss a beat the next morning when at 7 am it goes off like normal. I drag my ass out of bed, thinking about maybe taking a nap later on today. I get dressed into my workout pants and a put on two sports bras. Yeah, that's normally how I work out, because my breasts annoy me so much. They're way too big for my liking.

As I sneak out the door, not to wake up Frankie, there is loud knocking on the door.

"What the FUCK!" Frankie yells, pulling her pillow over her head.

I quickly open the door, and I'm knocked down by Ella and Carson. We all start screaming and hugging each other. God I've missed my girls.

"Hey, I'm Frankie. You guys must be Carson and Ella." Frankie says from her position on the bed. At least she's smiling though.

"Yup! I'm Carson, and this beauty is Ella." When I think beautiful, I think of Carson with her short red curly hair and bright blue eyes. She has freckles sprinkled across her face and a great curvy body that she never has to work for. I'm definitely jealous.

"Hi Frankie. Nice to meet you." Quiet Ella says. Ella has long blonde hair, with sea green eyes. She is tiny, but damn does she have a temper. Don't mess with our little Ella. She could kick some ass.

"Come on you guys let me get changed, and then we can go down to the lobby so Frankie can get some more rest." After they agree to it, I head to the bathroom to freshen up, and put on some clothes for the day.

"Okay let's go! We have some planning to do today." With that we headed off to the lobby to plan what we were going to do for the week, and what to do with Frankie and her group.

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