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Chapter 4

It was the afternoon of the bonfire, and we were getting ready while waiting for Frankie's guests to arrive. They were supposed to land at the airport at 5:30 and they would call us and we would go pick them up. Ella, Carson and I would all have to drive separate vehicles just to fit everyone, legally that is. Carson had her truck, so she could only take one other person. I picked up my car from storage earlier so I could drive three others. This left Ella with the last four.

Ella came out of the bath room with a bathrobe around her skinny frame. "That is the best shower I have ever seen, and jeez you could fit five people in that tub!" She takes her outfit out of her overnight bag. "What do you think?" She asks me while laying it out on the bed. She puts out her favorite pair of worn out flare jeans, with a long sleeve grey shirt that looks like it could be a dress, and a plaid scarf.

"It will look gorgeous on you." I tell her. It wouldn't look good on me, with my boobs and just how curvy I am. But with Ella's little frame it would be perfect for her.

"Damn! Hey sexy!" I say as Carson came out of the bathroom with her outfit on, and hair and makeup done. She had on some skinny's, with a three quarter flannel and her grey Roxy boots. Her red hair was straightened, and she only had mascara on; it accentuated her big blue eyes. "Anne Marie, I can't believe that it's you." I hadn't seen Carson dress up like this, and straighten her hair in, well maybe never.

"Emma! You know how I feel about the use of my name." I do know, but she looks like a whole new person, not my Carson. So I just wanted to make sure she was the same old Anne Marie Elizabeth Carson.

"Sorry. You just look different." I hope she won't hold a grudge, she sometimes likes to, especially when it comes to trivial things like her name.

"Well thanks, I think. You look great too." I had been the first one to get ready, I was anxious about tonight. I didn't want to let Frankie and her friends down. I was dressed simple, like I normally do, so I just assumed that her compliment was because she didn't want to ignore me after I told her how she looked.

Just then Frankie runs through the door. "Sorry! Rehearsal ran late, let me jump in the shower and I won't be long." With that she bolted to the bathroom.

Just as I hear Frankie turn on the shower, I hear her phone go off from on her bedside table. I pick it up and look at the screen to see if it was her boyfriend saying it was time to go pick them up. I see it says "Dougie calling" on the front of the screen and quickly answer it.

"Hello, Frankie's phone. She's busy right now, can I take a message?"

"Hey! You must be Frankie's friend that she's been telling me about. What is that girl doing? We're ready to be picked up!" Dougie's quirkiness that Frankie told me about, shows right through on the phone.

"Rehearsals ran late, so she just jumped in the shower, and then I'm not really sure how long it will take her after that."

"Trust me, we'll be here a while." He laughs.

"I'll have her call you when we're on our way."

"Thanks a bunch." With that I chuckle and we hang up.